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Joined to Borana Conservancy, forming a 93,000 acre conservation landscape.
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After two years of sporadic and minimal rainfall, we are so happy to receive the first rains of the season! It's been desperately dry, and our wildlife was beginning to suffer.

The rainfall forecast is favourable and we are hopeful that Lewa-Borana will be green very soon. Photo of elephants and gathering clouds by @batian_kenya

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

An exceptional honour for Sirikoi!

We're proud to have one of our lodges- @sirikoilodge named Africa's Leading Luxury Lodge in the just announced 2017 @worldtravelawards .
Sirikoi is the first ever Kenyan lodge to win in this category and was accorded the prestigious award by an international jury of hospitality experts after 5 nominations running.

We're continually proud to offer a unique tourism experience here on Lewa. Congratulations to the entire team! 📷: Stevie Mann

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Sirikoi Lodge

Watching a resplendent Lewa sunset; a perfect moment, frozen in time.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Bringing the wild to you!

Only two days ago, we watched a staggering scene of lioness Sara and her cubs, live. Through our hidden camera traps, we offer a window into the lives of our animals, witnessing intimate and often unseen moments.

And you too can enjoy this exclusive Lewa experience wherever you are in the world!

Download the to watch live action, as well as learn about wildlife and conservation. If you're a virtual reality fan, you can also enjoy viewing wildlife on Lewa like never before on Virry VR available on Sony Playstation here -

We'd love for you to visit Lewa - but in the meantime, download the Virry App and VR to enjoy this special window into the lives of our fascinating animals!

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Photo by @suzieszterhas

Mark your calendars!

JANUARY 27th & 28th 2018 the Great Grevy's Rally is back for a second citizen science census of Kenya's population of the endangered Grevy's zebra!

This means we need your love of adventure to help us photograph all the Grevy's zebra across Laikipia, Meru, Isiolo, Samburu and Marsabit counties. This year we will also be including reticulate giraffe in the census so there will be twice the animals to find!

If you're planning a holiday on Lewa-Borana during this time, it will be a perfect opportunity for you to participate in such an exciting and scientifically critical exercise. Find out more by emailing

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A giraffe at dawn on Lewa.
In 2016, scientists reported that four distinct species make up giraffe populations on the African continent, rather than, as previously thought, one species with several sub-species.

The Lewa-Borana landscape is home to the reticulated giraffe.

Photo by @ritaic

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Photos by @amivitale

While protecting rhinos is key to their survival, another challenge that we face as conservationists is finding them new homes.

Two years ago, @amivitale photographed these Samburu warriors from Sera who had never seen rhino prior to visiting us. They were completely mesmerised by our baby rhinos, and couldn't wait to have the rhino reintroduced to their land. The warriors had only heard stories from their fathers and grandfathers - hunting and poaching by criminals had wiped out the animals from their land decades before their time.

This dream came true. Together with @nrt_Kenya and @kenyawildlifeservice, we moved black rhino to Sera 2 years ago, which the community has passionately protected from poachers.

We are proud to play a role in helping establish new sanctuaries. Pictured here is black rhino Nasha just before his release into the wilds of Sera. Since Lewa's inception, we have moved close to 30 rhinos to other sanctuaries.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Occasionally, we have had to care for orphaned or abandoned rhino calves, with Elvis being our most famous. Here are pictures of the now 12-year-old rhino over the years!

Elvis is a success story of a hand-reared, endangered animal successfully reintroduced to the wild. He now mostly lives in the plains of Lewa, with minimal human interaction, though he visits the HQ to say hi. He also has a 'girlfriend' named Winnie. We are hoping for an Elvis baby very soon!

Friday is #WorldRhinoDay, and this week, we are celebrating our achievements in conserving this iconic species.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Remembering Anna, A Rhino Champion

With World Rhino Day only 2 days away, we take this moment to honour the memory of our co-founder Anna Merz whose passion, tenacity and dedication to saving the rhino from extinction led to the birth of a rhino sanctuary that is now home to 14% of Kenya's rhinos. "From her love for Samia, her adopted rhino, to all the other animals in wild, Anna proved to us all that one person's dream and love for wildlife can create the most significant impact, far beyond our deepest imagination." John Pameri, Lewa's Head of Rangers.
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Saving Trees, Making Cooking Healthier for 1,000 Women and their Families

The majority of rural households in Kenya depend on firewood and charcoal to prepare food for their families, yet this contributes greatly to deforestation and environmental degradation. And the health implications of using open fires for cooking are severe; the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that this causes 1.6 million deaths each year across the globe.
We recently gave out energy-saving stoves to 1,000 women. Use of the stoves reduces demand for firewood, promotes the protection of forests and improves the health of these families.

