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So stoked to see this thing coming along! Housing for climbers, hikers etc through the Gorge in KY. @rrgproject @omnificlife


ICYMI: 'The Journey To Slowheart' documentary is now available to stream on @youtube, @Vevo, and @qelloconcerts


'The Journey to Slowheart' is available today. I never knew that purposely taking a break from music, would bring me back to the core of why I fell in love with it in the first place. This picture was taken after my last wave of the trip. I had been in the water for probably 6 straight hours in some of the best surf I've ever had a chance to experience. I knew I wouldn't see this spot again for another year and Its almost impossible to put into words what I remember feeling in that moment. We never intended to make a documentary about these travels or the Slowheart record. Pj and I have been taking surf trips together for years...He just finally figured out how to turn on a camera and focus his energy on that instead of xbox. Thanks PJ (@lifeinrewindfilms) for being the friend you've been through the years and always shooting me straight. Hope you guys enjoy this! Cheers

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“The Journey To Slowheart” // Tomorrow


Special tx run for us. Biggest crowds yet! Thanks for the passion Fort Worth. Always a blast at Billy Bob's! Cheers


We've been coming to Tx for years but last night was one for the books!! Thanks Austin! #pleadthefifthtour


Last night in Wichita! Thanks for the good times.


‘The Journey to Slowheart’ available November 20


For all you rock climbers, hikers, or just simply out doors's coming along and gonna be ready next year! #thegorge #ky @rrgproject @climbnashville @omnificlife basecamp




I made the first 2 records very quietly. There's barely any footage of what went into making 'Up All Night' or 'Wild Ones.' Any time the label tried to send people to capture certain things it always made me uneasy. It also made me self conscious about how others felt with them in the room as well. I did this record in the same fashion, but the only difference is one of my closest friends since college (@lifeinrewindfilms) wanted to be there to capture some of the process. It was easy cause he's a buddy and I had that comfort level with him around. I'm lucky to have that.
Hope you guys enjoy Journey To Slowheart available November 20


Any time you put yourself out there in anything in this life, you leave the door open for judgement. I hope that never keeps anyone from trying & going after what their heart desires. @lifeinrewindfilms


Plead The Fifth Tour


Thanks for the love


Thanks to all of you that have been coming out and groovin to the Slowheart record


Crazy amount of love and passion in that room last night Detroit! Those kind of nights restore our faith in everything we are trying to do. Thank u for that! Insane run of sold out shows this weekend and thanks to all that came and sang along....can't wait to cross paths again


I'm well aware of how fortunate I am to get to play music for a living. I've had a lot of moments that made me step back and take it all in and this was one of those moments....coming out of the venue from dinner and seeing a 3 block line in this shit weather was pretty amazing. I Appreciate each and every one of you for being here & selling out another show on this tour. I know it could all be over at any moment so I think I'll savor these....Cheers to an epic night about to happen. #pleadthefifthtour


Quite possibly the coolest kid I've ever met...asked her mom if we could take her with us but it was a no go. She stayed front row till almost midnight. Had a blast tonight Indy! You gave us heart and we appreciate ya!


There's always 1 constant theme in my mind at the end of every night when it's all over...did I give everything I had to the people that came. Thanks to all that choose to spend your time with us. This tour has been amazing for all of us and just what our souls needed. Cheers. @lifeinrewindfilms


Ain't quite buyin what @drakewhitestomp is sellin me...madison tonight, Indy Friday, and Detroit sat! Still a few tics left for Indy. @lifeinrewindfilms


See Kip perform “More Girls Like You” on the @todayshow

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There's nothing better than having some belly laughs & sharing stories with your buds. Everyone is so consumed with technology these days that we're loosing the ability to communicate. Look around you at a restaurant...everyone is gathered, but ain't nobody saying shit. The best moments are the organic moments...never the scripted ones. Good times out here on the #pleadthefifthtour @lifeinrewindfilms @drakewhitestomp




Thanks for the love Pittsburgh! @lifeinrewindfilms