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by @gracefullmama

One of the best things about #mops day is uninterrupted grub time surrounded by fun, other ‘in the thick of it’ mama’s. I never appreciated being able to talk and chew my food in peace til I had a tiny human being who demanded everything on my plate. 🙄🤗😍👶🏼💙 #mopsinternational #mopsday #findyourfire #momlife #toddlerlife #selfcare #findyourtribe #rawmotherhood #honestmama #realmotherhood #thisismomlife #genxmom #late30smom #motherhood #mommyblogger #motherhoodunplugged #mommylife #wfhm #unitedmotherhood #boymom #mamashungry #momsofinstagram #nomnomnom

Sun Valley Community Church - East Mesa

by @fit4momarlingtonmansfield

These moms and babes had a great Stroller Barre workout this morning. There is still a chance to workout with Amy tonight at Fit4Baby!! Join us inside Methodist Mansfield Medical Center at 7pm. See you soon!

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by @sparklesunandstyle

It’s been 1 year since we lost my dad to cancer. I’ve felt extra stressed and off all day and I’m sure the heaviness of today is impacting me more than I’d like to admit. I’m go go go all the time and try to let the busy fill up the space, but he’s for sure been on my mind today. I miss hearing him reassure me I’m doing a good job and reminding me to take things one day at a time. I’m sad Noah won’t get to grow up knowing his Boppie. My dad loved his family like crazy and I know he’s missed by all of us. ⠀⠀ #youcandohardthings #youareenough #fitnessmotivation #fightgrindrepeat #busymom #boymom #fitmama #floridamom #toddlermom #workingmom #coach #bloggermom #liveyourbestlife #findyourtribe #cheereachotheron #workhardandbenice #growthmindset #takeiteasy #cancersucks #ipreview @preview.app


by @theconfidencecrown

What things are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself?⁣ 💃🏼⁣
Do you allow yourself to take a step back during stressful moments to appreciate how far you've already come, take a deep breath, and proceed to finish that goal?⁣ 💖⁣
I'm here to share my journey to becoming The Confidence Crown. It wasn't all glitter and lights. There were some dark times too... times I had to remind myself that though things may look tough at the moment, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to help you find it too! 👑

Brentwood, California

by @cwhfitness

So much gratitude for this hottie right here! She is one of my amazing coaches who spent countless hours talking me out of my own head, encouraging me, lifting me up when I felt like I’d hit the ceiling, and being there when I needed advice! I have been so blessed with so much love and support in this business- likely more than I even deserve. Without these men and women in my life, I CERTAINLY would not be on a catamaran in Jamaica 🇯🇲 living my best life, checking text messages to a paycheck, dancing, & drinking champagne- all for completely free! This is the real deal- and @meggiehoeftnvp you are the real deal! Thank you to you, and every single person in my upline, downline and sideline! Grateful doesn’t even scratch the surface. #grateful #begrateful #blessed #findyourtribe #fitpreneur #fitnessmom #goals #freetrips #healthyishappy #healthyliving #healthylivinginsideandout #healthylivingtips #workout #healthylifestyle #vegan #healthyeating #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #wellness #wellnesscoach #selflove #workout #wellnessjourney #plantbased #wellnesswednesday #motivation #wellnessadvocate #strong #strongmom


by @freemvmtshop

Write that $hit down 📝Goal planning is the best planning. It’s free and amazing to see that all things have a starting point that is totally attainable. #Stretchgoals is one of the exciting classes added to our lineup for the #movember pop up. Deep stretching is the focus of each Stretch Goals class, beginning with writing down a goal for the 50 minutes. Looking forward to watching 100% of our movers crush it. 📈🎊💛#goalsforfree

Free Mvmt Shop

by @mindride_australia

These special gals 💕 . ‘ It’s the friends that you meet along the way that help you to appreciate the journey ‘
Thank you
I am very grateful 🦄

Natasha Nash Working Equitation
Eulinga Park Equine #horses #ridingcoach #equestriancoaches #specialpeople #findyourtribe #dressage


by @sajaclimited

Can people live please??

Can I decide myself if I want to cover my skin or not without having to feel like the whole world is judging me?
Can I decide myself to wear a face full of makeup when I feel like it?
What is up with all that gossip and judgement?

