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by @avengersimagines1

Part 15
You had not been to school in 2 weeks. Your mom cleared everything up with your school and the police. You were going to go back to school today. You woke up and slipped on your gloves. You had stopped going to training with tony and didn’t think you deserved to be a avenger. You walked into school grabbed your books and walked into class. You made up with your friends and you walked home. Spider-Man came and walked by you. “Why haven’t you been going to training?” Spider-Man Asks you. “I can’t control my powers and I don’t deserve to be on the team.” You say as you try and walk away. He grabs your wrist. “You deserve to be on the team and you had a little accident.” Spider-Man says. “Little! I knocked down someone’s house and crushed my whole school under it!” You yell at him as you storm off.
End of part 15 comment for moreee 💚💚💚💚😆
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by @vantedick

I wanna leave hickeys all over his neck uwu


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Tattoo design
-之後會keep住po design

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by @protegomendes

hi guys! if you haven’t seen my stories, i was inactive because there was no wifi at home and my phone is disconnected so yeah.. 😅

currently in psychology class and came up with this quick text, so shoutout to my college for having wifi lol

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by @uniqium

This is how I look without you shattered into pieces #goodday #belfie #selfie #mirror #me #solo #yolo #you #thoughts #imagines #faceless


by @harryimagines_1d

Harry Imagine Part 5
"Do you mind if I sit here?" I turned around to see Thomas "yeah, sure. Um Liz, this is Thomas and Thomas this is Liz" I said introducing them. We saw Harry's group passing next to us when Liz said "oh, you guys are having the baby right?" And I looked at her and she had a smirk "yeah" Thomas said smiling and looking at me "we are" he said and I saw Harry's head turned to look at me and trust me he was furious. "Anyway. Liz did I tell you that I got offered a job at the sanctuary?" I said trying to change the topic "oh my god! Really? That's awesome!" She said "and Thomas here. Works there as well" I said "wow. That's so cool!" "Yeah, It's just that we are in charge of different animals" he said "so what animals are you in charge?" Liz asked Thomas "I'm in charge of reptiles and Y/N is in charge of all the mammals. Our sanctuary is full of wildcats and their babies and also monkeys and those kind. Everyone loves her." He said blushing? *buzz* *buzz* "what was that about the baby?! Did you left me for him?" I saw Harry's text and decided not to reply "don't ignore me!" He sent another one and I turned to look at him and he was already looking at me "we need to talk today!" Harry sent "we have nothing to talk Harry" "yes we do! Please meet me after school to talk" "I can't. I'm working" "I'll drive you there" "I already have a ride" "f*ck is it that d*ckhead? Because if it's him then help me god so I won't kill him" I saw him and he was red in anger and I knew he was capable of hurting him "alright we can talk after school. Meet me at our place" I sent and put my phone away. "Thomas? Something came up so I won't be needing a ride to work. I'll meet you there though" I said "are you ok? I can wait for you" "no. Um I forgot that Liz and I had to do something after school today but I'll make it on time as she can drive me to work. Right Liz?" I said looking at her "yeah. I can't believe you forgot about it" she played along "oh ok" he sounded disappointed "but I could get a ride back? If it's not too much to ask" I said "yeah. Definitely" he said smiling and hugged me that's when my eyes met Harry's and I could see 👇🏼


by @forshawnmendes1

Imagine being Shawn's girlfriend 😍😭❤️
(Let's all cry together)
Credits to : @cosmicshawn


by @fanfcs.imagines

Part 1
"Good morning, Ms.Busuttil" I'm greeted by the usual Raven haired male, standing in his suit by my office and opening the door for me.
"Morning, Mr.Hood" I greet back as we walk into the office "What's on the schedule today?"
His eyes go down to his notepad and he scans the paper of today's meetings and to do list and then looks up at me "A meeting at 10 with the clients and then a meeting at 2 with the financial department to review this months state"
"That's nice. Doesn't seem like a big day"
"In the mean time, you can have look on those files" He smirks, pointing at the five piles of stacked paper and files on the other desk and I let out a sigh "Good luke!" He mutters with a smirk.
I look over my desk to the three photo frames standing beside my computer. In one, my mom stands holding a baby me in her arms, and in the other is a family picture. It's warm. Both picture have been in the same place ever since. The last one was one I put there when I first arrived to take over the work. It's of my father, rather a new picture after his hair have gone partially white giving it a nice grey color.
"I miss you, dad" I try my best to hold back the tears, but my eyes fail me and start pouring down. It's been around four years now, and everyday it's been the same feelings, sometimes I'm afraid that I may forget his face or his voice, but his last words always ring in my head.
The door knocks softly "Bree!" It's Calum's soft voice "Are you alright? May I come in?" He doesn't wait for my answer because he opens the door and walk in "Not again, please!" He rolls his eyes, maybe because it's the fourth time this week and it's most probably because the anniversary is coming up. Calum wraps his arms around me and whispers comforting stuff in my ears, like he's been doing for the past four years.
For a fact, the only reason Calum is here is to be by my side, like his father has always been by my father's, it's a friendship we picked up after them.
Well I hope this is a good start.
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by @hopefulwdw

1. Having a theme is so complicated😂 and 2. MY LAST TEXT EDIT GOT OVER 170 LIKES!!! THATS CRAZY! Thank you so much for the love ❤️❤️ #whydontwe #whydontwemusic #wdw #corbyn #jonah #jack #zach #daniel #besson #marais #avery #herron #seavey #music #imagines #whydontweimagines #wdwimagines #beautiful @whydontwemusic


by @imagine_grethan

What's up, guys? I hope you like this new imagine and hopefully it won't flop, but either way I'm just happy it's out. I've got a Grayson imagine coming way later and then I'll figure out what my schedule is going to be.
Song: Enemies- Lauv

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