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Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.

We are honoring those killed as a result of transphobia in the US in 2017.
Violence and abuse against transgender people in the criminal justice system have also increased the spread of HIV, contributing to a health crisis among transgender women in the US.

Today and everyday, we are working for the elimination of violence against #transgender people in the #US and around the world.

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Today is World Toilet Day. In this video, Atifa, a sixth grade girl in #Afghanistan, explains how important having access to a safe toilet is for girls trying to get an education.

Lack of access to clean, safe, private toilets is a major barrier to education all over the world, and it’s an issue that disproportionately affects girls. No child should have to attend a school without toilets. But put bluntly, where toilets are not available it is easier–and more socially accepted–for boys to urinate outside than for girls. When girls reach puberty and begin menstruation, the problem becomes even worse.
Six out of every 10 people in the world lack safely managed sanitation. That is 4.5 billion people.
#Sanitation is more than just a privilege or a tool to prevent disease. It is a fundamental human right, one that can enable people to realize other rights—like the right to health, and the right to education.
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Busy week? Here are some stats you may have missed:

47K women around the world die each year due to unsafe abortions. #abortion
3.5M children are out of school in #Afghanistan, according to government statistics.
61.6% of respondents to a national survey in #Australia said ‘Yes’ to equal marriage rights for same-sex couples this week. #marriageequality
900 additional #UN peacekeepers will be sent to the Central African Republic to protect civilians. #CAR
80% of men recently surveyed in South Korea say they have physically or psychologically abused a girlfriend. #southkorea
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Burmese security forces have committed widespread rape against women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against #Rohingya Muslims in Burma’s Rakhine State.
Many women described witnessing the murders of their young children, spouses, and parents. Rape survivors reported days of agony walking with swollen and torn genitals while fleeing to Bangladesh.

Read more in HRW's new report:“‘All of My Body Was Pain’: Sexual Violence Against Rohingya Women and Girls in Burma.” Copy the following link into your browser:
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Today we say #ThanksBirthControl!

Because everyone has the right to make decisions about their own body.
Access to birth control is under threat in many places around the world.

Join us and show your support for global women's health! Tell them: #HandsOffMyBC
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#LGBT people in #China are coerced into “conversion therapy” involving forced confinement, medication, and even electric shocks to try to change their sexual orientation.

Here are some heartbreaking testimonies from HRW's new report: "Conversion Therapy Against #LGBT People in China”. For more information copy this link into your browser:

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The #Australian people have spoken. Now, the Australian government and parliament should end this period of political indecisiveness and adopt #MarriageEquality legislation immediately. #LoveIsLove Link in bio.


Tanzanian women are traveling to Oman and the United Arab Emirates to become domestic workers.
Once there, they often face exploitation. Sometimes, they even face sexual abuse by their employers.
#Tanzania, #Oman and #UAE should work together to prevent the exploitation of domestic workers.

#domesticworkers #humanrights #hrw


Donald Trump wants you to be scared of immigrants. A year on from his election, join the movement and reject this. It is time to say #ImmigrantsAreUS. Make a t-shirt or buy one from the official @boymeetsgirlusa store and post a picture in it using the hashtag. *for more info check link in bio


This week, UN Security Council members have a rare opportunity to address Venezuela's crisis.
Venezuela's tailspin has resulted in a humanitarian crisis, a descent into dictatorship, a brutal crackdown, and emigration by the hundreds of thousands.

It's time for Security Council members to show clear support of local efforts to help Venezuelans get their rights back. And to send a clear message that abusers will be held accountable.

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The Week in Numbers:

7M+ people are on the brink of famine in Yemen.

600K+ Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee to Bangladesh to escape violence in Burma.

2,471 people have drowned or gone missing in the Mediterranean crossing from Libya toward Italy this year through late September.
90% of the UAE's private workforce is made up of migrant workers.
Nearly 54,000 immigrants living in the US were deported from January to early September.

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After a horrific gang rape and death of a student in Delhi in December 2012, India amended its sexual violence laws.
But women who report crimes to the police still face victim blaming and mistreatment.
Survivors need counseling but the government seldom provides services.
The Indian government should make sure that existing laws are enforced and support services are provided to survivors.
#india #hrw #humanrights


US Election Day: One Year Later
In the year since Trump was elected US president he has tried to…
tear apart immigrant families through a broken deportation system;
ban people from Muslim countries from entering the US;
bar transgender individuals from the military;
embolden white supremacists with dangerous rhetoric;
…and threaten independent media and free speech.
These efforts fly in the face of the values that unite us. #humanrights #hrw


Detaining children and mothers with no due process; detaining people seeking asylum from persecution; increased militarization of border patrol – none of these policies make America safer. And yet they are all part of Donald Trump’s latest anti-immigration push. Want to know more? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. #ImmigrantsAreUS


There are 41 million people living in the #US who weren’t born here. Donald #Trump thinks you should be scared of them.
Artist @mollycrabapple and comedian #samanthabee tell a different story.

