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Happy birthday @lreale2002 You are good at growing up


Watch this space. People will be making stuff here in 2019.

Gowanus, Brooklyn

Always fun to go naval gazing with @nathanvkoch. Oh and I made that free throw.

Governors Island

Fiona, who knows about science, swears that selfies make you happier. We spent 7 hours together on a Manhattan/immersive theater adventure. #governorsisland #theaterofthemind #saysomethingbunny #gelato #ferrycitibiketaxi


@mbbandco #metworkout was pure joy this morning. Everyone should get to exercise to the BeeGees and Lionel Ritchie while looking at sculpture. Cmon @metmuseum #everydayMetWorkout. 📷 Mallory Lynn

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Resting Muse o Lantern

Upper West Side

Look: dad is a character in Richard Nelson’s new play, Illyria, at the Public. Crazy sweet night in the Anspacher (where mom and dad were married) with Mandy Hackett and Will Brill and the whole excellent company. Feeling a lot of love for that place and its history and those who reshaped New York City.

The Public Theater

Sweeney 3.0 Celebration. We adore our new bleeders. And they excel at cutlery. xo

West Village

I had to repost @billheckyes from Nebraska because it resonates pure realness for me.


I needed to write about Michael Friedman and Williamstown and so many of you.


Bye, Kid Gus. See you soon, Growing Up Gus. #mamasdontletyourbabiesgrowuptobecollegestudents

Kenyon College

Just found this from @publictheaterny days, from “Kicking a Dead Horse” Photo by #BrigitteLaCombe #imprint

The Public Theater

What one does when Drew Hodges takes you to the place where Christina’s World was actually painted... photo and art direction:@jdrewhodges. #Wyeth #perfectmaineday

Olson House

Mainely happy. Finally made it to Davis Cove.

Cushing, Maine

It was a slip n slide kinda day

Ocean Rd Beach, Bridgehampton

#fbf HAIR at Gracie Mansion with Mr. Mayor, Snooki, The Situation and @annaleigh_ashford. #what?


Morning doodle. All I want from today. #anticipation @netflix @glownetflix


City Bakery City

The Perelman Center

Tree down from storm. Beauty is more than bark deep.

Riverside Park (Manhattan)

Congratulations on tonight's opening of #ballettech at @thejoycetheater Have a look at @nytimes rehearsal footage

Ballet Tech Nyc Ps For Dance

not wanting


When David Byrne sings Whitney Houston karaoke.

The Town Hall

Dad served in the US Army from '42-'45. While stationed in Oahu, he saw a performance of Macbeth with Maurice Evans and Dame Judith Anderson. He found out that it was a special unit of the army and sought a transfer and got one through his high school buddy Bill Corrigan in the Navy, who knew Maurice Evans. Dad served as technician for "GI Hamlet" and other shows that toured Hawaii (and after the war, the US), that started his professional career in the theater. We looked at photos yesterday. His army memories make him very nostalgic.


Imagining 2020. Link in bio. Thank you @pewcenterarts for including me in your #QuestionsofPractice series. It's always beautiful and inspiring to think about the future of performance and @theperelmanwtc.

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage