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Had to post this pic. Took this pic when we was making the Rule 3:36 Album in LA. When the Murder Inc Sound was created!!! I rented a Mansion in Hollywood Hills. And when i say we thugged out that mansion. Lol. The whole LA had the code to get through the gate. Every night there was 100’s of niggas and bitches in the house. For 3 Months. I still think back and don’t know how none of us got killed. Lol. Oh i remember. WE HAD LOVE!!! @billevansinc was there!! Ask him. He will tell ya. Nobody ever did it like MURDER INC. #murderinc4life #immortal #iconic #welegendary


Got Domingo Blacked Out!! #teslaX


Yesterday at the Screening for All I Need. With some of my TALES Family!! Good times. Great Event. Tales Finale. Saturday. Nov. 25th at 9pm On BET. Don’t miss it. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas


Tales Uncut Directors Cut Of Children’s Story On @tidal right now. Check it out. #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas


Tales Playlist 2. Out Everywhere Friday Dec 1st. All the music that’s in Tales. Will be on this Playlist Album. With new music from @boogiiebyrd @fittedcircle @listentoalexza @sir_preme_king @jimjonescapo @officialkyndall @rhyonbrown @jae_millz @iamchinksantana @rikwoodz @nikobrim_ and @mrblackchild #murderinc #300 #VisionaryIdeas a lot of great music for y’all to listen too.


@officialkyndall Everyone get familiar with her. STAR ON THE RISE!! NINA in ALL I NEED EPISODE. Saturday. Nov. 25th 9pm On @bet YOU DO NOT WANNA MISS IT. #Talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas Follow @visionaryideas @murderincrecords Snapchat is irvgotti2626


Tonight at 7pm. @populardemand and @bet and Myself is having a Private Screening of my 2 Hour Finale Episode of ALL I NEED. RSVP Popular Demand. It’s gonna be dope. And you can see Tales Hip Hop Love Story!!


The @ashleymartelle Tee exclusively at Foot Action. By @populardemand powered by @visionaryideas Go Cop!!


@jimjonescapo is TAGGERT. I cannot wait for everyone to see my man with this one. His acting ability is something special. and this role was tailor made for him. Saturday. Nov. 25th. At 9pm on @bet ALL I NEED 2 Hour Finale Episode. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas Follow @visionaryideas @murderincrecords Snapchat is irvgotti2626


@dshippjr as Kenny. In All I Need Episode. Coming Saturday. Nov. 25th. On @bet at 9pm. The 2 Hour Finale Of Tales. You don’t wanna miss it. Thanksgiving Weekend. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas Follow @visionaryideas @murderincrecords Snapchat is irvgotti2626


Had to pick this up and give it a read. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. @iamcardib @iamshaft Looking Major!!


@visionaryideas is my Entertainment Company that is gonna bring you all the best TV Shows. Movies and Music. Follow @visionaryideas #VisionaryIdeas


Gods Soldier!! I’m crystal clear!!


2 Weeks. Saturday. Nov. 25th. 9pm. The 2 Hour Season Finale Of Tales. MethodMan and Mary J. Blige. All I Need. It’s a Love Story!! Like you never seen before. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas


Me and @therealstrella.kat Good Times.


An emerging Superstar Actress and Singer. @officialkyndall speaks on me and my directing ability. I be trying to tell y’all I’m dope. Hopefully i gain your trust when i Tell y’all things. I don’t be lying. Lol. TALES. Saturday Nov. 25th. 2 Hour Finale Episode. All I Need. Starting Kyndall. Directed by ME! It’s a Hip Hop Love a Story that is gonna blow your mind away. Believe in It! #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas


We’re live.
I wan't y'all to stop EVERYTHING and watch the uncensored director's cut of "Trap Queen" on @TIDAL: #TIDALXTALES


One of the things i miss when i am not in NYC. Is fucking Bar Pitti. Had to come get some before i leave. Lol. #barpitti #ifyouknowthenyouknow


Ready to see what really went down in Ep. 4 of TALES? Watch the uncensored director’s cut of "Trap Queen" tomorrow on @TIDAL. #TIDALXTALES


