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Because family is everything, and when you love what you have, you have everything ✨Enjoy every minute and soak up every single ounce of joy and laughter, life goes by and our babies grow so quickly 🌙✨ .
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There’s something so beautiful and heart warming about telling the story of families, just as they are. Completely in the moment, absorbed in family life and unaware of the camera. That’s the beauty in it for me. It’s not posed, no fake back grounds, no cheesy smiles. It’s your family in the most natural way.
I have just been going through my hard drive looking at just a couple of the almost 10,000 fully edited pictures of our babies over the last three years alone! Every single one of them means the world to me, capturing the simplest but most precious moments of their childhood. Not only to capture their first milestones but just them, life, as it is. I can’t think of anything more priceless to give them when they’re older to pass down...and hopefully continue the tradition.
Our children grow up so quickly and before we know it it’s tomorrow, next week, next year...I bet you know how that feels!
Life is now and memories are forever...make them beautiful, make them yours 🌙✨ .
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Celebrating International Women’s day 💛 Here are three of the most inspiring and strongest women in my family...and a mini me!
This is my great grandmother, my grandma and my mother, all of whom have shown me so much love, support, nurtured my spirit, shown me how to believe in myself and that I can do anything in life 💛💛💛 That is worth everything ✨🌙 #internationalwomensday #love #threegenerations #strongwomen


Happy International Women’s day! To celebrate I thought I would show you some incredible women who inspire me.
This is the most incredible woman I have ever met in my life, Christina Noble. A children's rights campaigner, charity worker and writer, who founded the Christina Noble Children's Foundation in 1989 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Christina was born on 23 December 1944, in Dublin, Ireland. Her mother died when she was ten, and she was sent to an orphanage, and dishonestly told that her three siblings were dead. She escaped and lived rough in Dublin, where she was gang-raped. Her baby son was adopted, against her will. She married and had three more children, but was the victim of domestic abuse.

She visited Vietnam to care for abused children after a recurring dream, during the Vietnam War, about them appealing for her help. This led to her creating the Christina Noble Children's Foundation.
I had the privilege to work at Christina’s orphanage & children’s medical centre in 2004 in Vietnam after ready her life story when I was 13. I saw this beautiful woman’s pure unconditional love and devotion to every single child she looks after and in need. There are still thousands of children living in the streets in Vietnam alone. After this special opening party for the new medical centre we met her already out on the streets, serenading the children with her Irish songs 💛 If you ever want to know more about her story and the work she has done around the world watch the film ‘Noble’. It’s women like these who have been through hell and back and have used that pain and turned it around to help hundreds of thousands of children who are going through the same. The children call her ‘Mama Tina’ and she is, she truly is 💛💛💛 .
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Happy International Women’s day! To celebrate I thought I would show you some incredible women who inspire me. The first incredible lady is Iris Apfel. An unbelievable 94 year old who has had the most incredible life travelling the world with her husband who is now 100! After deciding not to have children she devoted her life to creativity and paving her own truly unique mark on the fashion world...just by dressing how she loves! Her ENORMOUS collection of clothing, jewellery and accessories from around the world, and her outstanding story filled New York apartment are now exhibited in Art galleries around the world.
The most inspiring thing for me about Iris is how she is so true to herself, her passion for living life to the full and never giving into old age is so driving for me. To do what you love without caring what others think and making the most of every second in life...to look back and know you’ve made the most of everything and have the most incredible stories to tell ✌🏻✨🌙🌎 .
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