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|| veg schezwan pizza ||
Home made pizza without oven Made by @vishu_pu (brother who loves dance ,cook and photography) enjoying🍕 with mom ❤️ and @cute_d_devil (sister whoz talented cook and dancer as well) and other family members .
Memorable pizza as its loaded with chilly tadka😅
Come join us and have some pizza 🍕.
i am the one in my family whoz always seems begginer😜 in cooking rest all are masters in it.😅
#food #foodporn #foodphotography


#365days365outfits Day - May 26. Happy Saturday everyone. no jewellery, no makeup kind of morning right now. #imageconsultant #styleblogger #mommyblogger


#365days365outfits Day - May 25. Black and blue is such a classic combination and and can dresses up and down depending on occasion. Am going for dinner with friends and decided to wear this orange lipstick #ladyorange by @maccosmetics . Paired the lipstick with this fiery orange neckpiece by rush / lush accessories that I picked few years back from @stylecracker borough. Now orange is a fiery colour and orange lips is surely taking all the attention in this outfit so I was very averse to combining the neckpiece and lipstick in same bright colour, kept all other aspects of dressing up neutral so the attention stays with orange. A big shoutout to celebrity makeup artist and image consultant @vimalgudka for this amazing recommendation of lipcolour. Oh and @rhea_writes for always taking good pictures 😍#styleblogger #imageconsultant #momsofinstagram


|| DIY off sholder top || I am obsessed with black colour and I have lots of them so I decided to make one DIY top out of them. This off shoulder top came out from that idea.
I made this off sholder top from my old shirt you can also use t-shirts or Kurti.😊 if you want to know the process how I made this than link is in the bio, you can see the whole easy process in that video.. Go and check it out.😍 Once you diy your off shoulder top upload your pic on instagram and tag me there.. I love to see your top and feature you on my instagram story💓


May summary 😁
May about to end, time to go back to mundane life, hustle and hardwork. "To do a mundane thing with style is what drives artistes to create art!" Be creative stay awake.. .
Thankyou all to shower so much love and support And if you haven't subscribed my channel yet then go to the link in my bio and subscribe my channel.
I am not a full time youtuber as am a beginner who just trying to stich together my hobbies and wanted to see myself there now all I need is your support .
Love love❤️


#365days365outfits Day - May 24. Casual day calls for super casual clothes. Wearing a simple vest from @nextofficial and my skirt is from @uniqlosg #imageconsultant #styleblogger #mommyblogger


#365days365outfits Day - May 23. This is the first time am wearing shorts and a nice top for a semi formal event. Honestly would have never done in India but Singapre is a bit casual and decided to give this a shot. Decided to make the whole look relevant for the event and not make it super casual hence paired it with black heels and black bag. The style for me is right now a huge experiment hence from makeup to Accesories wanted to keep everything simple and in my comfort zone. What do you thing ? I kind of liked it, am gonna do this again. #imageconsultant #stylefixindia #styleblogger #mommyblogger #sgblogger


Hey fellas! Have you checked the new post on the blog? If not, head to the blog to read about the whole look. Link is in my bio.
Outfit @shein_in
Photography @aruptinku


#365days365outfits Day - May 21. Forgot to take picture so sharing this video. I just have two jumpsuits, the grey one that you saw on May 19 and this one. This ikkat cotton jumpsuit is done @riddhinagdapretcouture and I absolutely love how it fits. Plus I like the front / side buttons in a jumpsuit purely from functionality point of view (read washroom visits😜). #mommyblogger #momsofinstagram #imageconsultantindia #imageconsultantsg #sglife #sgblogger #stylefixindia #stylebloggersg #stylebloggerindia


#365days365outfits Day - May 19. Wearing my favourite jumpsuit for the #aicisingapore education day. Jumpsuits are tricky to wear and it’s a myth that only few body types a can wear it. There is a right type for everyone. Few quick tips: 1. When you have heavy lower body, opt for jumpsuit with wide legs or straight fit and wear heels with it. 2. When you have heavy bust line, buy jumpsuits with boat neck or v neckline. 3. When you are plus size, be very careful for the fabric of jumpsuit, opt for fabrics that don’t stick to your body. Am sure these tips will help. #stylebloggerindia #stylefixindia #stylingredefine #stylebloggersg #styleblogger #imageconsultantsg #imageconsultantindia #momsofinstagram #mommyblogger