Saturday. Nov. 25th 9pm. On @bet ALL I NEED Episode. @methodmanofficial and @therealmaryjblige Hip Hop Cultured TV like you never seen before. TALES. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas


@jimjonescapo speaking on the concept of Tales. And be sure to catch his breakthrough acting performance. In TALES All I Need Episode. The 2 Hour Finale. On @bet Saturday Nov. 25th. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas


If you are in LA. Reach out to @populardemand We throwing a Private Screening of Tales Finale Episode. Should be dope. Thursday Nov. 16th at 7pm. I️ will be in the house for the Live Q&A after the Screening with @therealdjdamage . #talesonbet Should Be a lot of fun. And i can’t wait to see peoples reactions to this Finale Episode Directed by ME!! All my LA People’s. Come through.


2 Hour Finale Episode. Method Man and Mary J. Blige. ALL I NEED. Saturday. Nov. 25th. At 9pm. You don’t wanna miss it. It’s crazy!! Hip Hop Love Story!! #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #VisionaryIdeas


The Dog!!! Iconic. Immortal!!!


Everyone go check out Ashanti’s New Single “Say Less”. She is out here still doing her thing. And still looking great too!!


@dshippjr speaking on the concept of Tales. And be sure to catch him in the 2 Hour Finale Episode of All I Need. Coming Saturday Nov. 25th. Thanksgiving Weekend. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas


Wow. Wow. Wow. @kporzee has been killing it this year. He is making me wanna watch my KNICKS again. So i watched the game tonight. Knicks down 19 to the Pacers in the 3rd Quarter. And KP put the team on his back. Scoring 15 points straight. And doing everything the team needed. Blocking shot after shot. Rebounding. Assist. Taking the Offensive Fouls. Like this guy is only 22 everyone. And the Garden was electric. And i don’t care what anyone says. There is nothing like The Garden when the Knicks is rocking. Period. NY is the Mecca of Basketball. And i think KP is gonna Lead us to the Promiseland. He is a freak of nature. And he is getting stronger. And better. I had the pleasure of mtg him. And he was the coolest. And down with the Hip Hop Culture. Which i loved. But me being from NYC. I told him one thing that us New Yorkers LOVE. And that’s when our players. PLAY AS HARD AS THEY POSSIBLY CAN. I told him about JOHN STARKS. And even tho we never won a championship. That NY to this day LOVES JOHN STARKS. Cause he was the epitome of every single game. He left his heart and soul on that floor and tried his absolute hardest. We never had to question if he was going hard. So the advice i gave him was Man play your heart out. And if you do that NY is gonna love you. That play he made the other night. Blocking a shot. Then running to the other end to finish with a monstrous dunk. Is exactly what i was saying to him. Basketball wise. NY IS KP’S. And he is gonna give us magical moments. And if he wins a championship with the Knicks. HE WILL HAVE A STATUE IN FRONT OF THE GARDEN AND BE IMMORTALIZED FOREVER. When Phil Jackson drafted him. I was one of many New Yorkers like who the fuck is this guy?? HE TURNED ME. I BELIEVE IN KP. NEW YORK WE GOT A SPECIAL GUY!!! Keep Going Hard and leaving it all on the floor KP!! Play to the crowd more. Make the city go crazy. Tell them to make more noise. We will. Your making the Garden Electric again. When i get back to NY. I have to come to a game. I haven’t said that in a few years. Real shit. And I’m gonna be chanting with the rest of the Garden. MVP. MVP. MVP. #kp #mvp #knicksisback #thegarden #themecca


My young talented actor @terayle_ who is one of the actors that brought all I Need to life. I love seeing young hungry and talented people. And that’s exactly what he is. He wanted to learn as much as he could. While he was working. Or even when he wasn’t shooting. He was still around. Trying to learn as much as he could to perfect his craft. Everyone be on the lookout for this guy. He is on his way up. Believe me. Tales. We just different. All I Need coming Saturday Nov. 25th. The Final Episode for the 1st Season. #talesonbet #talesontidal #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas


Another Birthday today. @ruleyorkcity BLOOD IN MY EYE!! Arguably the Hardest Album Murder Inc ever Released. Knocking this all day today!! Murda 4 Life Niggas!! #bloodinmyeye