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I am a history buff, therefore I insisted on getting a picture on the day of my wedding in front of the national landmark in my hometown! 📍
The Saint James General Store was established in 1857. It is the oldest continuously operating store in the entire United States and is run by Suffolk County Parks. I've been going here since I was little and it is now one of Christopher's favorite places. We skip the mall and take him to see Santa here instead. They have such pretty gifts, foods & historical books and photos inside. If you're on Long Island and in the area, make a stop at this store a destination to pop in and check out! 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂 #nerd #historybuff #saintjames #smithtown #local #LINY #coolfinds #favoriteplaces #USA #otoolesrule #11.11 #weddingday #hometownwedding 📷: @chrislonardo

St. James General Store

Piazza Fontana, Milan, Dec. 12th, 1969. A bomb exploded in the headquarters of Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura: 17 dead, 88 injured. This, along with three more bombs in Milan and Rome, was the first terrorist attack of the so-called Years of Lead, a period of political turmoil which lasted up to the 1980s. #milanatnight #milan #italy🇮🇹 #historybuff #mytown #terrorismineurope #piazzafontana #nightwanderer #citystrolling #citylife #followme

Piazza Fontana, Milano

After World War I, there were so few men in Germany that only 1 in 3 women would find a husband.
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USAF Strategic Bombers of the Cold War Part 6: B-52 Stratofortress

The myth, the legend, the BUFF, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. It’s going to be hard to throughly cover one of the longest serving aircraft in the world in one post, but I’m going to try. The B-52 first flew on 12 April 1952 and entered service in 1955. B-52s has served as the United States’ and Strategic Air Command’s primary nuclear capable bomber throughout the majority of the Cold War up to today. In a career that has spanned 65 years, the B-52 has never had to actually drop a nuclear weapon in anger. The B-52 has been used in a conventional bombing role in the majority of most conflicts the United States has used air power in over the past 60 years. The B-52 actually began life as a turboprop powered strategic bomber design from Boeing in June of 1946. It has since evolved into the longest serving strategic bomber in world history. The first B-52s to enter service were the A models, however, only three B-52As were built by Boeing and were mostly used for testing. They were not equipped with the avionics that would be found in combat operational aircraft. The first combat ready B-52 was the 50 B-52Bs that entered service in June of 1955. The first B to enter service was the RB-52B reconnaissance variant with the 93rd Bomb Wing at Castle AFB. All Bs were retired by 1965/66. The next model to enter service was the B-52C. The 35 B-52Cs incorporated new engines, new avionics and increased fuel capacity. The Cs served alongside the later D models in squadrons operating over South East Asia. The last Cs were retired in 1971. The B-52D is arguably the most famous of the B-52 models. The entire fleet of Ds were modified to the Big Belly standard in order to carry clips of either 28 500lb or 14 750lb conventional bombs. The B-52Ds were used extensively in the skies over Vietnam in Arc Light missions, the name given to all B-52 bombing missions during the Vietnam War. During Operation Linebacker II alone, B-52 sorties numbered 729 with 15 Buffs being shot down. The bombers dropped 49,00 bombs on 34 strategic targets, destroying over 1600 military structures. Continued ⬇️⬇️


Tangier, Morocco - Tangier is a major coastal city in northern Morocco. It was founded by the Carthagenians in the 5th century BC benefited from its geographical proximity to the Iberian peninsula. After the Reconquista, Portugal staked a claim to the city and controlled it for two centuries before it was handed over to the English who envisioned on making it an internal naval base but it was soon captured by the native Moulay Ismail in 1684 (not before the English had destroyed most of the city). From then until the late 19th century, tangier went into obscurity before a resurgence in its international reputation due to the Tangiers Crisis in 1905. In its modern history, it has been colonised by the French and then the Spanish before Moroccan Independence was achieved in 1956. The city also has a history of Jewish inhabitants.
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Tangier, Morocco

The walls are going up! 🤗
I’ve been looking forward to this moment for 5 months! For me, this is when the fun begins. Yay!😁 is all in an say!