#365days365outfits . Day - May 18. #latepost #aicisingapore conducted its first #iitti exam today , these ladies such hardworking bunch am proud to be their president elect. Am wearing brown pants and a sporty peplum style top with coral pink heels and pink lips. If you have a mid riff variation avoid wearing the fitted peplum style tops, it will attract attention to the center. #stylebloggerindia #stylefixindia #stylingredefine #stylebloggersg #styleblogger #imageconsultantsg #imageconsultantindia #momsofinstagram #mommyblogger


Don’t know who the actress is but love love love the whole outfit, neckpiece and hairdo. @payalkhandwala outfits always mesmerises me. This is from their old collection but the richness of the fabric will always make it wearable every season. #stylebloggersg #stylingredefine #stylefixindia #stylebloggerindia


#365days365outfits Day - May 16. Need to run some errands today, wearing a loose denim dungarees from @forevernew_india with. Grey vest from @koovsfashion . swipe to see the new pink lipstick. It’s not new but I don’t know why I have been wearing red, purple and nude only. My lipsticks have become so predictable 😐. Decided to wear more of other colours now, I have an orange, red orange, pink and these three will be consciously worn. #momsofinstagram #mommyblogger #stylebloggerindia #stylingredefine #stylebloggersg #stylefixindia #stylebloggerindia #streetstyle


#365days365outfits Day - May 15. I always feel awakes in how to stand while am taking my pictures. Any one has some go to tips? Today am wearing an old dress (2 yrs old), I call it old because am very good at decluttering wardrobe and something that I have not worn for one year goes out. So today is a casual day, am@actually odd to Mustafa to hog on some Chaat and than buying mangoes 😍. I have my trusted sling bag and sneakers, just kajal and lip balm for the day. #momsofinstagram #mommyblogger #stylebloggerindia #stylingredefine #stylebloggersg #stylefixindia #stylebloggersg #stylingredefine


One of the reason am passionate about image consulting is the real change I can bring for my clients. My clients are not open to doing a before and after shoot and I respect their privacy but the handwritten letters that they share are a treasure of lifetime for me.
I want that every life I touch, be it my private clients or group sessions or through my writting, everyone should accept their body. I know in principle it sounds simple, but the layer of unhappiness is somtime deep within and years of conditioning that I have to break.
My workshop frustrated to fabulous is not just about styling , I love clothes and I am not denying that but you can only style yourself well if you know who you are.
Next workshop date :
May 25-26 : Singapore
July 1 - 2 : Mumbai
You can send me a message for more details. #stylebloggerindia #stylingredefine #stylebloggersg #imageconsultantsg #imageconsultantindia #sgblogger #sglife #mommyblogger #momsofinstagram #stylingworkshop #sustainablestyle


#365days365outfits Day - May 14th. Starting my Monday morning with a fun tee from @hm #hearmeroar Am not a fan of printed tees or round necklines for however the text was irresistible to not buy :). If you are heavy busted, avoid tops with closed necklines, instead opt for v necklines, boat neck, basically necklines that show some skin and not stick to your body adding unnecessary visual weight. #stylefixindia #imageconsultantindia #imageconsultantsg #sglife #stylebloggersg #stylingredefine #stylebloggerindia #stylingredefine #mommyblogger #momsofinstagram


#365days365outfits Day - May 13. We are off to @artsciencemuseumsg at @marinabaysands . One of the best places in Singapre for kids. Am wearing a black vest by @uniqlosg , pleated skirt by @hm and look at #chahel and her pose, man she really is gonna be girly girl. #stylefixindia #imageconsultantindia #imageconsultantsg #sglife #stylebloggersg #stylingredefine #stylebloggerindia #mommyblogger #momstylist


Keep your perspective as fresh as a bunch of blooms on a balmy spring day. 💐

It will be difficult when it rains on your parade but remember to push through the dirt, fight and reach your arms towards the sunlight that beckons. 🌻

Glory is yours. Only if you choose to claim it. 🌞 👗 Wearing this beautiful powder blue floral dress by @promod. One of my absolute favourites. It makes one feel so feminine and flirty. Full marks for this dress. 👌🏾


#365days365outfits Day - May 12. Love love tucking my tops these days😍. This top is from @uniqlosg and it has full round neckline which used to hurt me, so I did a crazy thing and cut the neckline to a manageable round not sticking to my neck. Do you also feel claustrophobic with necklines sticking around neck? Also I tried a neckpiece earring combo for the first time on casual outfit. I think it looked good. Denims are from @marksandspencer , earrings and necklace from @lovisajewellery . #stylefixindia #imageconsultantindia #imageconsultantsg #sglife #stylebloggersg #stylebloggerindia #mommyblogger #streetfashion #streetstyle #momstylist



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