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they say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. i agree. 🌹


since i'm on block, here's a long shitty story : fate.
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When you fall in love you feel amazing, you feel loved, you would want that feeling to continue for the rest of the life, but at some point it sucks, you dont get the desired love back from that person, you feel wasted and unloved, you curse yourself for going through lot of pain, which once made you feel heaven, it's hard to let go the person, but you hardly have a choice, dont you want to feel happy as before? If you feel that you're in a bad relationship, just end it there, dont just hang into it, you've all the right to feel happy, after all life is short, you dont live to impress everyone out there, If this message helps you, let me know in comment section 🌹❤️ .
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I don't know about you, but for me THIS 👆🏽is the number one thing that stops me 🙈 I think that giving ourselves permission to grow is one of those things that sounds nice but is hard to figure out how to do on a practical level - so I thought I'd share some things I do with you 🌿
1. Figuring out what you want✨ I've found this is one of the most helpful things to do because without this, it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to evolve 💭 We need direction! If you need some help, go have a look at my blog/podcast because I've recently shared how to do this 🙆🏼 Note: Sometimes we repress what we want so we don't have to deal with the discomfort of not having it - it's normal if it takes a bit of time for your brain to warm up to the task! 🔥
2. Don't try to escape discomfort 🙈 I feel like growing up I was constantly told (mainly by the media) that all negative emotion is BAD and if I don't feel good I should buy something or eat something or watch something so I feel better 🙃 And it's easy to then start doing those things to avoid even the slightest sign of discomfort 😅 Not trying to avoid discomfort basically means that when I'm doing something and I have that twitch to go and look in the fridge or look at ASOS or watch YouTube, I just notice it and keep doing what I planned to do 💭 It obviously takes quite a bit of practice (and I'm NOT a pro) but it can soon become a habit 💁🏻 And I find that daily meditation helps - mainly because I feel a lot less reactive to everything, incl my own thoughts 😇
3. Up level your environment 🌏 One thing that DEFINITELY helps is creating an environment around you that will make it easier for you to become the next you✨ I did this last week by signing up to a co-working space so I'm surrounded by people who are doing similar things💃🏼 but I get that sometimes you can't change your whole environment - podcasts can be a saviour!
Hope that helps! 😘
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Its everything 💜


Jos mi jedan put reci?
U oba tvoja carobna oka. U nosic. U tvoje mekane obraze. U celo. U tvoju predivnu kosu. A usne??
Njima cu posebne poljupce da posaljem.
Sta si ti meni?
Ti si moja sreca.
Moja radost.
Moja ljubav.
Svakim danom sve veca i veca.
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a verse from my poem, 'oh mama!' full poem in link in my bio❤️🌼
also looking for song recommendations ☘️


I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologise because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest. If I love you at 5AM, l’d damn well rather that you know I felt it. If I love you two hours later, I'll tell you then too. Listen, I won’t wait double the time it takes for you to text me back because I don’t want to. I don’t care enough to be patient with you. I’m happy, you made me feel that way, don’t you want to know? So that’s how it’s going to be. l’m going to leave myself as open as a church door. And I’m going to wake you up before the crack of dawn to tell you that I’m fucking joyful, no pretending, not from me, not ever. Would you like some coffee, would you please kiss me? Here, these are my hands, this is my mouth, it is all yours. -Azra T

Artwork by @otavio.st


look; a poem/ /
look at everything we have done
and how shamelessly we call it love
look at what you've become
and how you blame it all on love

look how sad are our eyes
and look how black is our tongue
look how true are our lies
and how our kisses stung

look how we make promises
and then never look behind
look how we make paintings
with colours we can't find in our lives

look at you, your bleeding self
with tears in every cell
look at you, your helpless ways
look how proudly you speak of hell,


It's okay to rip your heart open. It's okay to love them with every rising and falling breath you take. And to forgive them. Over and over. And over again. Whether they deserve it or not. But because you deserve the peace it brings. It's okay to be the bigger person and to let your love be greater than their callousness.