DeRidder, Louisiana

Pvt. Boris F. Smaizhas. Artillery Scout (76mm gun battery) 1st (OS) Rifle Regiment, 99th (ORB, OS) Rifle Division.

Boris Smaizhas was born in the Ukrainian City of Odessa in 1912. At the age of 29, Smaizhas is thrusted into service with the onslaught of the fascist invasion of his homeland. It is unknown how Pvt. Smaizhas spent the opening years as an artillery scout during World War II, however it was during November of 1943 that his records indicate him being on the front lines with the 1st Ukrainian Front until October of 1944. He took part in all of the operations in liberating Eastern Ukraine and Poland at this time. In November of 1944, Boris was moved to the 2nd Ukrainian Front. Here he fought to liberate both Hungary and Austria and was cited for this military order.


"The Death of Emperor Commodus", a 19th-century painting by Fernand Pelez. #Commodus

To celebrate the Roman New Year in AD 192, Commodus decided to make an appearance before the Roman people from the gladiator's barracks, escorted by the rest of the gladiators. After telling his plan to his mistress Marcia the night before, she begged him not to behave so carelessly and bring disgrace to the Roman Empire. Commodus, upset by Marcia's reaction, then told his plan to Aemilius Laetus, the Praetorian Prefect, and Eclectus, his servant.

After they, too, tried to dissuade him, he became furious and put their three names on a proscribed list of people to be executed the next morning. While Commodus was taking a bath, his favorite servant Philcommodus found the tablet on which the list was written and ran into Marcia. Marcia took it from him, and in horror saw her name at the top of the list.

She then cried out, "Well done, indeed, Commodus. This is fine return for the kindness and affection I have lavished on you and for the drunken insults which I have endured from you all these years". She then gathered Laetus & Eclectus, and the three of them decided they had to kill Commodus in order to save their own lives.

Marcia then gave the emperor his first drink after his bath, which had already been mixed with poison. After drinking the wine, he became so ill that his vomiting would not cease. The three conspirators were afraid he would expel all the poison, so they ordered an athlete to strangle Commodus for a large reward.


Built in the closing years of Roman republic, this Theater of Marcellus puzzled me when I saw it before the actual Colosseum. Strangely similar but so different at the same time. #romeisadream

Theatre of Marcellus

What books are you into? Have you read the grapes of wrath? #History #HistoryBuff #CaliforniaHistory #AmericanHistory #NorCal #SLHHS #DamProud #WorkEthic


The STAVKA understood that Stalingrad was an important German objective. 400,000 civilians were trapped in the city when the Germans bombarded it, killing 40,000.
The German infantry advanced in rubble and burnt ruins, which improved Soviet defence. The Stalingrad tractor factory continued to build T-34 tanks moments before it was captured by the Germans. By the end of August, the Hitler’s 6th army reached the Volga.
The Luftwaffe had total control of the sky after launching a series of attacks on Soviet airfields. The Russians only had 57 planes left for the entire sector. The commanding forces of Stalingrad threw anything they had at the Germans. No anti-tank weapons were available. This task was given to the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment mainly composed of female soldiers. Despite their lack of training, they responded shot for shot until all 37 guns were destroyed. The NKVD (military police) also gathered students from the local university. The police gave them brand new tanks that didn’t have gunsights. The students had to shoot through the barrel at point blank.
On September 5th, the 24th and 64th Soviet armies organized counter-attacks but were repulsed with heavy losses. On September 24th, the 1st Guard and 24th armies failed to breakthrough north of Stalingrad. The Luftwaffe played a great role in destroying a significant amount of Soviet tanks.
The famous “no step back” order was issued. As a result, the remaining Soviet armies dug in factories and waited for the final German assaults. It is estimated that 14,000 Soviet soldiers were executed for retreating by the NKVD.
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Stalingrad, Volgogradskaya Oblast', Russia

