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My Rule: No great moment gets left behind. Found this one from my first expedition to the Karakoram in 1999 while getting all of my old footage in one place with My Cloud Home. #sponsored #MyCloudMyRules #MyCloudHome 📸Evan Howe


A stroll w @tatummonod on the Athabasca Glacier 🇨🇦 Current mood thinking about the next month on the ice....


@conrad_anker receiving a few kata scarves and some serious love and joy from his Sherpa friends in Phortse, Khumbu Valley. It’s hard to go anywhere in the Khumbu with Conrad without having to stop endlessly to receive blessings and gratitude from the locals. @conrad_anker and @jenniloweanker’s work to create and build the Khumbu Climbing School has been tremendously satisfying to watch over the years. Their dreams to bring better mountain training and the passion of climbing to the Sherpa community has been slowly and steadily coming to fruition. If you’re in NYC this week, Conrad and I will be speaking at the Explorers Club on Fri 17th at 6pm. We’re raising money to support the completion of the @khumbuclimbingcenter and future home of the KCS. If you’re in the hood, stop by and say hi...More details in the link in my bio.


Thinking about warmer days while packing for Antarctica....better get over it!


To simpler days....evening glass off w @oceangoingmonkey and Cholla back in the day. #tgif #eastcape


This is the Boundary Waters in NE Minnesota. I grew up in MN and the Boundary Waters has always held a special place in my heart. The beauty of the place is in its subtleties. Truly one of the most pristine and great wilderness areas in our country. Right now the #BoundaryWaters is at risk from sulfide-ore copper mining proposed on the edge of the Wilderness. This type of mining would seriously harm the #BWCA and the outdoor recreation economy that depends on it. @SavetheBWCA is leading the fight for the permanent protection of this Wilderness area. Take Action, fight the good fight and hit the link in my bio to help. Thanks for considering! #SavetheBWCA 📸Brian O’Keefe


Seasonal shifts... @jacksonhole


It’s hard to keep track of everything your friends are doing...especially when you have friends like @twallisch and @sherpascinema. They are always sending it. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by their talent, creativity and fun at this point...but then they shared this w me... Check their latest work “Imagination” at the link in my bio. Awesome work gentlemen! @thenorthface #weloveyoujp #imagination


Last night...back for more.

Yosemite Valley

Are you freaking kidding me!?!? Unreal Ian....Congrats to @ian.walsh for winning the Big Wave Tour #PeahiChallenge and being a giant in a day of giants... #bombsaway Repost from @wsl


What an awesome week w @thenorthface Athlete family. The word inspiring gets tossed around a lot but....it’s hard to imagine a more inspiring and diverse family of snowboarders, skiers, climbers, runners, alpinists and all around badasses. Thanks to the whole team for all the motivation and stoke! Here @ingridbackstrom @hilareenelson celebrating a desert tower summit between “meetings”. #themace @highcamp.us @conrad_anker @alexhonnold @mreverest7x @blakepaul @bookofsamuel @cedarwright @jake_blauvelt @xavierdelerue @dawoods89 @ianmcintosh @sage_cattabriga_alosa @tatummonod @rorybosio @halkoerner @robkrar @wolfepaw @cartercountry @mattsegal @emilyaharrington @kitdski @twallisch @samanthamatten @jacopolarcher @angelcollinson @ashimashiraishi @renan_ozturk @m_synnott @maddie_bowman @griffpost @mikefootemt @heidiwirtz @pfaff_anna @hadhammer #iphoneglory #sedona #tnfathletesummit


@ian.walsh basically charges everything in life. So many amazing days last winter w this guy. Stoked to see you again in the @jacksonhole line up this winter Ian! Link to full vid in my profile. @hanahliving @cartercountry @jonessnowboards


@timmyoneill speaking for both of us while making the last moves of the Great Roof pitch. Timmy once held the speed record on the Nose w the late great @deanpotter. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve climbed the Captain....it still always feels awesome. #iphoneglory


