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just got film back from a weekend in heaven 💕 writing poems, deconstructing gender, discussing infiltration tactics and stopping to smell the roses @rowanblanchard 🌸


while karlie kloss switches wigs 💋


getting flashed, groped, followed, told vulgar things about my body and what someone might want to do with it, living with a fear of rape like a white noise over everything, being slut shamed for the way stories of my assaults were told far differently than how they happened. waking up naked in beds i didn’t know how i got into, blaming a drinking problem for other people’s inability to accept that when someone is black out drunk, they cant give consent. in the past, being so disconnected from my body that in certain moments i felt betrayed by it, unable to say no, to speak at all, frozen to what someone was doing to me, what they maybe even still think i wanted. coming into realizing the extent of how deep my patterns of dissociation grew into me as coping mechanism for all of this shit.
i wonder how i would narrate these experiences if i’d been bodied differently, i wonder how this history of experiences could’ve been different. thinking about how penis related trauma can turn cis-women against trans-femmes, when in fact a trauma related to that anatomy is shared by folks all across the gender spectrum, and of course sexual trauma is not only perpetrated by people w that anatomy.
when all of this comes into the forefront, i think about how binary gender works as an extension of patriarchy and rape culture and that it is SO important we do not let narratives of sexual violence get tied to anatomy. we can’t fall into traps of genital essentialism and we must stay aware of how we tell our victim narratives when we choose to.
but yeah, #metoo (baby in pic is my brother💕)


in gratitude for bodied angels, emo queers & word nerds


things grow because &/or despite everything


💕 shimmering jewels, songs like a salve for your spirit, listen and download @brynbarnett 🆕 album, link in her bio 💕


lol @ state sanctioned celebrations of demographics punished by state #nationalcomingoutday #everyday


loves composting, holding hands & innovative accessories.


💙 sweet sweet pal @pantoparty needs your help 💸 link in their bio to donate NOW 💝


💟 feeling so grateful for how #DayOfMending came together 🐾feeling so grateful for queer community, queer friendship and the healing that comes from entering those spaces intimately and w vulnerability 🌱 blooming into seeing ways we can heal together, how we can heal ourselves when we heal each other 🌡 culture is sick and acknowledging the ways in which your pain is not your fault doesn’t have to be disempowering, you can still come from trauma and move activated with love as your compass. feeling v soft 2day 🌧


🗣 it’s #mentalhealth awareness week, or so it’s been sanctioned. the state of the world is traumatizing. white supremacy, cis supremacy, ableism, capitalist colonial patriarchy and the violence those systems uphold and result in are so pervasive that we all experience and have to navigate trauma. Our wellness often measured on our functionality despite the fact that sometimes our functionality is the result of immense supression or how access and class positioning shape who is granted time to heal and who is expected to pretend they are fine. Our OK-ness often measured on our participation in the systems that harm us, seemingly the only offered systems to exist in and be measured through. 📊 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ excited to announce that @reprorightszine is teaming up w @sadgirlsclubpbg to make a 🆕 zine on mental health, with compiled resources to address and engage in healing 💟
take care out there; of yourself and each other. care work is full of radical potentiality 🚸❣️


🎞 love this poster @pauline_de_roussy_de_sales made for CHEER UP BABY, a 🆕 short film by @adinahdancyger 💕 last @thenyff screening is on the 15th at 1:45pm for anyone trying to catch it in NYC 🚇