You have to really take a step back from needing and looking for other people’s approval. You don’t need it.
Do you.
Be you.
Do whatever it is you want to do.
Wear what you want.
Be how you want.
Live your life how you want.
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by @tndoctormama

Belated transformation Tuesday y’all. *Vulnerable post ahead 😬⁣
So I wish I had more before photos to share but I just don’t have many full body photos from before. As my daughter so sweetly puts it “mommy before you started your workouts your belly was hanging out” haha kids. Very observant. ⁣
But what I really want to share about my transformation is not something you can capture in a photo. The real transformation is in my energy levels and my mindset about what I am capable of with Jesus! ⁣
True story- I used to be so drained at the end of the day that I often felt I didn’t have the energy to go downstairs for water at bedtime. I would ask my husband to fetch me things because I had no energy to climb up and down the stairs. Now, he’s super sweet so he would do it but that gets old when it’s every night. ⁣
I didn’t realize what my diet and lack of activity was doing to my body until about a month after starting my lifestyle transformation it dawned on me as I was cleaning and running up and down the stairs after working all day, that there had been a major shift in my energy levels. ⁣
My mindset has also been reshaped to believe in myself and pursue the best me, big big goals and big dreams. All because of a commitment that started on a bit of a whim which turned into a daily practice, which turned into a habit, which has turned into a lifestyle. ⁣
Are some days hard? Yes. But what I remember in those moments is how I felt before, how I believed before and how I feel/believe now. Not necessarily how I look or how my clothes fit, don’t get me wrong those things are great, but that is not what keeps me going when a hard day comes along,. ⁣
If you want to transform your energy, your mindset, your body, your health, I would love to walk along side you on your journey as your coach and as a friend on the same journey! Comment below, DM me or like this post!! I would love love to hear your goals and how I can help YOU reach them! ❥


by @elle_walks

Happy Wednesday my friends🌸✨!!
I first just want to thank you all for commenting on my last photo and sharing the ways you are proud when you look back at your journey. Today I wanted to talk about everyones favorite thing…ISSUES and owning your stuff and not making it your identity.
I found myself coming to this common ground of not wanting to be defining my issues or letting it define myself. What if we could just have a mutual relationship with it all? I started thinking about this the other day. One of my amazing teachers has this beautiful saying “don’t make things an issue that don’t need to be an issue.” I laugh at this because there is so much in life that we can make things that don’t need to be an issue an issue. We can actually cling on to these “things” so intensely because we want to validate their existence of being so horrible or an issue.
Initially, I am not going to lie when she said this it actually pissed me off because I was over here like “how dare you” my issues are horrible and intense and so on and so forth. Literally, I was continuing to make things an even bigger of an issue. Almost wanting to put it on a pedestal to be the best worst issue ever. So silly if you think about it. Not making things that don’t need to be issues is really difficult. 〰️
There is a difference between things that are an inconvenience and getting the support and help you need for things and just things that have happened, already passed and if you are getting the support to work on it then let it be and continue to heal. For me, I am still working on a lot of things that don’t need to be in the front of my mind. Quite frankly there is better more important stuff I could spend my time on than perceived issues that aren’t actually issues. I can’t stress this enough, having people in your life to open up with and work through things with, whatever it may be is so essential to actually sifting through the nonsense and the stuff that actually requires a little deeper attention, love and care❤️.
How do you work through things in your life that need that love and care, and the things that are taking up space? 👇🏼⚡️

Los Angeles, California

by @mt06fab

When you’ve learned to love networking thanks to some awesome inspirational women and you match your oil samples in the goody bag to the talk - ginger the oil of empowerment perfect when you are listening to the inspirational founders of @mumsinbusinessassociation
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by @snoogiesis

DF housewives: my absolutely favourite tribe and my favourite training partners the adventures have been far and wide beautiful strong women owning their fitness and supporting each other what could be better : love you girls #drivefitnessphotochallenge #drivefitnessphotochallengeweek4 #dfbrisbane @drivefitnessbrisbane #findyourtribe 💛💗💪


by @taylorgladfitness

We just dropped Gunner off for a trip with his team to a tournament. I use to be semi jealous when he got to go out of town. He has a great bond with the other coaches and I know they always have a great time. .
I was in search of something like that. I wanted to be invested in something that brought me together with other women. It wasn’t until I started coaching that I found others who were so different then me but have so much in common. We want to help other women! .
I am so thankful I said YES and these ladies are part of my tribe! They are good hearted, we don’t compete against each other, we lift each other up, and also we have fun!! A TON OF FUN!! .
We all came together because we all have a similar passion and that is to help women become the healthiest version of themselves!! .
Have you been looking for a community of women that support you? A group of women who want to help you, who can relate to struggles, and get you on the right track to being your best? Are your looking for a group that will help you put your feet on the floor and push play?? .
MESSAGE ME! We would love nothing more than for you to join us!!! ✨✨


by @synova_associates

Today we kicked off our Emerging Leader Fellowship with @neonatalnurses at their annual conference. We look forward to continued engagement with this enthusiastic group - and look forward to watching them advance their careers! #NANNAHEIM #SynovaExperience

