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Looking up through a showy maple 🍁 to a patch of blue. My favorite and most fleeting season.


Bull elk on the run beneath our big sky. Such an honor to live in a place with wild spaces where these species thrive. I am deeply saddened by the threat of our current government to public lands and the precious ecosystems that they harbor.


Ribbon of stream and a golden autumn day.


Happy Birthday Jimmy Chin! Thanks for all of the beautiful images and moments in time that you bring to all of us. Thanks for rubbing feathers with us chickens once in awhile too. 🎂👍❤️


And two immature Golden Eagles followed their ancient migratory path today along with hundreds more.


Maya nugget gives Sam some sugar. ❤️🐾❤️


We made a pilgrimage up Alex Lowe Peak today. 18 years since Alex left us. Thanks @max.lowe for rallying the troops! An extraordinary day in the wild winter landscape of Montana.


Yellow dog camouflage


Hello autumn!


Rubbing shoulders with my talented niece @haley__lyn__ before she showed us the ropes in Dillon. Haley rides for the U M Griz team. Thanks for the capture, @max.lowe


@haley__lyn__ throws a rope for U of M Griz college rodeo in Dillon! 👍


Swallowed up by yellow autumn grass and bathed in sun. What could be better?


Foxes with their sweet faces and elegant gait are always a pleasure to spy in the meadows and fields around Bozeman. I watched a young family of foxes last spring that inspired this piece. Foxglove is showing at the Kneeland Gallery in Sun Valley Idaho.


Love is good!❤️