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It was this time last year Tumbleweed got to go to the beach. We didn't actually take him down to the shore but we brought some of it to him. He was kept in the comfort of the indoors and out of the heat. He also had to see a vet while he was there for a minor surgery. These pics are from that little adventure... He really enjoyed his time there. He also got to meet @seymour_the_squirrel and his daddy. What a fun trip and lots of great memories. His auntie met us there and loved spending time with him for that week. #tumbleweedforever #tumbleweedyoutookmyheart #illseeyouagainmyangel


Happy Earth Day everyone. We should treat every day like it's Earth day.


☀️🐿️ Happy Sunday 🐿️☀️


Judie is so smart. She knew I had special treats in my pocket... She turned her nose up to the block and insisted on something better. Little stinker didn't eat the treats though, she buried them instead. It's a squirrel's life.


First taste of apple, first taste of fruit actually. These babies are just precious. Just listen to that sound. Cuteness overload. #squirrelbabies #nomnomnom #teamtumbleweed


🐿️ Ben 🐿️


When the babies groom you they can get a little carried away with it. Lmao. Tink can be a bit too rough and she has no problem taking some skin. Little stinkers! They are so cute.


Just Chilling... 🤗


Two peanuts are always better than one #theinternetneedsmoresquirrels #squirrelsareawesome


The expressions he made... this is the look of a proud little boy. “Look what I did all by myself!” Oh Tumbles, how we all miss you so.


First is Tink and then it's Petey. Newbie Little is hiding in the cube. They look so grown now. Getting more difficult to get pics of them. You either get a tail shot or they are trying to eat the phone and they are too close to get a pic. Then of course you have the typical squirrel blur shot. 😂


☀️ Good morning ☀️ Time for coffee ☕️


🐿️❤️ Sammy ❤️🐿️


December 2015. Tumbleweed smacking his lips while drinking his formula. I just love that sound! I could watch this all night long. Be still my heart. #tumbleweedforever #smackingthoselips #cutestbabyever


I need an umbrella for my squirrels ☔️


Yesterday I got this little squirrel baby. She was sitting in a meadow where there were no trees nearby. This little baby is full of fleas and bleeding from the nose but still very lively. She is so thin. I think the hard winter makes it difficult for the squirrel mothers to take care of their young. #squirrel #squirrellove #squirrellife #squirrelbaby #redsquirrel #theinternetneedsmoresquirrels #instasquirrels #squirrellovers #resuce #squirrelsofig #socute #eichhörnchenliebe #eichhörnchen #nochkeinennamen #animallovers #animal #wildanimals #wildlife


🐿️ Sammy 🐿️


I’m always amazed how urban wildlife can manage to survive the ups and downs of a long Ottawa winter. This #snow-covered drey from our last snowfall is still home to some squirrels. 🐿️🌳🌨️🌬️❄️
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🐿️ Peek a boo 🐿️


The little guys are settling in. The first two pics are of the newest little girl who came in on Easter. Then we have Petey and Tink and the last pic would be Tink and "newbie". We still haven't named her yet. Lol.


I couldn’t tell you how many pics I have like this one. Tumbleweed, passed out asleep with a grin on his face while sleeping on me. I just wanna kiss him one more time. #justoncemore #tumbleweed #tumbleweedforever #squirrelsmiles


🐿️ B E N 🐿️


Last Monday, three babies came to me. They were found in a garden. One of them was in a puddle in the swimming pool. This one was very cold and bad from circulation. He was shaking constantly and could not swallow the milk. I put all three on a hot water bottle. The one in the swimming pool was injected with infusions. I am glad that there are still people who help wild animals in need and not just look away.
I took these pictures today. They are awake and already try to eat. Did not think they could do it. They looked really bad. #squirrel #squirrellove #squirrellife #wildlife #resuce #blacksquirrel #instasquirrels #ilovesquirrels #squirrelsofig #ekorn #eichhörnchen #eichhörnchenliebe #fostermum #babysquirrel #socute #theinternetneedsmoresquirrels


It didn't take long for the little guys to come out and explore the new cage. It was fun watching them play with their toy although they stopped when the camera came out to record the cuteness.


You know you are crazy squirrel people when Saturday fun is changing out cage gear for everyone. Aunt Lulu is a trooper, she did way more work than I did but look how cute Ivy and Lil Bean's cages turned out. #crazysquirrellady #squirrelcages #happysquirrels #dontpeeonthat


So we moved the babies into a bigger cage since they were kind of on top of each other in the small cage. This video is the moment they realized they weren't in Kansas anymore. Lol. They had been moved from the old cage into the new cage when they were sleeping in their box. The growls are just too cute. #wearentinkansasanymoretoto #babysquirrelsrule #babysquirrelsofinstagram


Took this video yesterday of Petey and Tink. They are growing fast and getting harder to control, lol. We introduced the new little girl to their cage last night while they were sleeping. Everything has gone well, they act like they have known each other forever. ❤️ Such sweet babies.


Opened up my goodie bag from the Mummy Easter Bunny and look what I found! A Chocolate Easter Squirrel and entry for the #squirreldatabase Modelling for @ferrerorocherca was a great gig.

#squirrealism #squirrels #theinternetneedsmoresquirrels #chcolatebunny #eastersquirrel #easter


The phone didn't start filming fast enough but you get the end of the newest little girl using a litter box then she climbs out and decides to chew on my fingers. She has teeth and they are pretty sharp. Lol


🐿️ G O O D ☀️M O R N I N G 🐿️


Aunt Lulu gave Petey a fresh apple stick to chew on today. Look at that sweet belly and those little hands. He has huge feet to grow into. Lol. So cute!


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