For this story and more, read our latest e-newsletter, link in bio.

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Six-year-old Tony has been a tracker dog for the past five years, assisting our rangers to follow up on cases of insecurity. The hardworking bloodhound recently received treatment for a painful growth that has formed on his leg.

We’re glad to report that Tony is showing signs of a quick recovery, with round the clock care from his rangers Leperere and David, and our vet Dr Mutinda.
We’re hopeful that he’ll be up and about in no time and back to helping protect Lewa’s wildlife!

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@Regram from @sirikoilodge guest @briannakvoigt - 'I woke up in paradise.' #travelforconservation #sirikoi #lewa #lewawildlifeconservancy #boranaconservancy #whyilovekenya #nature


Ephantus, a Kenyan Champion

When Ephantus Mugo was 10-years-old, his class made a trip to the Nairobi National Orphanage. This would be the only school trip that Ephantus, who is from Chuka, would take while both in primary and secondary school, and it changed his life.

He says: "I come from a community that has little wildlife left, and seeing the animals at the orphanage made me fall in love with wildlife." Today, Ephantus is following his dream by working to ignite a passion for wildlife, nature and wild places in school children, just like the educator who changed his life.

Every year, along with his team, he hosts more than 3,000 children from all over the country here on Lewa. Ephantus immerses the children in an interactive learning experience that includes viewing endangered species in their natural habitat. For some of these children, it is often their first time to see rare species such as rhinos, an experience that leaves a lasting impression in their young minds.

Ephantus exemplifies what makes Kenyans great - passion, dedication and love for nature. Vote for him to become a Kenyan Champion by following this link -

Thank you!
Photos of Ephantus with school children by Natalie Solveland.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Happy #WorldElephantDay!

An elephant calf enjoys a mud bath at @r.e.s.c.u.e, the newly launched, community-led elephant sanctuary based here in northern Kenya, at Namunyak Community Conservancy.

African communities have been custodians of elephants and other wildlife for centuries, but modern challenges such as poaching and habitat loss require these communities to come up with initiatives such as @r.e.s.c.u.e to ensure survival of the species.

Visit @amivitale's Instagram for more on this incredible sanctuary.
Video by @amivitale
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Happy #WorldLionDay!

Our landscape together with @boranaconservancy is now home to 44 lions. Last year, 12 cubs were born, 3 adults emigrated to new areas and 1 joined our population from Samburu.

Lion numbers continue to diminish across the continent, but conservation efforts, in partnership with the people who have lived alongside this iconic species for centuries, will help ensure that the king of the jungle thrives.
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Picture by @martinbuzora

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

John Pameri, a Kenyan Champion

Would you walk 100 kilometres to follow your passion? John Pameri did, 25 years ago, when he came to Lewa as a teenager with a dream. Having dropped out of school, he wanted a job that would also enable him to care for wildlife.
John says: It's been 25 years of hard work and determination. I came to Lewa when we had very few rhinos, now there are over 150. As a Kenyan pastoralist, who has lived alongside wildlife all his life, I'm glad to be at the forefront of this work that is shaping the future of our landscape.

From an 18-year-old boy with a dream, today, John stands proud as the head of Lewa's field rangers whose work has ensured that the Conservancy has not lost any rhinos to poachers in over 4 years. He has been critical in helping spearhead development across Lewa's neighbouring areas. John has also travelled the world and acquired a pilot's licence in his quest to raise awareness and protect endangered species.

John exemplifies what makes Kenyans great - bravery, compassion and dedication to nature. Vote for him to become a Kenyan Champion by clicking on his picture -

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

"Give me those people. The brave, the vulnerable, the wise, the ones who care for the world, and how to better it along with themselves." Victoria Erickson.

