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Our historical 1940s phone booth that has survived many parties. It struggled tonight. I'm surprised it's standing. When we have parties, you have to take a pic, sign it and hang it. These are memories we don't need proof of though. Lol. Oh, the one liners I wish I could post. Goodnight!!


Onsie Game Night at the Mid-Life Crisis Home. Happy Saturday to the rest of the fools in the world. UPDATE: NO JOKE.... THE RIGHT ANSWER WAS "TRUMPS COMB OVER AN**".


It only took 30 takes and it's still off key and horrible. But, this is for our kick ass clients climbing and all you dreamers that are going to get theirs!!! XO @selenagomez. Sorry mama has no shame.


I said in a previous post that Power is a sickness when you use it for yourself. The bravery of all victims, male and female, standing up to who you once felt was more powerful then you. I am disgusted with people who feel they have the right to rob innocence, no matter what age. I, too, was sexually assaulted and no one believed me. It haunts me to this day. The gross thing is when it is alleged the victims are using it to get media attention. Think about that. Makes no sense. Hollywood has brought light to it, but it happens everywhere, everyday. Bless anyone who has been sexually assaulted and own your voice loud and clear. You may save someone else. On another note that cannot be said "I hope they all get what they deserve, "


At least this was better than my welcome? Or am I trying to make myself feel better. Love these guys! @weareseaforth !!! The end shot of the happy meal in their drive way, read the box. It's upside down, but since our crew, I feel this is our new superhero band. @LH7management


I guess I have a thing for Aussies! Hint, hint @katherinelangford !!! Since it was a late flight I sound drunk "translation" meant to say "I flew across country to have dinner with you (true story) and this is the greeting I received?" Their excuse "our brand new car broke" yeah mates! @weareseaforth Go tell them hello because they are about to own!! No joke. Tell them Nelson sent you. Long story, but that's the nick name they gave me? #Flyacrosscountryforonenight #Nelsonisloyal


Just sad. Happy birthday, @wipeyoownass, Mrs. Larossi. Soooo glad I came. Let's just say after that party is ride. Our kids are going to need therapy. I stay outside to buy gifts for everyone and you asses sat me a whole row back and as far away as possible. I'm not being nice anymore. Enjoy your blow up turkey. 🤺🍗. 🤽🏼‍♀️- Next party, I'm dodge balling all of you. HaHa. Better wear more then onsies and thanks everyone for inviting me to a party at my house because my husband didn't.


When I take a day off and allow myself loose in the Free World=Casually walking Melrose for the 2nd time in my life, I discover my friend @jensenclan88 owns an art gallery, for years and I had no clue, I thought Kanye owed him $500, but it's only $300. Run into @brandonlarracuente with his lovely lady @jazmingarcia shopping because she has spent months planning a charity event and @franciaraisa has a kick ass day tomm (not sure I can share). Lots of clearing my brain as I try to avoid a contact high walking down that street. #dropthemic #justiceforourJeff #Franciaseeyoutomm #ineedtoexploremore. Now I'm hashtagging? Good night all. P.S @rayhughesla sorry for the "LONG" instagram posts. I hear it loud and clear. Lol


The lovely Worley has been with us for years. Barely 2yrs in we were in the office discussing another day of drama. She looked at us and said "I don't even believe you guys anymore, this much shit doesn't happen to people." She got up and walked out. She is still with us because she is clearly as crazy as us. But, I think she has accepted us for who we are, finally. After a wonderful panel at WIF, I pull up to my house and it's filled with people, but no one that lives here, a talented rapper crashing on a air mattress, a karaoke Uber call, music jamming in our soon to be recording studio (?) and worst of all my husband got a fade. This is in the last 30 min, not my whole day. Namaste.


Should of been passed decades ago. Governments answer: If we don't have gun control the street value goes up and we have lost power. Me: I know 16yr olds who get into your NRA shows and walk out with assault weapons and semi automatics with fake IDs when I WAS in High School. The money goes into your dirty pockets no matter where it is funneled from so, quite hiding behind that, we know where the streets get their supply? Right? Oh, bad drug dealers and gang members, you didn't know? If there is already a problem on the streets and you can't control it, why are you holding onto this law? Did that shooter NEED those weapons, oh wait, he did. So, he could cowardly take the lives of innocent people. He just has the right to bear arms to protect him and his family. What about the families he destroyed?