But it's also okay to save yourself. It's okay to stop. And refuse to take in the emotional burden they try to load you with. It's okay to say no. And to back off. Because you deserve the peace. My god, you deserve it.

And it's okay to fall in love. And it's okay to fall apart. And to hurt. And to feel. And to love like there's no tomorrow.

But it's also okay to pick yourself up every time. Because there isn't another you in the world.
There won't be.
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Und manchmal vergisst man sich.
Für einen kurzen
unerwarteten Moment wird alles anders.
Die Erfahrung schmerzt
und es fühlt sich an
wie nie gewesen.
Doch es ist
Und bleibt
Und gelinde gesagt
hilft nur die Zeit
über all das hinweg.
Und das, was bleibt.
Wenn man es nicht
schon verloren hat
Weil die Welle es
bereits forttrug
Ohne sich zu


‏زندگی ! موت ! اور ترا جانا
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Potrei dirti tante cose
ma tante
solo che le parole poi finiscono
e ritrovo gli stessi concetti
le stesse dediche
nelle parole di altri, per altre
e io non voglio che tu diventi come chiunque,
tutti quegli occhi
tutte quelle labbra
e quelle gambe,
tutta quella pelle fatta di brividi e carezze
manco fossimo dei rotoloni di scottex infiniti,
tutto quel sole
quelle lune
quel mare
quel sesso
quella passione
come se non ce ne fosse mai abbastanza.
Tutte cose bellissime certo
ma se non fossi tu solo questo,
per me c'è altro di importante
sei il bus
che riesco a prendere al volo
per non far tardi
o lo stipendio a fine mese
che ci permette di pagare l'affitto,
le bollette
e di toglierci anche qualche sfizio
sei quella pagina del libro la sera,
quella che dico sempre essere l'ultima
ma poi non lo è mai
e sto sveglio a leggere fino tardi.
Sei l'offerta al supermercato sui miei gelati preferiti
le cene in famiglia
dove non mi imbarazza più parlare con i tuoi
la salute
anche con i suoi acciacchi
ma che mi permette di vivere bene,
sei come le puntate delle mie serie preferite
in streaming sui siti piratati,
i 30 giga di internet regalati
dalla mia compagnia telefonica,
il parcheggio vicino casa
dopo solo un giro dell'isolato
sei quel gelato della domenica
quando non si sa cosa fare,
una vecchia maglia che ora mi sta
e che avevo deciso di buttare
perché stretta
sei l'opzione "POSTICIPA" della sveglia
il venticello che entra dal finestrino abbassato
l'autovelox evitato
il weekend improvvisato
la frutta lavata
la birra fresca in frigo
il dehor sulla piazza senza troppo casino in giro,
la macchia d'olio che vien via dalla camicia
i concertini in acustico all'aperto
sei un sacco di parole che nessuno mai ti dice
e finite queste
avrò sempre il silenzio

se vuoi riempirlo
si può essere romantici
anche solo ascoltandoti.

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Sunshine #dhruvverma




(Love story) My parents also hates us 😜 .
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Durup köşe başında deliksiz dinlesem/Sana kullanılmamış bir gök getirsem
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''Essa é minha cara quando você mente para mim. Pode contar tudo, pode me dizer cada palavra, pode sair daqui achando que acreditei. Mas quando você mente, você destrói todas as palavras bonitas que você já me disse.'' #textosdeamor #textospoéticos #textosdeamor #textos #poems #poet #poema #poem #poets #poesias #leitura #leitura #ler #likeforlike #livraria #like4like #igpoets #igpoet #igpoetry


Which one are you!?

