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by @katyirmen

Lonely. It’s a hard word to write or say, but it is something I feel daily.... for a while I was so ashamed of it, especially when I feel it even when I am surrounded by people. In the space when I feel lonely is when doubt creeps in- doubt about who I am and what I am capable of... doubt about the choices I have made... this video was taken on a day where loneliness seemed to be all I could feel.

But, interestingly some of my best moments have come when, in that loneliness, I am able to remind myself I am not alone- of course I have my two perfect boys, but I also have ME. And I look back at this video where this lift FINALLY clicked and I can see I’m making progress... and on a hard day, that’s enough for me to keep going. So if you needed the reminder - I know I do- You are not alone, but you alone, are enough.

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The Power House

by @_ash_izzle_

I also hate how our rights we fought for over the generations are being slowly ripped away. This nation is becoming backwards for us. I watched the new documentary on Netflix called Reversing Roe. It's not just about our rights on abortion, but it's also the help we receive to prevent unwanted pregnancies which is also becoming harder for us. If men could get pregnant, you bet your ass all the old white men in office would make it legal and free! And Unplanned Parenthood would be fully funded with numerous locations everywhere! Im also sure if we all kept our legs closed unless we only wanted to procreate, men would certainly be happy about that one too 🙄#keeppoliticsoutofouruterus #womensrights #humanrights #ladypower #womensmarch #girlpower #plannedparenthood #reversingroe #feminism #feminist #victim #metoo #whyididntreport #womenempowerment


by @iamasmiii

The hangry look 👀

Bangalore, India

by @leadersinheelsatl

Those types of opportunities exist for everyone. You just have to take them. Be willing to take the risk! #leadersinheels👠


by @s_teps

It is usually when we do not think of things that those things suddenly pop up..


by @dhyana.masla

see the soul within me || the purity, the essence, the only part of me that has never been broken or bruised or abandoned. ••• see the part of me that is whole, so that i can remember that it’s there, and move towards it. .

love me, not because of how i look or even how i act ... but because of WHO I AM. because what i look like will change, along with my moods and my preferences. love me deeper than that, so we can grow old together.

i’ll love you too. all the parts of you. the parts of you that forget how to love sometimes, because at some time someone forgot how to love you. ••• i’ll even love you when you’re angry. or lonely. or depressed ... because perhaps at some point that was your model for Love. now you’ll know now that you’re worthy. and whole. and so powerful. and your model will shift and the paradigms change, and Love is something we learn over time by unlearning the patterns that’ve kept us from it.

so I’ll love you. I’ll keep learning how to love you. and as i learn, i unlearn. and uncover a connection to the part of me that only knows how to love. .

see the soul within me || so we can grow old together. connected to the one part of ourselves
that’ll last



by @threelatteslater

You’re my sunshine🌻

Los Angeles, California

by @bella.project615

Ms. Bella Donna has been making great moves to show love, encouragement and hospitality in #chattanooga! #beautiful #queen #womenempowerment #domesticviolenceawareness #bellalife #iambella


by @desirayy_nicole

I’ve been loving the natural me a lot more lately 💕
Self-love is so important ladies 💗 In order to love someone else you MUST live yourself first ✨


by @klbeauty.fi

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by @totally.my.zyia

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by @bendysaidy

She is her-pure-messy-self without anyone’s consent or approval. And that’s her super power... 🍂

Old Town, Chicago

by @selami_law

Happy Sunday to all our beautiful and hardworking Wellesley ladies that cheerfully supported Beth Israel Hospital!!! We love working with you!!! @amy_rutkowski @mauradolan6realtor @lynndonahue1 @donnamaleycompass @cgav1 @triciaparmele @lisacurlett #womensfashion #womenempowerment

Four Seasons Hotel Boston