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On this Thanksgiving holiday, during the biggest dinner of the year, let's give thanks to the people who get food to our table.

60% of the world’s current food supply comes from crops developed by American Indian agriculture.

And 25% of farm workers are undocumented immigrants.

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“Don’t punish the kids for the sins of their parents.” “They were brought here through no fault of their own.” “They were just innocent children.” This is the language pundits and politicians use to justify requiring 800,000 undocumented immigrants to apply for DACA, short for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Immigrants brought to America as children must apply every two years and pay the government $495 so that the country they call their home does not deport them. To be eligible, we ask DACA recipients not just to go to school or to be enlisted in the U.S. military. We also ask them to point a finger at their parents, who risked everything to bring or send them to America, so that they might be safe...”
You can read the rest of this @defineamerican essay, which is featured on @nbcnews’s new “THINK” platform, by clicking on the link in my bio. #immigration #defineamerican #dreamers #daca #migrantrightsarehumanrights


My awesome friend @ianmichaelnelson95 is starring in “There’s Johnny,” a backstage comedy series centered on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It’s streaming on @Hulu now. Link in bio. Go, Ian, go!! #theresjohnny #johnnycarson


Define American by supporting #DREAMACTNOW


Undocumented LGBTQ Americans—proud #UndocuQueers—take the centerfold of @outmagazine’s annual #OUT100 issue, available in newsstands this weekend. We’ve come out of two closets (the queer closet, the undocumented closet) in our lives. We can handle anything. 😉@defineamerican @culturestrike #storytellers


Supporting the Pilipino Workers Center’s 20th year gala w/ my dear friend @gtongi #workersrights @defineamerican #kababayan


“Who lives in Oregon and how did they get here?” This semester, a class called “@DefineAmerican: How Mainstream Entertainment Media Shapes Public Perceptions of Immigrants” is being taught at University of Oregon. This morning, students of that class broke up in small groups and visited 5th graders at Buena Vista Elementary to talk about immigration and how people migrated to Oregon. @uoregon #defineamerican #immigration #5thgraders


We must define our terms. We must remember our history. We must fight White supremacy and how it writes (and rewrites) the history of migration, genocide, racism and slavery @defineamerican


This may be one of my favorite photos. Ever. I love these women, and special shout-out to one of my BFFs, @paolamendoza @glamourmag #glamourwomenoftheyear2017 @womensmarch


I was—I am—ready to get deported. I totally did not expect Jose Antonio Vargas Elementary School. I am stunned the local school district I attended as a kid is considering naming a school after me. Stunned. And deeply humbled. But this is way bigger than me. As I told the Palo Alto Daily Post, the local newspaper that covered the news:
"If we define American by its inclusivity, diversity and welcoming spirit, then the possibility of naming a public elementary school after an undocumented immigrant is what makes America great. All I can think about are my teachers and mentors in Mountain View who made me feel at home. And, especially now, I think of all the immigrant families—documented and undocumented—in the Bay Area and across California, and the message that this sends. We are a part of America, and we are here to stay.

Mountain View is my hometown. It’s where my grandmother, my uncle, my aunt and my cousins live. It’s where I grew up. This is way bigger than me––this about all mixed status families living in Mountain View and in communities across the United States." @defineamerican #MountainView #hometownlove #bayarealove #bayarealife


On behalf of the estimated 130,000 undocumented Oregonians—and nearly 400,000 immigrants who call Oregon home—I am honored to be the Wayne Morse Chair at @uoforegon. Also, the the first ever @DefineAmerican class is being taught at #uoforegon this semester. The class's full title is "Define American: How Mainstream Entertainment Media Shapes Public Perceptions of Immigrants." #immigration #goducks


Yo, Oregon, does every cocktail come with bacon?!?! #HawaiianBloodyMary

McMenamins North Bank

On my way to Oregon, where I'll be for a month at @uoforegon #immigration @defineamerican #WayneMorrisChair


I've "come out" of two closets in my life: first as gay, then as undocumented. But here's the thing about "coming out." In reality we are not "coming out"—these are our lives, our realities. We are letting people in. #NationalComingOutDay #lgbtq #immigration @defineamerican


a conversation with an American with #DACA #DefendDACA #immigration @defineamerican


a gift from my dear friend @cristela9, who knows me all too well #prayingtothealtarofjamesbaldwin


At airport. While going through airport security, a TSA agent noticed my laptop and said: "That's a good question. How do you @DefineAmerican?" I told him to go on to get his very own #DefineAmerican sticker. Click on the link in my bio to get yours. #immigration #uncomfortableconversations


@DefineAmerican is growing the immigrant rights movement through our national local chapter program. Currently, there are 48 Define American chapters in 22 states plus D.C. The most active chapter is in Nebraska at @UNLincoln, which this weekend is hosting our first summit of national leaders. We just heard from the awesome founders of @undocumedia. #DASummit #DefineAmerican @huskers (photo by @yosirey)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

24 years ago, Mama sent me to America. Today is her 60th birthday. I am the same age (36yo) as Mama was when I last saw her. #immigration #separation @defineamerican


giving a presentation about @DefineAmerican in front of a multiracial crowd of 50 undocumented entrepreneurs #UndocuHustle #entrepreneurlife #inspirationalquotes @ava


Proud to be among these innovative undocumented entrepreneurs: @sara_hiespinoza, @ivancejatv, @jayesgreenj and @sabanafees #UndocuHustle


We are here because you were there. Unpack that concept and understand the root causes of migration. @defineamerican #immigration #imperialism #colonialism


‪Laws don't always equal justice via @DefineAmerican #immigration #DefendDACA