The Nose route on El Cap has seen a lot of action over the years w some of the most badass climbers in the world vying for the speed record. Yesterday the speed record was broken again. Previously held by @alexhonnold and @hansflorine at 2:23:46, their speed record held for 5 years….clearly for good reason. Kudos to @bradgobright and @chimney_jim for dropping the hammer and coming in at a blistering 2:19:44. That is absolutely ABSURD. (For the uninitiated, that’s 3000ft of serious climbing on El Cap in a little over a couple hours….) I’m not even sure I want to know how you guys pulled it off.....but it’s been awesome to see your guys’ progression over this last season. Respect. Here’s a pic of @timmyoneil on the Nose a couple weeks ago on our Nose in a day jaunt. Let’s just say our day didn’t go as fast…. #iphoneglory #monkeysgettinrad

Yosemite National Park

Always love the moment stepping bare tired feet into cold stream after a long day in the mountains. Post climb glow. Tuolumne Meadows, CA. 📸@gpmartinphoto @hanahliving @arcadebelts


Vertical rainbows....who knew? @conrad_anker Mount Kinabalu, Borneo #tbt @canonusa @thenorthface @yeti


One of the OG @thenorthface pro skiers turned photographer, director, filmmaker, @sinuhexavier is an endlessly creative force and a true renaissance man. Always a pleasure to work w you Sinuhe!


Help the @conservationalliance fight the good fight. Every call and every message counts. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of America’s last great wilderness areas, could use some help and a few voices right about now. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have taken the first step to authorize drilling in this pristine landscape.
Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a crown jewel of the American Landscape.
To find out more about how you can help permanently protect this sacred wilderness, check the link in my bio or text : DONTDRILL to 52886. Thanks for considering…. #ProtectTheArctic
Photo Courtesy of @florianschulzvisuals

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I'll take any excuse for a jaunt up in the Sierra. Loved my recent @arcadebelts trip to the high country. Stoked to be joining the @arcadebelts family and working w such an awesome crew over there. Thanks for bringing me on board @codytownsend! 📸@gpmartinphoto


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now facing its biggest threat in three decades. America’s last great wilderness needs us to fight the good fight. The 2018 budget process is underway and President Trump has called on Congress to use it to open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling, and both the House of Representatives and the Senate have taken the first step to authorize drilling in this pristine landscape.
Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a crown jewel of the American Landscape. To the native Gwich’in people, the Arctic Refuge is the sacred place where life begins. And to outdoor businesses, the Arctic Refuge is an iconic destination that inspires adventure and supports the $887 billion outdoor economy.
To find out more about how you can help permanently protect this sacred wilderness, check the link in my bio. Thanks for considering…. #ProtectTheArctic
Photo Courtesy of @florianschulzvisuals


You were the truest of the true. Thank you for all that you embodied Hayden. You and Inge will be dearly missed...


It's been a while since I wasn't hauling cameras on El Cap. Nice to get in a scenic cruise on the Nose w @timmyoneill....the big stone continues to inspire....always....and Timmy still can't stop making everything hilarious. Good to have certain things in life you can depend on. #elcapitan #thegreatroof #NIAD


Climbing ranger and all around badass @ericbissell surveying the dirtbag kingdom. Big ups to Eric for being a genuine steward of climbing and keeping it together for the tribe.

Yosemite National Park

Epic days. Epic partners. Epic sunsets. The Valley does not disappoint...


A rare glimpse of the ever in motion @timmyoneill....He's hard to capture because you're either laughing your ass off or you're climbing as fast as you can to keep up. Crack of noon start on the Steck Salathe yesterday, perfect temps, epic climbing did the soul good. Yosemite turns 127 years old today as a National Park. Big props to the incredible legacy of people that had the foresight to preserve this magical place. And great to be here and connect w the tribe during the #YosemiteFaceLift. Thanks to all that came and volunteered to help give back a little this week. #kenyager You're the best....

Yosemite National Park

My Rule: Have everything where it belongs. Wherever I am in the world, everything I shoot is backed up at home. It’s a nice peace of mind to know my digital world is kept on My Cloud Home. #MyCloudMyRules @wdcreators #ad


I've been lucky enough to log a stack of days at most @collectivepass mountains over the years, including my hometown @jacksonhole. Last winter was a blur of epic pow days in Jackson. Here's @griffpost trenching during one of our deeper days. Check out the link in my bio for a tour of some of the other areas. #winteriscoming


@alexhonnold contemplating deep thoughts....like why am I standing here for this photo when I could be climbing....(If you know Alex, you know that is literally what he is thinking.) Yosemite Facelift is happening this week! Time to get together w the tribe to talk some trash and to pick some up. We owe it to this place. See ya there! @yosemitenps #yosemitefacelift