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by @thatblessedglamlife

Trust in HIM because only HE knows what’s best for you! 🙌🏽💗✨ Trust the Process!
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by @brokenforbuilding

#tbt - Flashback to my sissy’s wedding last July! Dear Lord, can I look like that again please? In Jesus Name!! 😌😌 🙏🏾🙏🏾


by @v_fit_to_be_healthy

Perspective...not flexing to flexing! Either way I have grown to really enjoy where I am today loose skin, scars, and all. .
Honestly, it’s not about wanting six pack abs, it’s about being the best version of me I can be and loving myself for who I am NOW. I wasn’t loving the person I was before. I made the decision to make the change. No the journey hasn’t been easy AND yes I have failed along the way. But with those FAILS, I have grown to the person I am right at this very moment. .
So, I ask you, are you ready to take that step and be ready to make the change and fail along the way with me? Think, why not you, why not NOW?? 🤷🏽‍♀️ .
Drop those 🍬emojis and let’s chat. New group starts Monday.

Houserville, Pennsylvania

by @lindseythompson71

Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let the fear stop you. 🙌🏻💙✌🏻


by @jinellefitfoodie

Universe be like..Yo I heard you like growth so I put some challenges on top of your challenges so you can grow from your challenges while you grow from your growth...🤣💯👌🌎💕💜 #challengeaccepted .
And with amazing humans like my bestie Katie 👯‍♀️ {{we met ONLINE through coaching}} the growth and challenges are THAT much easier 😭💕💜🙏 This woman has seen me at my lowest lows and always, I mean always, continues to love me and lift me up when my light gets lost in the dark. .
And with the last monthish being pretty challenging with hurricane evacuation, recovery and now this new obstacle ((opportunity)) I am leaning in hard to all of her love, affirmations and quality time I can get, long distance, because she’s in Vermont while I’m in NC 🏝🌳🍂💜 .
Thanks BE for technology, Facetime and social media because without it I’d be fumbling around in the dark looking for that gawd damn switch to turn that light back on ✨💕💜💫 Thank you for always being my light when I get lost in the dark dude and watching me ugly cry even when there are no words 😶 Can’t wait to see you in A MONTH 😭🙏🍂🌍💕👯‍♀️✈️.
You need some love & light in your life too? 🤷🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️ We’re always looking for more warriors to join our tribe who are ready & willing to work and grow, even when it’s hard AF and you feel like you can’t handle it 👌 We gotchuuuu 😍👯‍♀️👇 #liveinlight

Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

by @silklittlejohn

#whitecanesafetyday I truly enjoyed today... I was introduced to new technology for the blind and it is amazing ... It was great chatting with Melanie White from @northtexaswhitecaneday and Shaun from @fortworthlighthouse
October is not only domestic violence awareness month, but blind awareness month as well.
As many of you already know. I lost my eyesight to domestic violence.
Therefore, I use my voice to speak for the voiceless and the sightless...
To motivate, inspire and empower!!!
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Fort Worth Stockyards Station

by @pjbratzler

Saying YES to my business gave me hundreds of YESs. But the ONE thing I gave up was an ego, my pride, the title that I held on to so tightly. (Buh-bye!)
Committed to helping others own their time, design their day and choose significance over success. Why not you?
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by @identitycoach

Isn’t it so refreshing when you come across people that are not afraid to be themselves?! .

They usually go the extra mile!
Thank you @anitabrows For always... I had mentioned to her I got a whiff I was attending my ‘surprise party’
When we were done, I changed my mind about what to wear and chose a simple black outfit because I didn’t want to appear overdressed since I wasn’t sure what exactly I was walking into.
But this girl practically insisted I wear the other glam one.
She literally shoved me into it .

Please overdress ! 😂

Her warmth , laughter and excitement is super contagious!

Such a sweet beautiful spirit.
This wasn’t just about make-up.

She left me on a high! . ......................:::: .

One of my favourite things were the gift boxes - his and hers.

The thoughtfulness in the lettering - cursive for women; straight for men.

The choice of colours ; the content.

@msdejoju 👌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 ................

We cannot go about everyday tasks without stamping our ‘self’ on them.

It is the impact we have on others that makes us memorable.
Personality in itself , is destiny .

Express Yourself; it’s time!


