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hey it's jackson, i know you want me😉 {cmnt your name lbl for a tbh and dm}
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⋆ 𝒷 𝑒 𝓋 𝑒 𝓇 𝓁 𝓎 ⋆
hey I’m beverly , I have no nickname
Unless you come up with one for me
I love writing stories & watching
Netflix . I have no friends so hmu ! ( I’m very sarcastic watch out ) ( COMMENT YOUR NAME LBL FOR A TBH & RATE ) ( not my intro )


hi bitches im claire!! i love my non existent bf🤤. has a thing for joey models. single. soft. falls in love easily. has no friends so hmu. likes to be goofy & sarcastic.
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a girl who loves her boyfriend & faggot friends 🤩🐷 except jax
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i need a bestfriend #openrp #joeybirlemrp


seventeen. huge softie. nobodys boy. likes to joke. silly. girls and boys. walking meme. professional idiot. unholy. sorry. always hyper. loves going for walks, dancing and playing fortnite of course. adores his friends. puts them before him. always trying to make people smile. needs friends so hit him up! like now
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lauren anne orlando
fourteen. stay away from lils, john, ruby, noah, and kenz. jaeden is a bully!1!1!1! feed me cake pops, give me an oversized sweatshirt and we’re good to go. could say im a wingwoman. send me ur dog
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Imma bored wittle bean halp😭💕


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Hailey θrona
nicknames: ona, boo thannggg, hoe, bishhhh, and daddi ona
Age:I'm 16 years old
Bday: Dec 24, 2002
dating status: single
sexuality: straight
favs: food, love, movies, YouTube, Shane Dawson, friends, fam bam, and maybe chuuu..
dislikes: fake people, rude people, sushi, Algebra, cheaters, haters, and maybe chuuu...
that's all you need to know about ma. hmu if wanna be my frannn!!
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brynn rumfallo models hmu 🤤


seemingly innocent yet misbehaved bad girl has the good boy/ girl wrapped around her dainty finger, someone please roleplay ^_^ {this'll probably be a dirty roleplay}


ethan. ⛓️📿🎱🥢
spam the comments x6 for a tbh and maybe a dm
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hey the names...CODY 😺🤠 im obsessed with surfing and bands but i love all my gay friends except zack 😹😳🖐🏻 comment name lbl for tbh + spam


hi BROSKIS im andrea and my friends are all gay but i love them 💏. shane dawson conspiracy theories are great . you should hmu because im lonely 😔.
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Joey birlem🤪
loves his girlfriend sara. likes food. loves my sister. hates being left on seen. dislikes cheaters and liars. needs friends so hmu. kearsten is a shorty. hates intros.


When I die bury me with all my ice on, when I die bury me without the lights on....🤙🏼🖤


levi's little head space 🥀


She’s such a cutieeeeee😭🦋💕


— Braden Dolan
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19 years . human kisser . mentally dating eli . soft lil’ baby . over protective . lover of cardi b & xxxtentacion . fluent in sarcasm & french . falls for the right people too easily . loves his friends . hand holder & neck kisser . depressed . photography . sensitive . hit him up he’s always down for an amazing friendship !!
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yeo ni🅱🅱as‼️ im xander but you can call me daddy🚬 i’m way too cool for skool and i’m single which makes me feel ghetto🔪 i’m great at fortnite btw. i also need some lame friends to bully🕳️ comment yo name lbl for a tbh‼️


hey i’m naomi & i love weed💏 cmmt 4x for a tbh & rad rate


annie leblanc theme !!
dm or comment requests


kenzie theme !! dm to request


i need some friends, so like for a dm🤪


i just realized i’ve been posting just videos sooo.... rip quality🤧


im lil tay and i flex on all yall broke haters w/ my supreme bookmarks (are they bookmarks are they tickets what are they)


Hey gorgeous I’m kaeden but you can call me daddy!!😋💦👅😉😏


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— b r o o k y n • s u n n y • c a s s a r 🌞🌾
15 ° nobody's girl ° boy kisser ° july baby ° total softie ° super caring ° conor maynard enthusiast ° zoella ° shane dawson ° riverdale ° wants to be a disney princess ° cheerleader wannabe ° hmu if you wanna be friends —

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Kaeden Blaze Barnes 🕊️🐾
15. Single. Bi. A total badass but can be a softie. Hates being ignored and left on seen. R.I.P. X I love you rest easy❤️. Loves my non existent friends and girlfriend. Loves skateboarding and singing. Annie & Kenzie stan. Marvel, anime & Sebastian Stan enthusiast. Has anger problems and anxiety. Falls for people easily. Likes cuddling. Likes to bite people. Neck kisses. Loves Hickeys. Hugger. Loves when people steal hoodies & shirts. Clingy wittle boi. Liv @ilcvenoahsm is my wifey🤤.


kenzie intro !!
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