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Jessica Chastain warns against victim blaming: "The onus is on others not to abuse their power." Tap the link in our bio to watch more from THR's Actress Roundtable.


"After 'Zero Dark Thirty,' I was sent a lot of scripts where it was a female protagonist, and they wouldn't do my deal until they knew who the male actor was because they needed to do his deal first and then see what was left over." - Jessica Chastain. More from THR's Actress Roundtable, link in bio. 📸: @ruvenafanador


Shhhh! Here is your first look at the Emily Blunt and @johnkrasinski thriller #AQuietPlace.


Set in the rural American South, #Mudbound revolves around two soldiers who resume their work on a farm in rural Mississippi where they struggle to deal with racism and adjusting to life after World War II. The film debuts tomorrow on Netflix and stars Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell and Mary J. Blige. photo: @austinhargrave


Will you be watching Gal Gadot reprise her role as #WonderWoman in #JusticeLeague? The film is out tomorrow. photo: @millermobley


From ‘The Dark Knight’ to ‘Donnie Darko,’ what’s your favorite Maggie Gyllenhaal project? Wishing her a happy 40th today! Photo: @MillerMobley


Wands at the ready! Ready for a #FantasticBeasts sequel? The #HarryPotter followup, titled 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,' is hitting theaters one year from today. Photo: Warner Bros.


16 years ago today, we met the Boy Who Lived. What's your favorite quote from the first #HarryPotter movie? ⚯͛


Emma Stone addresses gender inequality in and out of Hollywood: "There's such a long way to go." Watch more from the Actress Roundtable - link in bio


"As time has gone on, it's become incredibly rewarding to take risks, to dare, to not be afraid to make mistakes. As the most anxious kid you've ever met, my whole life has been defined by, 'Please don't mess up, I can't mess up.' And that's changing, which is incredible." - Emma Stone on the Actress Roundtable. Photo by @ruvenafanador.


Go ahead, call them "difficult." Watch the 2017 Actress Roundtable now - link in profile.


The Actress Roundtable is out now. Watch Oscar contenders Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Mary J. Blige, Jessica Chastain, Allison Janney and Saoirse Ronan — link in profile. Photo: @ruvenafanador


Happy birthday to Golden Globe-nominated actress Shailene Woodley! photo: @david_needleman


#Deadpool2 unleashed its first look and it's not your everyday trailer, featuring a lot of Bob Ross love. Full video on THR.com! @deadpoolmovie


Seeing #JusticeLeague this weekend? THR’s review: “Of the main performers, only Gal Gadot pops from the screen at all... though you may end up wondering why she's wasting her time" @giphy


Inside THR's latest issue: the 2017 Actress Roundtable, #TheLastJedi casting secrets and more — on newsstands today.


Jennifer Lawrence opens up about a time she was mistreated by a director on set: "I was afraid I wasn't going to be hired again. I was called difficult and a nightmare." Watch more from THR's Actress Roundtable, link in bio


Jennifer Lawrence: "We're in the industry, everybody is looking at us, if we're going through this, every woman in the world is going through this. But the real problem is the normalization of it. It's the reason why your agents don't think twice about paying you a third of your [co-star's paycheck] because it's been so normalized for so long." Watch 4 more actresses discuss issues within Hollywood and beyond in THR's Actress Roundtable, link in bio. 📸: @ruvenafanador


Lawrence. Stone. Chastain. Janney. Blige. Ronan.
This year's contenders open up about risky roles and how the industry's culture of abuse might finally be on the verge of change: "I feel hopeful because we're not ignoring it anymore." Click the link in profile to watch the Actress Roundtable. Photo: @ruvenafanador


‘Love Actually’ is all around. The British rom-com turns 14 today.


The best and brightest in Hollywood, 35 and under, according to Next Gen 2017 presented by @americanair #ad


It’s the end of an era, #TheMindyProject fans. Who’s watching the series finale tonight? 📸: @officina_maltese


Happy birthday to Jimmy Kimmel! The funny-man and host of the 2018 Oscars, turns the big 5-0 today. photo: @wesleymann


Caleb Landry Jones on what made him want to be an actor: ”When I was little and watching TV shows like ‘Barney’, it seemed like such a happy place, and I always wanted to be a part of it." You can currently catch the #THRNextGen breakout in #ThreeBillboards out in theaters now. photo: @ericraydavidson


Middle Earth is getting the TV treatment. Amazon has announced that it has acquired global TV rights to the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy series, ‘The Lord of The Rings.’ @giphy


The brothers Franco. #DisasterArtist @gettyentertainment


Jake Gyllenhaal & Natalie Portman honored their friend Amy Adams at the American Cinematheque Award gala. @gettyentertainment


It was a big weekend for Amy Adams! The five-time Oscar nominee received the 2017 American Cinematheque Award. @gettyentertainment