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Just your ordinary Friday being inspired by the CEO of a billion dollar company and crushing a leg workout with this hot babe. Thank you @carldaikeler for an EPIC call! Time for some tacos! 🌮

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Friday Vibes. 🤙🏼 Time to fucking rock. 💥


Social media is the graveyard of grammar. ☠️


Principal’s Honor Roll for our little stud! We are so proud of all his milestones and breakthroughs but THIS is next level. Way to go DJ!


Just went LIVE in my stories on the 3Ps I believe are so critical to success in fitness and weight loss. 1️⃣ Plan. You can’t skip this step. If you do, you will get overwhelmed in the unknown and quit. This step takes 15 minutes to accomplish yet most people gloss over it. You don’t. 2️⃣ Prepare. Prepare for 3 to 4 days at a time. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Create YOUR meal plan, go shopping and make sure you are cooking enough to have left overs for lunch the next day. Repeat this process every 4 days and use services like Instacart to deliver your groceries. 3️⃣ Patience. You didn’t pack on the weight overnight, don’t expect it to come off overnight either. This is a journey, with lots of experimentation, changes, peaks, valleys so be patient! Oh and not a P but understand you gotta work babe! Commit to the sweat, commit to the process, commit to yourself!


Morning mastermind sesh with mah-girl @christyrisco who is doing great in her first few months of Coaching! Find your tribe and love them hard. Couldn’t love her more! 💕


On the daily. 😛


#TBT when the Delgado’s were finally cut loose in Vegas. 😂 I had my first Rum and Coke in over 100 days. According to sources who will remain anonymous, I didn’t have only one that night. #Vegas


The one question that changed my life -- Can I be a Coach too?
Maybe you’ve asked yourself that same question, maybe you haven’t but either way please listen up! I have two spots available for a virtual Team event that will take place this Friday at 10:00 AM EST. For the first time EVER, we’ll have the CEO of our company on an exclusive Team call explaining Coaching and all the exciting new things happening within the Company now and in the next year. All you have to do is LISTEN and see if what you hear resonates with you. Absolutely no strings attached but you will never ask yourself the question -- what if -- anymore.
Before I said YES, I was over-worked, under-appreciated and not making ends meet with $80K in debt from law school student loans. Now, I wake up everyday fulfilled in the work I do, completely financially free and living an incredible life. It was an event like this that opened my eyes and heart to this company, our Team and our mission. And in the process, I’ve grown as a wife, Mom, and leader as icing on the cake I HAVE TO work on my health and fitness each day. I am not sure there is a downside!
My goals for the future are BIG and I am focused on growing my Team of goal-crushers who would love to add a side-hustle to their resume. To earn a part-time income now and see where this takes them!
If this is YOU, please reach out. I would love for you to be one of my 2 guests for this call. Use the link in my profile to shoot me a message. GAH, this is HUGE! #DieselNation #TTT

Miami Lakes, Florida

No one remembers the people that quit.
They remember the people that never gave up, that write stories of wins and losses, that help others bust through because they’ve busted through, that understand it’s a process and trust it, that turn their mess into a message, that stay in the game even when it gets hard, that grow into their potential and don’t force it, that create hope even when faced with darkness, that put a smile on their a face and show up everyday. Because they know... IT’S NOT ABOUT ME.


This is the year we finally learn what personal growth really means. 🙏🏼


Salon bathroom ab check 🤫 But seriously tho, can we talk about my sports bra that I found at Ross yesterday for $10. Score! Where do you get your stuff? Comment below!

Bliss intoxicating beauty

Last night, I shared my story to an incredible Team. And in the middle of it, this little one walked in. And instead of glossing over the emotion we went through when he was diagnosed with Autism and the fire it lit in my belly. I shared it. Once again. To many people, the word Autism is a curse. To us, we’ve reclassified it as a blessing. Because you have a choice in seeing it in one of two ways. We chose the one that puts happy in our heart, and hope it our minds. That day in November I was reborn. I don’t need a church to tell me I was. That was the day I became a Mom and the day I decided I would use this vehicle called Beachbody to do good and share our story. That I would use it to grow a powerful business that could offer me what no other career or business could - freedom of choice. That was the day I saw this thing as so much more than fitness programs and a shake, it was a vehicle to fulfill my purpose. I know some will not understand this, but if YOU are curious on how this can impact you, never hesitate in reaching out. 💕