Stop Trump's immigration agenda! *Link in bio


Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of Trump's election. Due to the administrations anti-immigrant rhetoric immigrant families are being torn apart. People who have lived almost their entire lives in the US are facing deportation, and tens of thousands are in detention conditions. Buy or make your own #ImmigrantsAreUS t-shirt and wear it tomorrow! Show you stand with #immigrants!
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The Week in Numbers:

500K+ ethnic #Rohingya have fled ethnic cleansing in Burma
At least 100 migrant children remain stuck in poor conditions in makeshift camps in #Calais, France
2M civilians in #Idlib, Syria, are trapped and at extreme risk from joint Russian-Syrian airstrikes
Up to 3,100 people were killed in targeted-killing operations by the #US between 2009 to 2016, according to government data
425 websites were blocked in #Egypt as of October

#hrw #humanrights


The US Congress held a hearing this week on a bill that would essentially ban abortion after six weeks.

The "Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017" is extreme, and it's scary regardless of whether it passes.

The bill goes further than most and dangerously limits women’s access to a termination, with no exceptions. It makes criminals of victims of rape who get pregnant and want to terminate.

This is a giant step backward and a sweeping attack on the rights of women in the US. Members of Congress should not let this go to vote.
#hrw #humanrights #noabortionban #womensrights


Last July, HRW released a report on extrajudicial killings for petty crimes in #Rwanda.
The report featured stories like that of Fulgence Rukundo, arrested and killed by soldiers for allegedly stealing and killing a cow.
The Rwandan government wasn't happy.
Attempting to discredit HRW's findings, the government released its own report full of falsehoods, and threatened and pressured victims' families not to speak out.
But instead of staging an elaborate cover-up, Rwanda should engage in making meaningful improvements to human rights in the country.
#hrw #HumanRights


Immigrant rights are under threat by the Trump administration.
Take a stand, help our neighbors.
Get 25% off if you use the promo code BMGxHRW25.
#ImmigrantsAreUS #Resist
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Two million civilians in Syria's Idlib province are sitting ducks as ongoing attacks by Russian and Syrian forces have turned a safe zone into a killing zone.

Half of those in Idlib are displaced people and a lack of escape routes have left most of them trapped.

Accounts from those involved in rescue operations in September describe many of the dead as people who could not get out of their homes.

#Idlib as a safe place for Syrians to return to has been exposed as myth. It's time warring parties allowed civilians stuck there to escape.
#hrw #humanrights #syria


Since 2013, the Australian government has forcibly transferred 1,500 asylum seekers to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.
Four years later, 770 remain.
The Australian government plans to shut down the main center on October 31, 2017.
Shutting the main facility and leaving asylum seekers and refugees on Manus will expose them to even greater harm.
The Australian government should offer these men safety by bringing them to Australia.

#humanrights #hrw #ManusIsland #Refugees #Australia


Imran is a 23-year-old ethnic Rohingya refugee from Burma. He has spent four years on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island under Australia’s offshore processing policies. He says: “We Rohingya are born with fear and live in fear throughout of our lives. We are stateless. We don’t have citizenship, we are vulnerable in so many ways. I tried to come to Australia because I didn’t want to be stateless, I wanted to belong to a country. We can survive without food, without a roof over my head. The hardest thing here is not knowing anything about our future and being stuck in limbo. Now, we just want our freedom. If they don’t want us in Australia, we don’t want to be in #Australia. All we want is to be free in a safe country.” #humanrights #HRW #Manus #Auspol


Grab a white shirt & a sharpie. Make a shirt to wear on Nov 8. Join the movement.
For more information copy the following link into your browser:

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Intersex babies and children are getting cosmetic surgeries on their genitals.
The result? Loss of sexual sensation, scarring, incontinence, psychological trauma, permanent sterilization.
Doctors need to wait until these kids are old enough to decide for themselves. Professional medical associations need to set guidelines to protect children.

#hrw #humanrights
#intersex #iad2017


In rural #Zambia, people are being pushed off their land by large-scale commercial farms. Some long-term residents were forcibly evicted using violence and intimidation.
The land is being sold to outside investors, and long-term residents are not being adequately compensated.
The government of Zambia should investigate these evictions and displacements and ensure that farmers develop resettlement and compensation plans that respect the rights of residents and adhere to Zambian law.
#HRW #HumanRights


As winter sets in on the Aegean islands of #Greece, thousands of people—including children, pregnant women, and people with physical disabilities—are trapped in abysmal conditions.

#hrw #humanrights #refugees


Afghanistan has a tougher law on child marriage than Florida does. In Afghanistan girls can marry at 16, or at 15 with permission from their father or a judge. In Florida, a pregnant girl can marry at any age, with the approval of a judge.

Human Rights Watch has done extensive research on child marriage, interviewing hundreds of married children in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Malawi, Nepal, South Sudan, Tanzania, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. Human Rights Watch has also advocated for an end to child marriage in other countries, including Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Of these countries, only Saudi Arabia and Yemen, like Florida in the case of a pregnant child, have laws that set no age below which children cannot marry.

#hrw #humanrights


Today is GLSEN’s “Spirit Day,” an annual day to speak out against bullying of LGBT youth.
We stand for #LGBT rights today and every day!

#hrw #humanrights


Shan (not his real name) is a 27-year-old Sri Lankan refugee who has been held on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea for four years. Many refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island suffer from mental health conditions, exacerbated by their continued detention and exposure to violence. “I have seen people so traumatized, they have to do something,” Shan says. “They get the blade and cut, I have seen people drink shampoo. I have seen people when they stitched their mouth. When I see that, I was very mentally upset, it gave me nightmares. But the worst thing that affects me is the death of other refugees.” In 2017, two refugees reportedly committed suicide on Manus. Both had suffered serious mental health conditions. #Manus #Auspol