Thanks @mr.shenbee for the picture 🙂


by @all.graced.up.blog

Y’all, we barely made it out of Target alive thanks to a certain 2 year old. 🙈 . .
Did you see my stories about the girl selling chocolate?! I mean I literally saw 20+ people tell her no when she asked them if they would help sponsor her on her youth group trip. All while I was getting my kiddos in the car & unloading my cart. (Which could have easily taken me 30 minutes 🤪😂). .
She knew what she was working for & she persevered! Didn’t let fear stop her. Best lesson I’ve learned all week. 🙌🏼 What’s one thing that stick out to you this week? . .
So today, I choose #faithoverfear ! . .
Hebrews 12:1

Target Store Rancho-Cucamonga

by @hwasiliew

See? I told you we had cookies on the dark side. 😂🍪🍪 •

Ok....so it's a white chocolate liqueur shot.... you say potato I say liqueur shot! •

Either way, I won't tell ya you can't have it!! -
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by @balanced.and.healthe

💥SECRET'S OUT💥 I've been using only Fré for the last month or so and I LOVE it! It's made my skin super smooth+ soft, and I've said "audios" to my tiny little breakouts! 3 steps & perfect for those girls who lead an active lifestyle!
Check them out for yourself & get 25% off with the code "BAH"😘
@freskincare .
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Saint Paul, Minnesota

by @ajubilantlife

This is one of those hard posts. Something has been on my mind all week and I needed to share. So last year this week I hit a major patch of depression. Something about getting older feeling like a failure not liking where I was in life vs my own expectations it triggered a 6 month slip into depression I hadn’t experienced for 8 years! That Friday last year I used a migraine as an excuse to get out of going to small group which I’m sure I really had a headache but I could probably have rallied, it’s not like I’ve never functioned with a headache before. I’m sure the hubby, ever patient, probably tried to talk me out of it. But in the end my flesh won and I stayed in bed. My friend had bought a birthday cake for me (although cake at small group is pretty standard lol) and had happy birthday plates and she was understanding but I felt bad that my depression kept me home. I opened up to my husband and was honest about it for the first time probably ever I told him how bad I felt inside. I was just really really struggling emotionally and literally I couldn’t pull myself out of bed that day. This year, October hit and I wondered, would I feel this way again? The closer we have gotten to my birthday the more I felt it rising up. To safeguard against my excuses I even offered to host the kids for small group tomorrow knowing that would protect me from cancelling. The Bible describes the enemy as a thief who comes to steal. Make no mistake he stole something incredibly precious from me that night last year. That would end up being the last time we would have had the chance to have small group with our friend Greg. He died suddenly tragically one month later. I don’t have a lot of regrets in this life. But that one sticks with me. It makes me painfully aware of what opportunities, conversations I may miss out on when I let him win. Satan kept me home that day I missed out on a chance to spend time with an awesome man of God who would be gone a month later. Tomorrow we will be at his house and I will feel that sting of regret and appreciate my time with others all the more. Don’t let Satan rob you!


by @miss_call_shopping

NIKE AIR ZOOM AIII OUT RUNNING 🏃 SHOES 👟...AVAILABLE @miss_call_shopping DM US 👟 #nike #nikeshoes #nikezoomfly #nikezoom @nikezoom44 #nikezoomx


by @abarnesauthor

These 3 words that will kill all hope!
It's my Birthday tomorrow and if I still played this game with myself then...I should be:
💥Have kids
💥Be in a stable job
💥Be living in my forever home
Instead I:
💜Am sleeping in the guest bedroom at my families house so I can wake up and celebrate my godsons 12 Birthday with him tomorrow as we share the same birthday and this is the first time they've lived in the UK since he was born and we could do this....
And I am exactly where I 'should be' feeling happier than I 'should' no longer caring about anything but how I feel , and how that can impact others!!!!
Enjoy today and stop 'shoulding' all over yourself you are freakin awesome just as you are!
Chill out and enjoy the moment because it won't last forever!!
#successbydesign #familytime


by @fitish_teacher_mom

“Strong mommies make strong babies” 🤰🏼 I haven’t been able to workout in 2 weeks and I’m itching to get back into it but I haven’t been cleared by my Dr. Well...technically, I haven’t asked him yet!! I just want this jelly bean to keep growing so bad that I’ll wait as long as I need to before I start back up. 🙏🏻 So until then, while my girls in my challenge group our crushing their goals, I’ll be stretching, taking it easy, and cheering them on. 💃

And HELLO bump!! Where did you come from?!? Anyone else show this soon? I’m sure it has a lot to do with the medicines I’m on. 💉
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by @katieclark17

This week’s OOTD is brought to you by SUNSHINE ☀️ and COOL weather🌬! Thank the FREAKIN’ Lord🙌🏻

Shoulders out thanks to #Liift4! Ironically today was SHOULDER day.....OUCH!

