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Day off means day in the kitchen. Can't have pasta for diet and Lenten reasons so I'm whipping up a batch of zucchini linguini. Remember to ask @gloriousmistakes how it was later.
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Peeps, I need pasta sometimes. Pasta is LIFE. 🙌🏻 However, I will do a HARD. PASS. on the super high carb wheat based noodles that literally make me feel nauseous and sick thirty minutes after eating them, and then an HOUR LATER I feel like I am starving again and would eat my own arm. (Hellooooo blood sugar crash, am I right?!) This is because they are high in calories and very low in nutrients or fiber. So. I. Zoodle. I have had a fancy spiralizer for a couple of years, but I never used it. Enter the $10 handheld spiralizer from the grocery store and I have used it every day! So I have gone crazy on the pasta recipes. This took me TEN MINUTES from prep to table!!!! .

1. I warmed up an organic vegan pasta sauce on the stove (Muir Glen). .

2. I tossed some vegan Field Roast apple smoked meatless sausages in a pan until golden brown, then added them to the sauce and set the heat to low. .

3. Threw a few mushrooms in the same sauté pan, and while they cooked I spiralized the zucchini into a pasta bowl. .

4. When mushrooms were done I tossed that into the sauce as well, dumped it into the bowl with the zukes and sprinkled some vegan parmesan on top. .

This is SO EASY, and you will feel ENERGIZED after eating it instead of wanting a nap. Enjoy, kids. I'm gonna go plant my face in this zuke pasta now 😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻🌱🌱💚💚!!!


А сегодня мы жуём!😁 жуём сыроедческие спагетти 🍝 из цукини под соусом из 🥑
Ох, отлично этот марафон промывает не только животы, но и 🧠 💭
главное теперь не растерять 💨🤓💨 🤪
@adelsergeenkova, салат я сегодня пропускаю 🙈 некуда его впихнуть 🤷🏽‍♀️😄 Рецепт: ✏️ Соус в блендере:
🌱Авокадо 🌱Зелень (любая, у меня руккола)
🌱Лимонный сок
🌱масло (я не добавила, забыла, но и не заметила этого, 🥑 сам по себе жиробас)
Делаем спагетти из кабачка или цукини, сверху соус, тыквенные семечки, Черри , кунжут и усе
#адельмарафонфевраль #адельмарафон #raw #rawspaghetti #vegan #веган #сыроедение #сыроедческаяпаста #пастаизцуккини #detox #детокс #zucchinipasta


Zucchini pasta noodles with tempeh, corn, peas and green beans. Dinners good, the company is perfect. Love, love, love being Brian’s wife. #excusetohavegarlicbread (zucchini noodles spiralized thanks to my awesome birthday present from @eddiealmaria and @cwperkins)

I love having simple, DELICIOUS, meals that make me excited to get to dinner time ❤️🌱

El Segundo, California

I have a new favourite keto friendly, raw-vegan zucchini pasta dish that I thought I share, great as a main or side dish. I really love the combination of flavours in this dish. Recipe in the comments below. #zucchininoodles #zucchinipasta #ketofriendly #ketofitaustralia #delicious #healthyfood #healthgoals

Sydney, Australia

Sexy looking (and sexy tasting) mid-week pasta 🍝 Perfect with a glass of chilled Fiano, or in my case with a mug of goon Al Fresco on the outside picnic bench 🤙🏼Fusilli Lunghi with zucchini, heritage tomatoes, spinach, basil and chilli. Thankyou @zeccagriffith for the constant pasta inspiration! 🤤

Griffith, New South Wales