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Ya está lista la Segunda Edición de mi Workshop de Fin de Año.
El Workshop será totalmente online a través de Google Hangouts con opción de Replay por 7 días.
Se trata de hacer una pausa y revisar donde estás parado, agradecer lo que tienes ahora y prepararte para desarrollarte más en el nuevo ciclo que viene.
Vamos a responder estas 2 preguntas ¿Qué tan feliz eres con tu vida como está hoy? y ¿Que quieres hacer con el año que se aproxima?
Toda la info del taller está en el enlace de mi bio.


The road to mental wellness can be long, there will be bumps in the road, opportunities to grow. .
Along the way take the time to notice the leaves have changed, how the cold air feels against your skin, take notice and appreciate the road to inner peace. Be gentle with yourself.
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'Simply sitting in a space of quiet openness, with a willingness to see whatever needs to be seen, to feel whatever wants to be felt, neither seeking nor pushing away thoughts, simply watching non-judgementally whatever arises and subsides.' mindfulness meditation from the brilliant Tantra Illuminated by @hareeshwallis Tonight in class we'll be looking at Samskaras and holding patterns, can we witness, allow them to dissolve, as we move through a hip focused class. #mindfulnessmeditation #yoga #londonyoga

York Way Estate - City of London

~ good morning ☀️😊


In the darkness,
the embers might seem necessary.
They make u feel that they are important;
as if they are everything you need to survive.
But let there be light...
and you'll see
you were holding on to nothing but ash!
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Eğer cesur değilsen samimi olamazsın. Eğer cesur değilsen sevemezsin. Eğer cesur değilsen güvenemezsin. Eğer cesur değilsen, gerçeğin peşine düşemezsin. O yüzden önce cesaret gelir. Ve diğer her şey onu izler. 🌟✨#meditasyonapp #meditasyon #mindfulnessapp #mindfulnessmeditation #meditation #farkındalık #nefes #odaklanma #motivasyon


- MEDITATION INSPIRATION - It all starts with self care. To acknowledge our own worthiness and right to be just as we are in each and every moment. Follow @findpom 👈👈 for more inspiration!

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Today, I can say with utmost certainty that practicing mindfulness meditation has completely changed my life. After several weeks of meditating, for the first time in my life I became aware of what I was doing. I was here (in my body) and my inner critic was there (in my thinking). I ‘Tess’ was separate from my thinking. This inner critic that had followed me around for 27 years was not actually me. ⠀

Mindfulness has helped reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. It has given me a greater sense of calm and inner contentment than I have ever felt before. It has blessed me with the gift of being consciously aware. It has allowed me to develop a healthy relationship with food. It has improved my relationships due to being able to respond, rather than react. I had always assumed that my thoughts were my reality, but now I had something different to work with and a whole new world opened up before me. It was truly a gift. ⠀

Have you thought about trying mindfulness meditation? What is stopping you?


Plan ahead, ladies! I can't make the billions of people giving gifts this holiday to do this, but I can inspire you in a small way. And walk the talk myself! Let's circle back after the holidays and see how well we did, and what areas of improvement there are for next year. We're in this together 💚🎁#raisethegreenbar #giftgiving #giftgivingseason #giftoflove


Tendemos a nos anestesiar das emoções e sensações que julgamos desagradáveis.
Meu convite é que, na próxima vez que você tiver a sensação de insatisfação ou de alguma coisa faltando ou errada, você faça o teste de se voltar para si.
Em vez de pegar uma revista, ou ligar para um amigo ou ir ao cinema, apenas ache um lugar para estar só.
Não procure por uma flor ou uma vista bonita. Apenas sente-se, observe sua respiração e fique no centro do seu mundo. Deixe as coisas serem como são.
Nesse processo você pode perceber que por trás da impermanência dos pensamentos e emoções, há o conforto de se sentir em casa, intimamente familiar ao seu corpo e sua mente. Conheça o Programa Simples: Corpo e Mente. Nosso primeiro encontro será no dia 03/12 no @balsamospa. Mais informações, pelo WhatsApp 61 991264488 #mindful #mindfullness #mindfulness #mindfulnesscoach #mind #mindfulnessmeditation #mindfulnessmatters #mindful #pilates #pilateslovers #pilatear #pilatesbrasil #pilatesmove #pilatesbrasilia #pilatesofinstagram #pilateando #pilatesdf #bemestar #saúdeequalidadedevida #saudementeecorpo #saudecorpoemente #corpoemente #menteecorpo #equilibrio #equilibrioemocional #equilibrese #aceitesesvida #voceimporta


Photography workshop #Eyespiration Photo Walk Paris France .
9 December we're there again, feel free to join us, €40/€49 each, ex travel and hotel. #mindfulnessmeditation #loveandlight #fotografieworkshop Parijs #citytrip

Tour Eiffel

This ISN'T a reflection of you, but it's a reflection of themselves.

Folks that struggle to be true to THEMSELVES can't grasp why anyone else would be so comfortable in their own skin.




Vandaag 22 november is de Engelenpoort geopend van 11:00 uur tot 22:22 uur.
De Engelen staan klaar om jou te helpen en te ondersteunen met alles waar jij hulp bij wilt.
Zorg voor een ontspannen dag en ga mediteren om dicht bij jezelf te komen zodat je de inzichten van de Engelen beter kunt horen.
De sluier tussen Hemel en Aarde is dunner tijdens een Engelenpoortdag.
Dat wil zeggen dat jij de Engelen en jouw overleden dierbaren makkelijker kunt waarnemen. Let er eens op welke tekens ze jou geven, dat kan in allerlei vormen zijn.
Maak gebruik van deze bijzondere Liefdesenergie die iedereen zal ervaren op deze Engelenpoortdag en geef al je zorgen, angsten, onzekerheden, verdriet mee aan de Engelen zodat zij deze voor jou kunnen transformeren in Liefde.

Gechannelde boodschap die ik jullie door mag geven.
Hè lief mens weet jij wel hoe mooi je bent?
Kijk eens in de spiegel en je ziet een prachtige Ziel,
die vol liefde en warmte is voor anderen,
maar vergeet hierbij ook jezelf niet.
Wij de Engelen vullen ook vandaag jouw hart met Licht en Liefde,
zodat jij dit Licht nog meer kunt verspreiden.
Voel je veilig in onze liefdevolle omarming.
Wij waken dag en nacht over jou
en allen die jou lief en dierbaar zijn.
Wens jullie een Liefdevolle Engelenpoortdag!

In Licht en Liefde Marijke 💙


Every thinking human being has his or her own individual mind-set. Each of us has our personal mental ‘blue-print’ for living, often subconsciously designed and hard-wired into us at a deep level. Partly instinct, partly inherited and largely formed by our own interpretations of our lived experiences, as well as by the cultural and environmental factors we are exposed to. Many of these are beyond our direct control. Know them and you will know yourself. This is the starting point for any personal growth journey.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

EDUCATION | There is a quiet change happening from preschool to High School in Qld.

Turning the sound off and learning to breathe is a gift parents and educators are becoming very mindful of. These skills are resilience tools for all of us and a potent learning awareness for productivity and mental health. ~
🙏🙇 🌱🎧 📷 @cactus_juice_co


Take 30. Why not take 30 seconds for yourself and engage in a moment of mindfulness.