I got this funky top from my Stitch Fix 📦 it is from GOLDRAY ✨ and the jeans are from White House Black Market! They are one of my fav pairs! Last but certainly not least Shades 😎 are from NORA NYC! •
Want a 10% discount on a pair of shades! Comment Below with a 😎 and I’ll DM you a CODE👏🏻

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Greencastle Manor, Maryland

by @grit.grace.grow

Today I feel extremely grateful to God for everything he’s saved me from.
Positionally, I’m a child of God saved from the penalty of my sins through faith in Jesus Christ alone by grace alone.
Practically, I’m dying to my old self and being transformed every single day to more closely conform to the likeness of Christ.
I’m so grateful I’m no longer where I used to be and look forward to what God has in store for me.
It hasn’t always been easy, but well worth it. I wouldn’t trade walking with God for anything else in the world.
Sometimes we believe we’ve earned and deserve the position we’re in. We forget we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God in the first place.
Or we give into sin over and over again because we think we’ll never be in God’s good graces again and feel hopeless. This is simply a lie.
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9
We fail to realize how many bullets God has protected us from.
This is just a reminder for us not to take God’s grace for granted.
Let me know if this resonates with you and I'll pray for you.


by @priskajordan

I’ve got a word for the people:
🌱THRIVE WHERE YOU ARE!🌱 We spend most of our lives wanting.
In H.S., you want the freedom of college,
In college, you want the spending money from a job,
In your career, you want a better job,
Then you don’t want a job,
A long life.
When does contentment fit in?
If/when you decide that today is enough for today. If you live perpetually unhappy with what you have, when will you enjoy life?
Not knocking ambition — y’all know me, right? Just saying: what would our lives look like if we spent more time in gratitude + joy for today’s blessings + miracles? Learn to be content TODAY with what’s in your hand TODAY to cultivate.
Don’t wait to become ((someone you imagine enjoys her life)) before you enjoy YOUR life. Let loose, have fun, boogie, jiggy, Kiki...whatever the kids are doing these days.
Thrive where you are. When you show God that you can be faithful with what’s in your hand today, He will give you more to be faithful with.
See: Matthew 25:14-30
📷: @isabellacostello
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Green Bench Brewing Co.

by @run4h2ofitness



by @shock914

Please.... 👆


by @iambrittneenicole

I saw this qoute a year ago and It recently popped up in my mind because me and my husband we're talking about how some people don't put in the work to get where you want to go. Some people succeed because they make sacrifices that A LOT of people arent willing to do.
To me this isn't a negative qoute, this qoute is a sho nuff' eye opener ( Yes I said sho nuff') There's so many people who are claiming to have a business and they blame it on other people or circumstances on why they are not successful. When the truth of it is that you're just down right LAZY!! ..
Yes, that is a HARD pill to swallow but most of us are LAZY. I'm not going to lie, I should be further along my journey but because I made EXCUSES, I had to start fresh on a couple of things. Put in the work, get away from that TV, get off of Youtube watching prank videos and roasting sessions, get off the PS4's , get off facebook gossiping, get off Instagram trying to portray a lifestyle that you don't even have (YEAH I SAID IT) and GET TO WORK!!!!!


by @littlemissfearlessblog

”Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” — Jennifer Lee⠀

I used to love the idea of this quote but didn’t know how it felt to live it until I got to know myself better this past year (the good 💁🏼‍♀️ and the bad 🙅🏼‍♀️). ⠀

What sets my soul on fire?⠀

Learning through my own personal struggles with infertility and self-limiting beliefs fueled by perfectionism (to name only two ✌🏼) that EVERY IMPERFECT THING HAS VALUE.⠀

From a girl who gave too much credit all these years to the most successful, accomplished, beautiful, popular, confident, well-dressed, connected, talented, creative, “perfect” people among us (whoever they are)—I can promise you, YOU ARE ENOUGH in all your flaws and imperfections. You don’t earn it, you just find a way to believe it.⠀

Being enough means different things to each of us because we’re all on our own journey. But being fearless about finding out what it means TO YOU—and what’s getting in the way of your believing it—is worth every ounce of courage and curiosity you possess. 💛⠀

My soul on fire feels a lot like joy. Share one thing below that brings joy to your life! 🙌🏼

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by @thereganlong

"When you are put into a position where you cannot retreat, life is absolutely going to change with or without your permission. .
The good news is that no matter what the situation is, you still get to decide the end game.
Whether or not you feel like things fell in your favor, it very well may turn out to be your biggest blessing in disguise." -@thereganlong .
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by @niftylinguist

Yes indeed !! Good one 🔥 @sucesswinner #awesome #faithoverfear