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I wouldn't mind showing off my preggers belly lol at home of course #tricksandtreatsgiveaway


One of the strongest most caring Chica I know who whooped cancers ass is my Madre, I would like to nominate her for this breast cancer survivor giveaway. I know there may be many that deserve this but my mother is the top of the concha (pan dulce) ,she is who inspired me to be crafty, to paint, to be ghetto every now and then cause that's okay boo boo ,I started a team in 2012 in the city of Fontana's relay for life. (Cancer relay) We started slow but all that mattered was participating to show her she's worth it and how appreciated she is, How loved she is. She always puts others before herself ALWAYS , I admire her for using her voice to bring awareness before others battle something so complicated. @mibeyacultura #latinxsupportpink


My belly is feeling high up, little lady moves way more at night..great..


I'm a monster...... Until I've had my sweets.


Has it's really been two years married goodness, it was like yesterday I was to nervous to talk to you back in high school. Or when we did have a conversation I was looking at your braces , then your glasses, then your curly ass hair. I've always admired your laugh that kinda laugh that is okay one moment then sounds like your choking like something you ate went down the wrong pipe followed by a screech possibly some sort of unidentified animal making a noise at night. I love you I am here with open arms always, here's to more memories mi amorcito - your wife


Dip it in chocolate and everything will be okay. This weather makes me want to bake.


I've always got room for ice cream

à la minute

First dia of fall and my birthday.. very blessed this year^--^


It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!