Hilton Anaheim

by @chayaknopp

@butiyoga at @axiomfitness - it’s been a wild ride so far. Won’t you join us? Thursdays at Fairview at 5:45 am. A blend of tribal dance, plyometrics and power yoga asanas, Buti Yoga is everything.

Axiom at the Village

by @skinbodysoul.aesthetics

Reading is fundamental, right? We all know this. I actually love reading, so much so that I consider greatest accomplishment to be finding and apartment with massive built-in bookshelves, and filling them up (even though I’m moving next week, wah). Most of the books are suspense, mixed with some classics, and a few (more than a few) books of poetry. Lately, however, I’ve been on a huge self-improvement kick. ⠀
Alright, so, the genre is called “Self-Improvement,” but I think it should be called “Self-awareness,” because thats whats really happening. When I actively take the advice, or take in the lessons, or follow through with the challenges, the closer I become to my higher self. Improvement implies a change, whereas I believe its more of a reveal. I spent my entire life covering myself in false beliefs, when I finally did the work and released those beliefs, I didn’t feel like a whole new person. I didn’t look in the mirror and think, “Woah, who tf is she?” I looked in the mirror and thought “Oh, here I am.”⠀
I know now, I was there all along. I just didn’t have the tools to peel away the bullshit I was hidden under. Does that make sense? That might not make sense...⠀
. ⠀
Anyway, here’s a list of self improvement books that resonated with me, and gave me some pretty dope tools: ⠀
• Like She Owns the Place - Cara Alwell Leyba⠀
• The Universe has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein⠀
• A Tribe Called Bliss - Lori Harder⠀
PS: if you have any recommendations, leave em below ✨⠀
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Nashville, Tennessee

by @gracespaeth

💥 "Show me you're friends & I'll tell you who you are" #wow ✔ I've learned quickly & clearly that surrounding ourselves with like-minded people is truly what lifts us to the top. . .
Think about your people -- do they fuel your fire, or put out your flames? Do you feel encouraged, supported, & loved? Find people who inspire you daily to dream bigger, challenge you to be more, and love you no matter where you're at .. then spend a lot of time with them 💓 #growth
I'm thankful for my tribe, and the ones who never let my dreams be dreams ✨ #lovemypeople #findyourtribe #lovethemhard


by @reallifegreenlifehappylife


Shout out to our girl @breannejohnson for #smashinggoals! Bree is at @magnolia's Silobration making a dream come true. Bree had set a goal to be at Silobration with her company, @saltandlighttradingco, by the year 2020 - and she absolutely smashed that goal and is setting up for #silobration2018 now! We're so proud of our girl - let's show her some love! 💛💛

Magnolia Market

by @monarchyoga


Gabrielle [ @monarchyoga ] is one of our fierce, woman warrior teachers! She has been teaching @yogasixpointloma for almost three years. She’s best known for her creative classes & amazing hands-on assists 👐🏼

You have 7 opportunities to practice with Gabrielle each week ⇣
Monday’s Hot ⇢ 8pm
Tuesday’s Deep Stretch ⇢ 3pm
Wednesday’s Hot ⇢ 9am
Thursday’s Vinyasa ⇢ 6pm & Deep Stretch ⇢ 7:30pm
Friday’s Hot ⇢ 2:30pm
Saturday’s Hot ⇢ 7:30am

Yoga Six Point Loma

by @msfields_fitspo

Not the prettiest or fanciest meal I have ever made, but I had to share this quick and healthy option with you, that Travis loves!
Preheat oven to 375. Slice salmon into Individual servings, place each serving on a separate piece of foil (big enough to fold over into a packet), rub each filet with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, Rub with minced garlic, add in a serving of veggies of your choice (we normally do green beans and this time I added diced onion), coat with lemon juice, fold packet closed, and place in oven on baking sheet for 20-30 minutes, or until veggies are tender and salmon is flaky!
I am NOT a fish person so this doesn’t get made a ton, but when Travis is wanting to switch things up, and requests salmon, this is my go to!
Are you a fish person?!?

Charlottesville, Virginia