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Happy Sunday! My #BellaHalo will be participating in this #FashionShow raising awareness for #autism. Please feel free to spread the word and come out and show support! link for tickets in my Bio !! #motherhoodisnteasy #mominista #thisfashionistawantstodressyoursoul #MotherhoodInNYC #MotherToATeenAndToddler#autismawareness #goldenharsyndrome #autismKids


Good morning beautiful ones !!! so yesterday I was having a conversation with a fellow mom friend of mine and she made a comment that a job she recently took after having a baby seven months ago was JUST a job : Please know that nothing we ever do is JUST , it’s not just plain it’s not just regular. When you are able to make decisions for yourself ,your children, future goals all while mothering nothing is JUST . when you’re able to make a decision believe that, that decision is remarkable believe that that decision is going to lead you to something better and know that you are amazing! So today look in the mirror and say the decisions I have made are for me that decisions I have made our great! #QuoteOfTheDay The opinions of others have nothing to do with you!
#motherhoodisnteasy #ThisFashionistaWantsToDressYourSoul #BreathingLifeBackIntoMoms #MotherhoodInNYC #Mominista #MotherToATeenAndAToddler #WalkingInMyQueendom #💜👑B


So @iamCardiB dropped her album this weekend and officially announced that she was pregnant and all though I am surely happy for her (we always root for the underdog to come out on top)
it got me to thinking we go so hard and be so proud for someone we barely know because we watch their story on TV social media etc. but when was the last time you went hard for one of your moms friends she decided to go back to school while working, she started a new business and fear is kicking her ass, she decided to live free and be happy & leave that detrimental relationship. did you shout her out on social media? Did you promote her new business? Did you buy one of her products or services without asking for a discount ? did you offered to watch her kids so she can do her homework or rest and regroup?
We as mothers must do better fixing the badges of our fellow mother and showing unity with one another
#motherhoodisnteasy #ThisFashionistaWantsToDressYourSoul #MotherhoodInNYC #Mominista #MotherToATeenAndAToddler #WalkingInMyQueendom #💜👑B


Good Morning Beautiful souls! #TGIF How many of my #Moms actually ask for help? I have to be honest and say I didn’t start asking for help up until 2.5 years ago. A little bit after our #BellaHalo came into our world. I’m a mom of 3 my son soon to be 16, my step son 8 and my daughter 3. That’s a long time doing it all alone or not letting someone help me. It wasn’t that the help wasn’t available, I just refused it, afraid of it making me look weak. When I realized I was physically weak, mentally drag down and emotionally drained. So therefore I couldn’t even be #SuperMom if I tried. I needed help! Needing help is ok !! If you need it ask for it, if they love you or have any respect for you and those wonderful babies they will help! Like I said I said before ~> “You can not give from an empty cup” Today is Friday if you need a break to regroup your mind from the week ask someone to keep the littles for the night so you can get some rest or clean the house properly, or even get that drink you’ve been scheduling with a home girl! It’s ok !!!!!!! #motherhoodisnteasy #mominista #ThisFashionistaWantsToDressYourSoul #MotherhoodInNYC #WalkingInMyQueendom #💜👑B


Two years of Book Nook 😢😢


Today marks the last day of Devin's two years at Book Nook. She was a tiny little 18 month old when she started back in Fall 2015; she is now a grown up girl who loves to learn. We can't thank @booknooknyc enough for their role in helping her become such an advanced little kid. Take note, NYC - Book Nook is now changing little lives at their new location in TriBeCa. It is worth it. We're headed off to PreK3 in the fall with every confidence that we've given this kid a great educational start. ❤️📚We'll miss you Ms Alexa!!


Texted my husband and asked for an iced coffee on his way home and as soon as he got in, I took that sweet iced goodness to the fire escape for some me time. #motherhoodinnyc coffee cup cozies are available in my shop, link in bio 👆🏼 and use code Instagram for free shipping!


He is a real trooper! 4:00am at JIA w/ his girls. Love me some him & miss him already❤️ NYC🏙️ here we come...C2 & C5 mommy daughter time❤️ #myhusbandrocks #motherhoodinnyc #formydaughter


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