I guess the powers that be needed to give me a touch of laughter before I turn on the news. I bought a bag from Target awhile back. I decided to use it today for work. Cleaned it out, this was in the paper stuffing, then a bird flew in my house through the fireplace at the exact same time. I have to be honest, I really said WTF, more than laughed, but at least someone tried! ;)


This world and country has always had its share of indescribable hate and violence. I've seen my share of violence and although I have been in drive-by's in high school. Witnessed murders of my classmates. Had a client brutally killed. I never allowed hate to take over my mentality to accept this as a solution. I heard Trump say "stop the hate". I suggest the number one thing to do is to really face NO government is for the people. So, we have to be for each other. Hate starts at the top. We cannot stand at the bottom trusting these people will respond for us. We have to respond for each other. Our government spends more time golfing and tweeting only to spew ignorance. The only good thing is that we do not have to see the face and the voices of ignorance on TV every time they have "something" to say instead of doing. Have our differences, hear each other out, but STOP this fucking ignorance and unecessary violence. World domination is a sickness. And for what? Power is a sickness. If you are ever granted that position it's not for YOU, it's to lead our world to a better place


So, at some point in time, someone in my surroundings ended up with a Flip cam with BTS of Florence and The Machine. I am for the first time going through all of our ten million different cameras, SIM cards and hard drives of media. I have no idea how this is in our possession. I don't think I know anyone who knows her personally. So, can someone pass on the news???


When you are the old one at the party, that commits to the vintage sunglasses and I didn't get the memo, they weren't having it. #NYC best 5 days in a long time. Non stopped laughter since Florida to pick up my Risco Sister and head up North to see her son and my daughter for Bday times.


New company logo? New company name MADNESS?


This picture is one of the most breathtaking images that will live with me forever. For all those moments of not knowing if we were going up or going down, I can always come back to this picture and know we can always make it back up. As a mother I was helpless, scared and all I could do was pray for both of them, Francia's beautiful family. I am pretty sure I am banned from that hospital. Mama Bear was in high gear. Selena gained a kidney, I was able to keep my little girl, but I also gained another daughter....thank you to everyone who was there for Sel, Francia and our families. We survived from all the love, prayers and God.


Life has been happening and all the heart wrenching losses that so many people are facing social media hasn't been on my mind BUT THIS IGNORANCE has to stop. Maybe I'm a little slow and everyone else got the "joke", but assuming people would get a picture of a donut on a condom package would help the message translate to "DO NOT" isn't clever marketing, it's irresponsible. "Consent" is not a joke. I wonder how many people at this company signed off on this?


People want change, plead for discussion but, when faced head on with truth they are offended by it. It's a shame. I proudly stand by my believes and daily efforts to be truthful about the problems people want to sweep under the rug to take the easy way out. Fear is controlling our world. F*** Fear, Fight the Fight. Love to All.


So proud of these people!!! Wonderful and heartfelt panel tonight. Wish it never ended. More excited than ever for S2!!


Nice way to end my drive home from picking up my car that was towed..."For your consideration" electronic poster on Sunset Blvd. #Team13. Emmy Season chaos. I'm not obsessed with awards validating me but, this TEAMS work should be recognized. The writers, the actors, the directors, Executives, Crew and all the other EPs. Unflinching storytelling. Isn't that why we are all here?


Good Morning World..XO. Waited too long to buy this Record. Makes my heart smile every time.


Well done! EMBRACE on NetFlix now...I didn't expect to get as emotional as I did, Eating cotton balls dipped in Gatorade is not FOOD!!! I'm just as insecure as the next girl and after watching this I am embarrassed I've wasted brain cells and happiness trying to be "perfect". P.S. if you watch this show, you will understand this but, Abercrombie & Fitch, Mr. Mike Jeffries- Thank you for contributing to eating disorders with your company policy.


Thank you @marcellamoda for the box of surprises and this wonderful scroll. Love it!! Everyone check out their clothes. Some really fun cuts!


Pretty damn good looking group!! Might be one of my all time favs! Love each one of you and so proud of you!!!


Hope you guys enjoyed the show! @iamemilydawn #13reasonswhy. Emily beautified @tommy.dorfman, I told security look and ran for it. #congratstothegorgeouscast !!! Just kidding MTV was amazing to us!!! XO!!


Did you really think their story was over? #13reasonswhy is coming for a Season 2!!! Look for the cast tonight at the MTV Music Awards!!!!...oops Movie. Lol. A little to fast on the typing.


I have learned A LOT these past two weeks. But, today I was given a new nickname "Nelson". It was not given because I am even comparable to Nelson's because my husband is out celebrating with new LH7 family members (can't announce who or what yet). They had a few drinks, said Mandy sounds like Mandela, so we are going to call her Nelson. They were so proud they face timed me to share this great news. It's nice to know I am not crazy alone and bummed I was not a witness to how long this slurred revolution took them. Can't wait to share the real news about them!!! P.S. use the LYFT ;) App please.


Nothing hits harder than life!!! Walk away from punches. Tell 'em Leo!


@selenagomez @theweeknd enjoy the ball....yes, I am happy my daughter is happy. Turning off comments because they are vile and I was so unaware how many people know these people personally. My page is not for hate, name calling and uneducated opinions. XO


@harpergracexo covering Sign of the Times...#YesIloveHarryStylesSong. XO