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For me, I say sorry a lot. Not because I think I’ve insulted you somehow. But because I’ve been groomed through life experiences to believe I’m genuinely not good enough or I’m disappointing you somehow.

I say things like, I won’t bother you anymore or I’ll be quiet because I think can be rather obnoxious.

I generally won’t text or call someone I’m in a relationship with a lot on my own much because I believe I’ll be scene as too clingy or annoying.
I tend to allow little things to get to me. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and it can cause me to freak out or seem a little crazy at times.
I can sometimes focus on the bad more than I do the good because of my past.
I have a social anxiety disorder that tends to make people run away and not try to understand it. Which is why I tend to feel the need sometimes to just leave instead of calming myself down in situations.

I’m not happy that I have this issue and I’ve become more aware of it through circumstances I face in my life and I’m actively working on myself.
There are some days I feel like I’m on top of the world and under control, then days where I feel like I’m gonna break.

This is me being completely honest with you. I’ve never been totally transparent about my anxiety towards others which comes off in bad way towards people in my life that I love occasionally.

So if I’m silent, it might not be that there’s necessarily a problem I have with an individual. Its most likely that my anxiety is elevated and I’m trying to fight it without making you aware and I shouldn’t do that.
At the end of the day, I just want to be truly accepted by the ones who say they love me because I’ve been lied to and rejected by the ones who have said they love and care about me before.

Trust me, I know I can sometimes be a handful. But one thing I can say is, I love hard, loyalty is my strong suit and I love helping people because my heart is for everyone.
Being honest about myself....✅ #Notashamed #Anxiety #worthit #deservebetter #workingonit #toomuchforsome 💯✅


This life? Yep. We're in it together. See? -
No matter how lonely, no matter how distant, no matter the silence.
You are never alone.
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NO !! I don't feel ashame that this book was designed for 3 to 6 years old kids. Thanks boo for the wonderful gift #learningchinese #notashamed #我是不好學生


Just so everyone knows, having your teeth punched in, (also on a separate occasion being slammed to the ground chocked and slapped in the face) doesn’t always leave facial bruising so yea I may look okay and normal when you look at me on the outside, but in reality I still have doctors appointments to fix my mouth. My stitches in my gums come out in another 2 weeks.. and my splint will be on for around a month so I can only have nutrition shakes and soft foods. However my emotional scarring is far more significant. I have been getting such bad panic/anxiety attacks and i’m not exactly used to that so it’s really hard on me. Trying to get a genuine smile out of me lately is next to impossible. Physical and emotional trauma are somewhat similar but both have very different ways of healing. I feel myself unraveling and i’m trying to help myself but hey, i’m only human and if I lose control and break then that’s what’s gonna happen. After that I just gotta try and make myself whole again. I feel like i’m just sitting in this big black whole and it’s lonely and cold in here and i’m not exactly sure how to get out.
Funny how all these people can say how sorry they are and that they’re here for me but really only a few actually showed me they meant that.. I’m just trying to tell my story.
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I might delete this later

New Sarepta, Alberta

I go to counselling. I am not ashamed to admit it.

I say this because there is stigma attached to it and I would like to help break that stigma down. I have very supportive people in my life, but there is something different about getting to navigate thoughts, feelings, and goals with someone who does not have a vested interest in how my life turns out.

I also think that as a counsellor I am responsible to know what it feels like to be a client; to be vulnerable.

Recently, in a counselling session I came to a realization that I spend much of my time being productive; trying to move my life forward. but maybe not enough time caring for myself. My idea of self-care before was doing something you enjoy and being mindful/present in that activity. But when I would try to have a nice soothing bath or sit to draw or paint, I would feel restless. These activities were not peaceful; they were somewhat agitating. I still really wanted to provide myself with care but was not sure how to do that.

Upon reflection and having a better understanding of self-care, I realized I enjoy the feeling of propelling my life forward. So why not try to incorporate self-care into my productive life instead of trying to force myself to be still. So I am going to start a series of posts entitled “Self-Care Sundays with Spike” to give you a glimpse into my journey of incorporating care into my life more often. In case you are wondering who Spike is, he is my family’s 20-year-old cat, I now have the pleasure of getting to live with and is a big part of my self-care. He is surprisingly feisty, for an old guy and very, very, very cuddly. Cuddling is his favorite!

So while we wait for Volume 3 of Woodland Wisdom Books, I hope you enjoy Self-Care Sundays with Spike coming to you this Sunday.

I would love to find out what you do for self-care? #SelfCareSundaysWithSpike. Take good care everyone

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