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i don’t know @deshaunicus personally but saw his photos online from last night and loved how he captured the stage from this tour in the first shot. last show last night was the end of the greatest tour. i need to fall apart for a moment then will be back to potentially write something about it. for now. thank you


NYC πŸ”΄


i was introduced to flawless sabrina by @greer_lankton_archives_museum and had the pleasure of spending a day with her on this photo shoot by @michaelbaileygates β€”- she is an absolute legend and today she goes somewhere else. rest in peace. this picture will always mean the world to me. i’m just at the beginning of discovering all the things she did in her life - honored i spent a moment with her



CHICAGO πŸ”΄ night one at the riv --- i could not love you more. started this thing at lincoln hall where the first bleachers show was here .... actually started this at fireside bowl where the first steel train show was ..... either way, chicago has always had my back and this weekend means the world. getting ready for the vic show now..... pic by Illinois own @shane_timm


out today. bleachers unplugged live from the stone pony is asbury park NJ. this was recorded in april and after spending two years producing and making gone now the first performance of the songs was a reinvented stripped back one. i've never had this experience before. my head was so full of all the production i had just finished and the show was the songs at their core. not to mention playing at the stone pony is an honor, having a festival at the stone pony is an honor and making my unplugged happen at the stone pony is a ++fucking++ honor. thrilled to share this with you all. streaming and selling etc. all my love. mixed by bleachers FOH @mattfoh --- live and studio genius.


this is what making records on tour looks like lately...:: that's @sharp_stick engineering as always! shot by @anthonypham


gone now tour night 1 in tulsa. i've been playing shows at the little room in cains ballroom for a decade. to have that show in the big room last night was an actual dream come true. use to walk into the big room when i was there in the past and dream about playing in it. dream about what it would be like to put that many people in a room in tulsa and have a show. night one was magical. this tour is something already. hi from kansas city ------ polaroid by @anthonypham


making the gone now tour πŸ”΄ video by @anthonypham :: leg two starts tomorrow. on my way to tulsa right now for it


@bleachersmusic last night in wilkes-barre PA πŸ”΄played a steel train song. haven't done that in years. special night for me. thank you for that pre tour rager and weeper of a show. amazing how we get to do both the chaos and the crying sometimes. pics by @shane_timm with bad boy @esmith109 and good boy @ex_reyes


the dream putting himself in the corner because he was so "bad" after doing vocals. favorite bit of 2 day stretch with this wild genius. at the airport right now listening to 5 records we did ....


@michaelbaileygates gets me and how to capture me in a natural setting


this is my favorite bag


making gone now at home by @danielgsilbert


i M|$s Th0S€ DaΒ₯s tour video out today πŸ”΄ by @anthonypham ---- this fully captures the feeling of being out there celebrating this music with you all. link somewhere!


back here ...


london. that show was one of the truly special ones. met people who came from saudi arabia, jordan, germany, sweden, spain etc etc. bleachers needs to do way more overseas shows and i'm working on that for 2018. i loved every second of this one at koko. 12 hour flight and i'm in LA now still feeling that show..... cannot wait for leg 2 in november. all my love london thank you for standing behind this band πŸ”΄ pic by bad boy @shane_timm


my favorite picture of annie during the making of masseduction. beyond proud to know and work with this brilliant artist and person. those months making this album are ones that i will hold with me forever. it's all out in the world now --- what a thrill. still have a tough time listening to HBJ and smoking section without wanting to weep. this album means a great deal to me.... run don't walk to it. @st_vincent @sharp_stick


rachel gone gone now @anthonypham @greer_lankton_archives_museum pic from LA show i believe


pham bot film by @anthonypham and jacket by @greer_lankton_archives_museum duh. hello from rochester right now.


gone now tour by @juliepavlacka


every time i play dallas my father and i go to the grassy knoll and reconsider the angles. got this bust at the jfk gift shop which is a strange and great place. hello from my hotel in seattle right now. about to fly to denver for tomorrow's show. thank you for the past few shows --- needed them bad. pic by @anthonypham


gone now tour forever. thank you fox theatre and oakland for a show i'll remember as long as i'm remembering. πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄πŸ”΄ pic by @shane_timm


making records in hotels /// this one was in sacramento and the record is something you'll hear soon ... love my tiny mobile set up -- pic by @anthonypham


my fathers tooth feel out backstage at ellen. i think this video is important to watch to understand how my family communicates. favorite quote - "im in a fucking los angeles". made by brilliant @anthonypham


best tour don't fucking let go πŸ”΄ pic by @shane_timm


off day on tour feeling by @anthonypham


jack jack and rick in an uber leaving the actual grassy knoll. lee harvey oswald apparently was having lunch 10 minutes before shooting ... cmon ... think about it


austin by @shane_timm ---- bleachers never headlined there before. few sxsw shows and acl but never done our own thing. nothing better. thanks for the literal blood sweat and tears -- saw all three.


love her