From raising orphaned rhino calves, enhancing the security of our neighbours to protecting elephants from poachers, rangers play varied roles in ensuring a landscape where people and wildlife can coexist peacefully.

Photo by @amivitale
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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Rangers are Us

In addition to their work, rangers have passions that define their lives. These brave men and women are ordinary human beings entrusted with an extraordinary task, which they take on with zeal and determination.
For #WorldRangerDay, we sought to turn the spotlight on these wildlife heroes and find out all the ways in which Rangers are just like us.

Here's Carol, one of the few female rangers on Lewa. Carol has loved the arts since her primary school days, in particular, performing in plays and writing poetry. To this day, her love of poetry has remained, and she can often be found with a notebook in hand.

Thanks to the dedication of Carol and all of Lewa's rangers, no rhinos have been lost to poaching on Lewa-Borana in the past four years. Through her tireless efforts, Carol is ensuring rhinos will roam free and wild for years to come.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

There are many ways to experience Lewa, but few as beautiful and breath-taking as cosy sundowners on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

This sundowner was set up by one of Lewa's lodges, @SirikoiLodge. For the past two years, Condé Nast has included Sirikoi on their Gold List as one of their favourite tourism destinations in the world.

Photo by @exceptional_travel
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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Last week saw the death of one of our oldest rhinos, Ibong.

The elderly rhino tripped and fell, severely injuring himself. By the time we got to him, it was already too late. Ibong is one of Lewa’s pioneering rhinos and has greatly contributed to the growth of the population that began with just 15 animals. Today, Lewa is home to 61 black rhinos. The Conservancy has also reintroduced the species to previously inhabited areas such as @boranaconservancy to the west, and Sera Community Conservancy to the north.

Ibong was one of the most dominant bulls on the Conservancy and until recently, had managed to protect his territory from younger and stronger males. We will miss his tenacious spirit.

Kwaheri, Ibong! He lived a life every rhino in the world should – long, safe and free of poaching.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Wherever in the world you are, your thoughts matter to us. We're constantly looking to improve how we share Lewa's story with you and we'd love your input on our communications survey.

Please follow this link to participate, it'll only take a minute:

Photo by @batian_kenya

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

#Throwback to our vet team treating this young elephant bull that had been shot with a poisoned arrow.

Luckily, the timely intervention helped the elephant heal.

Last year alone, our mobile vet team, in partnership with @kenyawildlifeservice, logged 186 cases of treating injured and sick wildlife, rescuing animals in distress, fixing tracking collars and more.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

@Repost from @lewa_house -
A morning in the Ngare Ndare Forest. One of the many activities at @lewa_house.

A safari isn't all about the wildlife, the landscapes are just as diverse. Come to Lewa and explore.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

In May, our conservation partners Ewaso Lions (@ewasolions) spotted 4 new male lions in Samburu, more than 100kms from Lewa.

These boys left Lewa in February and headed towards Ngare Ndare, before moving west to Borana and then Mukogodo Forest where they were last seen. Our team wasn't sure how the lions were doing, and we are thrilled to learn that they are well and thriving!
Three of the lions were born in November 2013 to the same mother and 1 was born in February 2014. And they have names - Brand, Bick, Mwack and Sakilenye.

This stunning photo of Brand was taken by Robbie Labanowski.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Another video from today's race - 1,400 professional and amateur runners took on Lewa's terrain in our marathon in the wild!

Stay tuned for more news from this year's edition.

Video by @batian_kenya

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

An especially curious spectator at today's 18th edition of the @safaricommarathon run here on Lewa!

Huge congratulations to those who took part in both the full and half marathon this morning. It was fantastic to have you all come and run wild with us. For those in Kenya, we hope you managed to watch it live.

Every year, the event continues to have tangible impact on conservation and community development.
Look forward to seeing you all again next year to beat your personal records!!! Video by @batian_kenya

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me." Photo by Robert Merrick

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Photo by @batian_kenya
An elephant and her calf at sunset on Lewa.

Elephants traverse vast areas in search of resources. At any one time, the Lewa-Borana landscape provides a safe home to approximately 400-600 of northern Kenya's migratory elephants.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy