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Two samurais in full armour and mask, taken by an Italian British photographer in 1870.


The rarely seen back of hover dam before it was filled with water, 1936.
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The irony for people waiting a breadline during the Great Depression, 1937.
I'm back guys, been thinking over the new year and busy with other projects hope you are still interested the photos i wish to show you and continue to spread the art of history.


School children make their way across a river on pulleys on the outskirts of Modena, Italy 1959.
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Night fishing in Hawaii, 1946.
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Nazi party rally at the cathedral of lights, 1937.
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Arsenal vs Manchester United FA cup final, Highbury park, London 1926.
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The Mona Lisa is returned to the Louvre at the end of World War 2.


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Rays of the springtime sun illuminate a railway police women outside Liverpool station, London. 1952.
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~ Seven puppies in socks on a washing line, 1929.


Soviet Soldiers playing the piano in a wrecked room in Berlin, 1945.
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~ This photograph is taken during wartime Britain, London 1940.


A Zeppelin under construction.
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A troupe of elephants and zebra walk down Manhattan on the way to circus of Barnum & Bailey 1968.
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Child trying to cut light, 1886.
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Two german machine gunners manning a mounted MG34 on a tripod. 🔰If you are a long time follower you will remember my fact posts. I am bringing them back along with these posts. Comment below if your excited to see them return.


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Winston Churchill with his dog and most importantly cigar? Comment below your thoughts on this man?
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June 1940 a French soldier surrenders to the German soldier along the maginot line.
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A casual Sunday in Glasgow, 1984. Comment below what you were up to at this age! Best one will get a shout out. Let the spam commence!!!


What do you think of this reenactment picture, a fight between a German and soviet soldier.
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London Westminster covered in fog and snow, 1955. Who is excited for Christmas comment below !!!!!


First world war German cavalryman with his lance, what do you think of the use of horses in war comment below!
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Two american soldiers posing with a captured Nazi flag and a German officers cap.


A British firefighter in 1908.
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Poor war pigeon?
This is a carrier pigeon is being sent of from a tank, a common method of communication during world war 1!


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An English cavalryman rides through gas with a gas mask for him and his horse, 1934.


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Young French child in a knocked out French tank on August 26th, 1944 in Paris.


A German rifleman climbing in the Italian Alps during WW2. No health and safety here! Comment below how long you have been following @thehistoricalcorner for! 🔻🔻🔻


COMMENT BELOW if this is an intimidating man, my favourite comment will get featured on my story!!! This is an american airborne soldier preparing for the D-day landings in Normandy June,1944.


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Wedding rings of holocaust victims, 1945! Follow @thehistoricalcorner for more!!


Republican militia women in the Spanish civil war! 📸@ladies.in.war
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A Russian soldier stands guard by a German soldier! Rate this art work out of 10!


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Croatia 1992 📸@historicalwarfareinc !
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Do you like my punt gun? They say this could shoot down 50 birds at once an extreme shotgun banned in the late 1860s.
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New York city policeman, 1920.
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Boers from the second Boer war (1899-1902) in South Africa.
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The rubble and ruins 4 months after the atomic bomb went of in Hiroshima Japan, 1945.


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A member of a Finnish paramilitary auxiliary force in 1942.


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Just want to use this post to mention the Historians Union, which as you should know i am apart of. It is a group of Historians on Instagram started by @82nd_rum_runner and @ww2_daily_photography , this post is by another member @finnishwarheroes i would like all my followers to go show some love to these pages and the rest of the Historians Union @historians_union_main !


Canadian infantry soldiers playing ice hockey on a makeshift ice ring on a frozen river. This was right during the middle of the Korean war in South Korea 1952.




Just a quick fact file of Henry VIII comment what you you thing of him. Was he a king or a tryrant!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


Adolf Hitler with his German Shepherd Blondi, 1942.


Next part of the series!


German flak gun which shot down 3 UFO's among various tanks and aircraft. Comment below what you think of this!
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Life Magazine in 1955, what do you think of this average American family with their pet lion?
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The Tudor series begins, first posts are about the rise and beginning of the Tudor dynasty and Henry VII becoming king after this battle.


Ruins of the German town Erkelenz, 1945.


Christmas 1929 ,Chicago.


Part 2 of the Munich putsch and the final installment of this part of the Germany 1918-1945 Germany series. More will be coming soon about the rise of the Nazi party and Hitler, after the Elizabethan series i am starting next week. Hope you liked it a combination of all the posts will be coming in a few hours so keep your eyes pealed 👀👀👀! Thanks guys!


German Shepard dog posing with a German soldier 1940.


The Tehran conference, 1943. The allied leaders meet: Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Roosevelt.


Dresden bombings, 1945


Armourer carrying 20mm shells on the USS Essex during the Korean war.


The remains of a dead soviet soldier, Ukraine missing since 1943.


Mass celebration in Wall Street, New York City on the announcement of the German surrender. 11th November 1918. 📷@the_amateur_historian


A man on a horse in zebra camouflage in east German Africa WW1.


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