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New @cre8nhavok ✖️ @thomaswyldeofficial | glam @josecorella • https://open.spotify.com/artist/6CuBLNMD7jMKc3NkQcJj6k


Exercise of the day! Taking your planks up a notch with adding resistance bands around your thighs keeping your legs slightly opened which adds that extra bit of engagement from your core and thighs while pulling back 5pd weights to help tighten and tone your back. I do 12 reps on either side and repeat 3x’s. 🔥 #Echo @itunes @spotify https://itunes.apple.com/bs/album/echo-single/id1021334852 #inspire


my go to hair cocktail is @macadamiahair & @alfaparfusa cristalli liquidi! Plus the smell is 😍🤤 haha. #healthyhair #hair


Sweater weather is my favorite 🍁🍂


Coming soon ✨


Good Morning!! For your #MondayMotivation here’s a little fitness move of the day for your abs! Said I would be bringing you some of my favorite ab workouts and here’s one of my favorite plank variations. There are SO many different things you can do with your planks to hit every inch of your core. I love this because your leaning out your midsection but lengthening your muscles at the same time. You’ll repeat this move with your other leg to hit your opposite side. This is great for getting a tight waist too ladies! 😉💋 Also it’s #MusicMonday!! #Masterpiece is the tune playing 👉🏼 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/masterpiece-single/id1259920882


#fitnessmotivation Guys there are plenty of ways to get your workouts in even with busy schedules. I’m a big spinner for my cardio & I know there is big debate on heavy lifting and bulking for females but I found that resistance training and using my own body weight with high reps works best for me and the form that I want. I never take days off from my ab workouts and when I was home in NY last training with @foosh_fit he gave me lots of resistance band exercises to tone my thighs and glutes. 🔥💪🏼 If there are workouts for certain areas you guys want to see comment below! This #exercise is called the clam shells. I’m using the heaviest resistance in this set. The #GoFit comes in a pack of three. @lululemon @calvinklein


A little #BTS styling. Can’t wait to share this shoot with you guys! Also SO much love for the streams on @Spotify!! #CouldYouBeTheOne is climbing steady!! • https://open.spotify.com/artist/6CuBLNMD7jMKc3NkQcJj6k


Out of the heat going through selects. 💋 @cre8nhavok | @josecorella | dress: @lioness_official


I first used @koparibeauty when my Mother was going through chemo and was looking for moisturizers since one of the side effects is excessively dry skin. I started using it with her and it’s become my favorite moisturizer and hers too till this day. There’s so many different ways to use the coconut melt I even use it to shave and don’t even bother with creams anymore. Since it’s still summer in LA I had these babies with me by the pool yesterday. If you ladies haven’t given them a try yet they are def a product to put on your beauty must haves list! 💕 #koparibeauty #coconutpoweredbeauty


Golden hour with @cre8nhavok. ✨ @dsquared2 | glam: @josecorella | S.O to @foosh_fit for the chisel! Haha


Almost shoot time! Training with @foosh_fit 🐵💪🏼 Didn’t realize how high I still was at the end lol Next time we race @cat_elezaj #inspire #fooshfit


With new shoots coming up back in LA I’m throwing it back to @joseomar and my first collab together for #Echo. https://open.spotify.com/album/1HreKNIvCPMsGtWtAkRZ4D @itunes @spotify


Warrior mentality with a poets soul 💛


Little but mighty! Haha Music and working out have always been my vices. My energy gets taking out in melody & lyric or in the gym! Not bad for my first time climbing the rope! Motivation keeping it tight and right with @foosh_fit! 👌🏼 • "Euphoria" 👉🏼 https://open.spotify.com/album/6H8nNAEbuJSD5DJNHtq7Ef


Resting these sore muscles 💀


Currently partnered with @BuyBye to bring you a direct way to keep track of my favorite fashion and beauty products for you to own as well! On BuyBye you can access all my music content as well as cool features such as if you like something you've seen me wear in my latest music videos you can purchase the designer directly through the app! I'll be bringing you all my favorite from skincare, fashion, fitness and more! Download now and get an exclusive look at #Xceler8 a new skincare brand I've been trying on my recent travels! I'm in love with their peel!! • http://www.buybye.com/bb.html


Shoot training! Pushing weights and flipping tires! Mornings brought to you by @foosh_fit! 💪🏼💦#Freakshow 🎶 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/freakshow-single/id959114881


#Fitnessmotivation getting the body you want doesn't just live in the gym. It starts with how you treat yourself from the inside out. The first thing I tell anyone when they ask about my fitness routine is leading an alkaline lifestyle. My favorite alkalizing greens is from @superelixir! They now have a range of products & all the nutrients are absorbed directly into the body and nothing goes to waste being the ingredients are all plant based. You want your body to more alkaline then acidic to support a healthy gut & digestion, good skin, energy, metabolism and overall proper organ function. I'll be posting more of my workouts, information on alkaline living and recipes with the super elixir & protein for you guys! #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #healthy 🌿🍃


"Some people are leaves on a tree. The wind blows and they are over here. The seasons change and they wither and die. Some people are like a branch on the tree. You have to be careful with the branches too because they can fool you. They'll make you think they are real strong but can break. But if you can find you two or three people in your life that are like the roots at the bottom of that tree you are blessed. They are the type of people that aren't going anywhere. They aren't worried about being seen, they don't care if anyone knows them and what they are doing for you. When you have those roots hold onto them." ❤️💎


The law of life is the law of belief. As we think, feel and believe, so is the condition of our mind, body and circumstances. Make friends with your demons and make them work for you not against you. Be vulnerable! It's actually the biggest strength you can possess. Soft is not weak and those who can stay that way no matter what life throws at them are the most powerful of all. ❤️ #Echo


⚫️#series 🥀 https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/euphoria-single/id1085388338


Love fiercely because this all ends. ❤️ #LOVE #masterpiece @Itunes link in bio @spotify link in stories


What's in your playlist for #labordayweekend 😏 • https://open.spotify.com/artist/6CuBLNMD7jMKc3NkQcJj6k • 📸 @sashasamsonova


It's the holiday weekend & even though the gyms are closed still found a way to get a legs and booty day 🍑kicking staying in shape for these shoots! Hope you're all enjoying yours, stay safe & have fun! My favorite time of year is right around the corner!! 🍁🍂🥀#CouldYouBeTheOne 🎶 is on @itunes @spotify • https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/could-you-be-the-one-single/id1057709630 #HappyLaborDay #lululemon #puma #nike


The window to the soul 👁️ my next shoot we're broadcasting live! Details this weekend 😉


Excited about where the music is heading & itching to purge some new thoughts in the studio! Doing more teasers today on my live feed and would love for you guys to join and hear what you think! Thank you guys for all the continued love and support! 😘 @itunes @spotify • link in bio


Lunar love 🌙 photo: @parsons