The mere sight of the Maltese flag in the waters of Cyprus, Rhodes and Alexandria caused so much fear that all shipping headed back into the ports for safety. ☠️💀


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December 1942-June 1943. Four U.S.A.A.F. B-24D Liberators of the 93rd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. USAF

From Front to Back. "Joisey Bounce" later "Utah Man"
330th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb group.
Serial No. 41-24226. Named "Utah Man" at this point, it was lost during a mission to Bremen, 
when another bomber (Serial No. 42-40765) collided with it over Husum.
2nd Lt. Loren J. Koon of South Carolina - pilot KIA
2nd Lt. Robert Timmer of Michigan - co pilot KIA
Sgt. Benjamin Caplan of California - navigator KIA
1st Lt. Ralph W. Cummings of Montana - bombardier KIA
Sgt. Robert L. Cox - engineer/top turret POW
Sgt. Paul E. Johnston of Kentucky - radio operator POW
S/Sgt. William E. Major of  Michigan -right gunner KIA
S/Sgt. John E. Connolly of Michigan -left gunner KIA
S/Sgt Joseph R. Doyle of Pennsylvania - tail gunner KIA
S/Sgt. Richard E. Bartlett of Montana - tunnel gunner "The Duchess" later "Evelyn A"
330th Bomb Squad, 93rd Bomb Group.
Serial No. (41-24147)
Lost on Feb 25 1944 during a mission to Furth, Germany. 
Engine trouble caused the bomber to fall back of formation and
was attacked by Luftwaffe fighters.

1st Lt. David W. Thompson - pilot POW
Captain Miles R. League of South Carolina - co pilot POW
1st Lt. Robert L. Warner - bombardier POW
2nd Lt. Waldron L. Synder Jr. of Massachusetts- co pilot/photographer KIA
T/Sgt. Henry A. Clauser of Pennsylvania - Engineer/ top turret POW
T/Sgt. Evert A. Ollie of Pennsylvania - radio operator POW
S/Sgt. John D. Glucs - right gunner POW
S/Sgt. Thomas F. McDermott of Rhode Island - left gunner KIA
S/Sgt Royce O. Magee of Tennessee - tail gunner POW "Bomberang" (C)
Serial No. (41-23722)
328th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group
First B-24 of the 8th Air Force to complete 50 missions and after her 53rd, she was flown back to the U.S. for a War Bond tour. "Thundermug" (F)
Serial No. (42-40246)
328th Bomb Squadron, 93rd Bomb Group.
Salvaged on October 10 1943.

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Heading to #malta in two weeks with @exclusivelymalta and I am so excited! Did you know that Valletta, the capital of Malta (established in 1566), was designed on a grid system, which is now common in the United States? #visitmalta

Valetta Malta

Croatia WW2 Series: The establishment of the 13th SS Mountain Division "Handschar" was set pretty high at 26,000 men, when the recrutis were sent to France for training in 1943, they only numbered about 15,000. At the end of the year 19,000 men were brought up, 2800 were Catholic Croatians, and 1,000 were Albanians and the rest Muslims from Bosnia and the Sandjak Province. On August 1, 1943 Karl-Gustav Sauberzweig will become commanderof the division. Men of the 13th SS Mountain Division "Handschar" went through harsh training in Le Puy in the Haute Loire in France. This is for Historical Purposes Only. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #history #war #warhistory #warphotography #military #militaryhistory #army #historychannel #historygeek #historybuff #historian #historiansunion #combat #worldwar2 #ww2 #wwii #retro #classic #vintage #photography #waffenss #battle #instadaily #axisandallies


Original 1937 #saturdayeveningpost cover just waiting for a frame. Such a thoughtful gift from a lovely friend who knows my taste to a tee.


On this day, 1791: Napoleon Bonaparte is promoted to General and appointed Commander-In-Chief of the Armies of the French Republic 🇫🇷


Bitta archeology in the souf-east boys. #ikea #historybuff

Canterbury, Kent

Foreseeing our retirement @vendettavillella note..the bunny in my purse and im certain your book is on history
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