Photos by @CarltonWard >>> My first grant from the National Geographic Society was for the first Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition (2012). Starting in Everglades National Park at the southern tip of the Florida peninsula, our team paddled, hiked and biked 1,000+ miles in 100 consecutive days, tracing the last remaining wildlife corridor still connecting the Everglades north to the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia. Swipe right for a map showing our route, alongside the route of our 2015 expedition (also supported by NGS) that followed the western reaches of the Corridor from the Everglades Headwaters near Orlando around the Gulf Coast to Alabama. My next few posts will share photos from these expeditions, starting with a moment during the first week when Joe Guthrie (background) and I were push poling our kayaks through the sawgrass of the Shark River Slough in the heart of Everglades National Park (remote camera mounted to my bow). See @carltonward for a photo of a crocodile we saw on our first day paddling. We didn’t see people outside our team for several days as we explored the vast watery wilderness of this World Heritage Area that arguably has the most to lose if we fail to protect a corridor to keep the Everglades connected to its headwaters in Central Florida and the rest of the country beyond. My current #PathofthePanther project with @NatGeo is working to bring more attention to this same issue through the story of the endangered Florida panther, because without protecting a wildlife corridor to the north, the panther will have no path to recovery. The clock is ticking as 1000 people move to Florida each day. Five million acres of the Corridor are projected to be lost by 2070 if development continues to sprawl on its current trajectory. The third photo shows new development squeezing a fragile bottleneck in the Corridor near Orlando. Please share this story so we can help save the #FloridaWildlifeCorridor please and connect with me @carltonward. @fl_wildcorridor @insidenatgeo. #everglades #expedition #FloridaWild #KeepFLWild. Expedition members not pictured: @mallorydimmitt @filmnatureman.


Photo by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
Meteora looks otherworldly in day or night. This World Heritage site in Greece appears here at dusk when I just began a long imaging session to the morning, walking under stars and these giant sandstone rock pillars. Meteora is a complex of unusual monasteries built on top and inside the rocks, some a thousand years old.
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Dubrovnik - Croatia ✨❤️❤️❤️✨ Picture by ✨✨ @jackmartinphotoart✨✨
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[ #TBT From May 24, 2016 ] Top Shot: Fresh Catch | Photograph by Dennis Hallberg
A white-tailed eagle catches a fish in Norway.

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Alberto Lati te llevará por todas las latitudes de este extenso país para conocer su historia, su cultura y sus personajes 🇷🇺 #LatitudRusia 📺👇 .
Desde el lunes 28 de mayo al viernes 8 de junio, 6 PM ARG.
7 PM PE.
7.30 PM COL.


Video by @sugar_boogerz
Slicing, sizzling, smoking — Laurel Driskill (@sugar_boogerz) cuts through meltable objects with a hot knife and revels in the results. “It’s seriously so fun,” says Laurel, a 24-year-old student of painting and animation who lives in Massachusetts. “It keeps me young. I love when my grocery basket is full of crayons, glitter and Play-Doh.”
Laurel turned to creating her #ASMR videos (that’s autonomous sensory meridian response, when certain sounds and visuals cause relaxing tingling on the head and neck) while she was going through her divorce. “I needed an outlet: something to focus on that was outside of myself and that gave back to the world,” says Laurel. “I get messages all the time saying thank you and expressing gratitude for making my videos. My ASMR journey is an example of a very good thing that came from a really bad thing.”
Watch our story to see Laurel’s ASMR experiments.


Quality time in California w/ @vacheronconstantin to check out the new overseas collection 😍⌚️🥂🎈

Swipe through for sophisticated timepieces, a sunrise balloon ride, dinner at the French Laundry & the prettiest horse I’ve ever seen #VCOverseas #VacheronConstantin


Photo by @michaelnicknichols: An adult male lion during an afternoon rain shower in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. #lions #wildlife #Serengeti


Saint-Petersburg Catherine Palace is definitely worth visiting if anyone comes to Russia. This amazing palace was bombed during the World War 2. Its famous Amber Room was dismantled and eventually disappeared during the war. Before it’s loss it was thought to be an “Eights Wonder of the World”. We were super lucky to have this place just for us for this photo as usually it is packed with people.
❝¿¿What is your choice of the Eights Wonder !? ❞
❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍ #следуйзамной в Екатерининский дворец. Этот невероятный дворец в Царском селе был сильно разрушен во время одной из бомбардировок. Во время Великой Отечественной войны дворец оказался на оккупированных территориях и его знаменитая Янтарная комната была вывезена немецкими войсками. Считалось, что Янтарная комната - это “восьмое чудо света” Нам невероятно повезло сфотографировать кадр без людей. ❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍❍
❝¿¿Что для вас Восьмое чудо света !? ❞


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