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⠀ mad happy & just getting funky at PSU, hi,

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Harner Farm

happy birthday grandma!! oh wait, i mean Maddi! ...but if we’re being honest, is there really a difference?


i wish my Sunday had buff chick grilled cheese and a not busy Lamar


idk WHY we’re standing like that it’s WACK but o well happi 20th you beautiful human! I enjoy living w u. And laughing w u and snacking w u and loving and napping w u. Love you xo (hahahaha this photo actually makes me cringe but what better describes us than weird and awk)


before and after Howie came into our lives

Del Fuego

Canning to help all the lil nugs around the world show cancer who's boss 👊🏼 #ftk

Long Island, NY

my brunch babes are bad and boozy #moremimosas #alliteration

Brussel's Cafe

candid wedding pics bc the posed ones are bad lol:(


happy 21st Samuel, my kind of ex-roomie. Too bad you're being studious otherwise I would make a @jodyhighroller joke. All of the boneyard better show this to you

Champs Downtown