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HA! Who did this? You win


On November 30th in College Park, Maryland I'm going to be doing some talking and playing some songs and answering some questions and it would be oh so nice to see you if you can make it? 7PM sharp! University of Maryland! Stamp Student Union!




Why so serious?


Happy Halloween


Excited to join the lineup for the 7th annual Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays, presented by AT&T!
Proceeds support the True Colors Fund's work to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth. #Home4Holidays


Thank you @thefestfl Photo by @banki86


Love you Dustin. Love you James. Love you Gainesville. Thank you @thefestfl Photo by @jessicajoymills


Thank you so much @jessicajoymills for joining us for these past shows. I will always and forever think you are the coolest. Photo by @aaron_wendler


I ❤️ To Fest


Check it out! This was fun. A while back I got the opportunity to record the theme song for #squidbillies Link in my bio to listen


Hello Gainesville, Florida! It's been like 15 years since me, @jimmyjamesb & @dfridkin have played music together but only feels like just yesterday really. So fucking ready for @thefestfl Thanks for letting us practice in your rad spot @blackbearstudio352 !


Hey everyone, guess what?! You can catch Against Me! on Last Call With Carson Daly / @lastcallcd this Monday night, 10/23/17 (it's technically on 10/24/17 at 1:35/12:35am on your DVR) So tune in! #lastcallwithcarsondaly #againstme


If I owned anything purple I'd wear it. Happy #spiritday !


Hey @deerjerk , thank you from all of us for these woodcuts. We all think you are spectacular!


Levitate me... photo by @joeleonard taken at #brooklynsteele


6 shows in a row, day off. 6 shows in a row, day off. My body hurts everywhere but damn these have been some great fucking shows. Thank you to all parties participating. Worth it in every way. We're in Norfolk, Virginia at the @thenorva tomorrow. Come get wild! Photo by @heyisdeedeehome


It's been a long time since I've felt nervous performing in front of an audience but yesterday at the #brooklynpubliclibrary I was sweating bullets! Still, so glad to be a part of the @genderisover #genderful event. Thanks to all who organized (thank you @the_citylion )and thanks to all who came out! Thank you especially @atomwillardisme for being a friend and coming along with! Photo by @qbertplaya


Happy Birthday @bradclifford ... Thank you for everything you do


I did a thing for @noisey ... link to read in my bio...



Boston, Massachusetts for the next two nights at Paradise Lounge. Tonight is sold out but tomorrow still has tickets available... limited edition @garage_land screen print poster art designed by @ghosttownstudio


Toronto! I've been nursing a major bronchial infection for the past couple days and my throat sounds like a garbage disposal but gods be damned we're here and ready to rock! Love this screen printed poster art for tonight's show. Artwork by @milestsang Thanks for the photo assist @ingeontheric


The @bradclifford just posted this photo of my Rickenbacker 360 'Noir' and it made me so hot and bothered that I had to repost it. Thank you Brad for always making this guitar and all of my guitars as awesome as they can possibly be. Thank you @voxamplification for the killer rig to back said guitars and thank you @ernieball for the strings.


Cleveland, Ohio tonight at the House Of Blues! Doors at 7PM!! Limited edition @garage_land screen printed poster available at the show!!! Love this art by @joelabad #clevelandrocks !!!!


Cincinnati, Ohio! Live tonight @bogartsshows ! Doors at 7PM ! Limited edition @garage_land screen printed poster! Art by @tomjnewell #longliverocknroll !


Spent the day in the back bus lounge smoking joints and writing out the lyrics and chords to every song on 'Full Moon Fever'. I've listened to that album more than any other album in existence. It was my first compact disc (given to me by my Dad) and I played it endlessly. Tom Petty had more than an impact on me, he is the foundation of all my songwriting. I can't help but think my connection to his music was some kind of gift from fate, telling me what direction to go in life, from that first CD to then my first electric guitar being a 'Traveling Wilburys Gretsch Mik Tw200 Model' (also a gift from my Dad), to then eventually moving to Gainesville, to my love for Rickenbacker Guitars. Back when I was still living in Gainesville I bought a '64 Fender Jaguar off Stan Lynch, drummer of the heartbreakers, and I always like to think that maybe Petty had picked it up and strummed a couple chords on it, always liked the idea of having my fingers dance on the same fret board as my hero. I am forever indebted to and thankful for the music Petty made. Tom Petty Forever! #tompetty


Trying hard to keep my mind off the apocalypse



Detroit, Michigan tonight at the @majesticdetroit ... Doors at 7PM... Come dance on your tippy toes with me... Rad photo by @hayley_rippy