Daily quotes from @swavmarketing


I don't need the silk sheets
nor the velvet cushions,
all the comforts of the world
lie in between your arms.
The beats of your heart
sing me to sleep each night,
that is the best lullaby. .
Beautiful art by @omario2d
Poetry by @apuresoull .
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"a jiffy impression"
What is this unsettling feeling
I feel the moment I see her
It's like my world is falling down
Being dismantled slowly
or maybe it is being built
a brick at a time
It's like there is a warp in my belly
just above navel
Spinning round and round
Like a spiral current
searching for exit
but so calm
Heart racing ahead of time
contracting and expanding
a thousand times
Blood rushing up and down
through the veins and arteries
rejuvenating every cell and nerve
and bursting them with joy
Mind so engulfed in replaying
everything it remembers about her
Her elegant body
an uncharted territory
yearning to be caressed
Her brown eyes
deep and beautiful
like a mirage
Curves like fire
heating me up
a myriad sensation
Her hairs oscillating with wind
like troughs and crests
a wave so surreal
I could not take my eyes off of them
Her smell like potion
lingering around my mind
reshaping every thought
it was sublime
Smelling her cologne
in just a moment
I was on my knees
Ready to surrender
It was like an ordeal
for me to accept everything
that I have been dreaming about her;
cooking in my mind
a delicious meal
I was drooling already
Making me look so desperate,
maybe I was desparate
With voice trembling, pitching in high notes
I tried to reflect on my emotions
I was about to say
How much
I adore her
and wanting to be with her
How I picture us together
holding hands
Like children going to school
Making pinky promises
and never letting go
I wanted to tell her
she means the world to me
That I would be her shield
I would save her from this veiled world
At the same time
It was like every part of my body was
out of control
Eyes were locked upon her
awestruck and cherishing what they see
Hands wet with nervousness
claiming that they were destined to touch her
Cheeks like crescent moon
started to ache
still smiling
Heart was pounding
As if it wanted to be acknowledged by her of its presence
Legs deep buried in the ground
ordering to not take a step away from her
Words disappeared
like fog disappears after sunrise
Everything's left unsaid
Congesting the very core of me
The moment slipped away
Just like lightening
In the blink of an eye
she was gone


Translation; To treat and to heal.

For as long as I can remember my mother knew what to use to treat my wounds or any sickness I had. Even up to this day, she’s always there to give me natural Kongolese remedies to treat me when I’m unwell. Healing how ever was a word I knew from church and prayers but tbh I never really understood its meaning which is to be/become whole, balanced, sound and healthy.
So going back to treat/treatment, certain remedies or methods of treatment only calms or controls symptoms but doesn’t get rid of it for one to start the process of becoming whole (healed). Take a minute and evaluate your method of treatment and remedies your using. Are you healing? ✌🏿🌈✨Mbote, Bonjour, Greetings, Good Morning!!!


time passes, people change


I didn't see that coming
oh! Lord
oh! Lord, was it a miracle and
what is not,
thousand birds flyin' but I just got only one shot,
should I take it or not
how many can you drop,
So I unload the magazine
pop it on the ground, never save it,
I reload, it on the thousand round
But I ain't shootin' mf ,
my words are enough, Hater
drew my attention like mountains top snow,
about to flow and tryin' to teach me
what I never know
death can fell in love by a touch
too, from head to toe,
be tough, cause if you been to rough, head up,
cause time will teach you enough, it flow slow, for those who are fast
How long will you last



a heavy morning,


Eid '18 🌼❤️
wondering if i was a part of her talks with the moon, and if i were, i wonder if it was because she mistaken it to be me,


oh mama; a poem
never asked for the moon
when you lit candles every night
only thought about stars
only thought about the blue sky
but now that I am here alone
thinking when, where, and why
oh mama, i don't feel at peace,

I am staring at my wall
dreaming about sunshine
want to go out and get some
but the time never feels right,
how about you sing a last song
oh mama, put me to a peaceful sleep

I close my eyes
to see your arms
stretched towards mine
I haven't had anyone do the same
all my love in my heart is dying
now that I am here alone
thinking when, where, and why
oh mama, i don't feel at peace,

now that I am here alone
with a lot of fights,
oh mama, I've no more flight in me
how about you say you love me
one last time,
because mama, i want to feel alive

if I close my eyes
to see your arms
stretched out to mine
will it melt your heart
will it warm your soul
will you sing me to sleep tonight?

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