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Waiting out the storm in the Cyclops Eye on the North American Wall, El Capitan in 2007. If you're going to get caught in a storm on El Cap this was the best case scenario. There was no wind aside from the occasional snow flurry. We had plenty of food, water, a few beers and loads of coffee. We'd sit on tiny ledges watching clouds roll in over the valley rim and fill in beneath us. Slowly the clouds would crawl up the face and engulf our vertical campsite, the snow sending us back to our portaledges where we'd wait until it cleared again. We had good company. Right around the corner climbing the Pacific Ocean Wall was @conrad_anker, @jimmy_chin and @ivo_ninov. The continuous banter on the walky-talky was enough to keep us entertained let alone the spectacular show that surrounded us. #180south #yosemite #elcapitan


So damn sad to hear about the passing of Hayden Kennedy and his girlfriend Inge Perkins. If you set aside the fact that he was one of the world's best climbers you find a truly wonderful human being. He had the sweetest most gentle soul. We will miss you brother.


@alexhonnold and @tommycaldwell topping out on Freerider, El Capitan, during the Free Triple. In 2012 they free-climbed Mt. Watkins, El Capitan and Half Dome in under 24 hours. I felt as if I had witnessed not just one of the greatest feats in climbing, but one of the greatest achievements in sporting history. As part of the support crew I was to meet them on top of El Cap with their descent shoes and a bit of water. It was a rough night waiting up there. I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to miss them. Just before sunrise they appeared on the rim. I raced over to them all disheveled as I stumbled over loose rocks and slabs. I was surprised by how casual they were, like they had just been out for a brisk walk or something. I was breathing heavily, fumbling through my backpack for their shoes. They took one look at me and, to my dismay, offered me water. #elcapitan #yosemite


When in doubt wear gold, head to toe. @tedreck shot this photo of me about to top-out on Temple Crag this summer. The plan was to also summit Mt. Gayley and Mt. Sill but we got thwarted by a thunderstorm and heavy downpour. Such is life in the high Sierra. Thanks for saving my eyes @electric


Fall is here which means great tempts for climbing in the Valley and clean waves on the coast. What would @randyleavitt do? Climb or surf? I say both. Photo: @tompaulrandall on the Roof Traverse, El Corazon, El Capitan, Yosemite. #yosemite #elcapitan #leicam240


Congratulations to @devon_howard and @kaytlinodell for tying the knot this last weekend. What a beautiful ceremony. Now you two are off on the adventure of a lifetime. Cheers!


My heart goes out to Lucy Foster who lost her husband Andrew in a massive rock fall this week in Yosemite. My condolences go out to all his and her friends and family. It is so damn tragic. I'm still in disbelief. •

Big thanks to @foyosar for their expertise and taking hold of the situation. I wrote a first person account for @outsidemagazine. If interested click the link in my bio. •

Photo: the huge white scar on the far right side of El Capitan from the rock fall on Wednesday and Thursday.


Plumes of dust from rock fall on El Capitan. Remember: Mother Nature always bats last. Be careful out there. #yosemite


I had sweaty palms while taking this photo last year. I didn't know there were some mandatory slab moves on top of the Lost Arrow Spire. And neither did @jimmyhopper who is wearing non-sticky running shoes, barely hanging on. •

Make sure you get up to Yosemite this week and join in on the #yosemitefacelift. Pick up some trash, watch a few films, climb some slabs. #yosemite


It's hard to beat California in the fall, whether you're in the mountains or on the coast. There's no place I'd rather be this time of year. Photo: @traversadler and @the.rabbits.foot chomping at the bit in the northlands.


Excited to see one of my photographs on the contents page of @alpinistmag issue 59. If you are a climber you should subscribe to @alpinistmag. It is your duty to support one of the greatest climbing publications ever made. Photo of @timmyoneill waiting out a storm in the Cyclops Eye, North American Wall, El Capitan, 2007. #leicam7 #180south #yosemite


Van camping with @alpineminded last year in the eastern Sierra. Nothing I like better than climbing all day then having a traditional, western style round-up of vans next to desert hot springs. #vanlife #leicam240


That time when Jeff Cunningham and @jamesqmartin rappelled into the the Black Cave to film us having breakfast on our porta-ledges. @thetorpedopeople wouldn't come out of his sleeping bag while @timmyoneill smoked 50/50's, @sierra_dave_t made coffee and we all took turns pooping into a bucket. A day in the life on the NA Wall, El Capitan, Yosemite. Behind the scenes during the making of the film 180 South back in 2007. •


Deep water foraging on the Kona Coast with world-class spearfisherman @ono4pono. #spearfishing