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We are hiring! Are you interested in artisan products, delicious food and fine wines and a dedicated seller? Then check the job description (link in bio) and write us a mail!
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Weekend - great to take some time to declutter your desk and free your space from chaos. What projects and tasks have you postponed? If you have a "no work on weekends" rule you might want to create a project plan and include the procrastinated tasks in your to do list for the up coming week - and make them a priority. So you can get them out of your mind. If they are not important at all than think of not doing it at all and find a way to finish the project emotionally. So you don't waste thoughts and precious time on stuff that has no relevance. If this is in general something you might be interested in please feel free to check out my "no more procrastination" and the "Minimalism - the detox for your life and business" course. Happy Saturday everybody!
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Network Marketing ist Dein Business! Verdienst Du auch genug? Höre zu wie Rick Jordan sein Business aufgebaut hat. Melde Dich bei mir an für den Event! #unicity #networkmarketing #topverkäufer #deinechance #finanziellefreiheit #besternebenjobderwelt #mehrgeldzumleben #mehrzeitfürswesentliche #power #happylife #funnyjob

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