Autumn asked us to make sure we documented the changes in our face during our journey. I’d say, I lost at least 3 pounds in my nose alone. Easily. 😆


I’m not a nutritionist.
I’m not a personal trainer.
All I am is a customer who started because I was inspired by my Coach and sister. Still am.
I decided to change my life, sacrifice, drink a superfood, super dense shake and when others asked me what I was doing, I answered them.
Even though the road is bumpy in health and fitness, I have all the tools I need to be successful long-term and teach others the same.
This is not a fad or complicated. Sure people will still be lured by the promise of fast-results somewhere else because that’s been the health industry since well, the beginning of the health industry. That will never change. In fact, it just proves our point.
Talk to me where they are seven years later. Tell me if they’re still following that crazy diet or ingesting that crazy shit. Because I’ll be here doing what the doctor ordered since the beginning of time — exercising, eating a healthy well-balanced diet with people to support me.

Miami Lakes, Florida

P R O G R E S S 🤩 On Day 1, Round 1, I could not keep my legs up during 15 reps of this move. Chances are, many of you won’t either. But you will. If you keep going. The question is — Will you keep going? Even if it’s ugly, if it hurts, if you feel it will be impossible? Drop a 🤟🏼 if you’re making that commitment. #RoadToObsession #80DayObsession #GetObsessed

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It’s all about the Journey. Did you forget?
It’s not a straight line, that would be boring.
It’s not easy, that doesn’t build character.
It’s not always sexy, it’s in the mundane where success lies.
It’s not fun 100% of the time, makes the fun times that much sweeter.
It’s not hard, unless you make it so.
It’s not built overnight, great things take time.
It’s not for everyone, nothing ever is.
This can represent your business, your marriage, your relationships, anything really.
One thing is for sure, trust the journey and never ever stop believing. 🤟🏼 #SeeWhatIDidThere 🤯

Miami Lakes, Florida

Truer words have ever been spoken. 🤪 Tag your #GirlGang 👇🏼


Round 2 -- 80 Day Obsession starts today!
For accountability, my goals are:

135 lbs. by January for our family trip to Cabo!
Timed-nutrition, Plan C.
More water.
Less dairy.
Lift heavier if my forearms can take it!
More defined abs and an even happier butt!
INSPIRE a massive movement of #ObsessedLIFE so that we all make 2018 our BITCH.
I am so ready for 2017 to be ovaaaaaaaaaa! ✌🏼

Miami Lakes, Florida

It’s almost time to get OBSESSED. 🏁

I am currently looking to build my December challenge with men or women who are so ready to start their rode to that #ObsessedLife even before the New Year. I’m just gonna lay this right here... 80 Day Obsession is not a New Years Resolution. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a decision, it’s action, it’s balls to the wall fitness and nutrition.
Because of my results with this program (swipe 👈🏼) my groups are filling fast so I need ALL commitments and orders placed by THIS Friday. Anyone that joins this group and thereafter commits to 80 Day Obsession starting In January will earn FREE exercise bands needed for the program. First come, first serve with a limit of 5 NEW customers.
If you are intent on: ✔️ getting in the best shape of your life ✔️ participating in the group daily
✔️ drinking a shake everyday ✔️ exercising for 30 minutes a day and working up to longer (more intense) workouts in January ✔️ eating a portion controlled meal plan
Then fill out my #ObsessedLife form (link in profile) TONIGHT.


Did someone say @benihana party of 14?!? 🍱🥢


Sunday’s are for family.🍦


At @eleane4judge Family and Friends Judicial Campaign Fundraiser! Kicking off the road to November!

The Globe

Just imagine. 😂


The dynamic duo was together again for a Saturday sweat sesh with our Team! Time for errands and to get ready for @eleane4judge kick off campaign fundraiser at The Globe tonight!

Miami Lakes, Florida

Our simple Friday night dinner turned into a full blown Delgado bowling party. I lost. But the memories of the smiles on these faces will never fade!

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