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::Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow::
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Please offer up a prayer for #woodfinjames He passed out during an asthma attack late yesterday afternoon and was admitted to Children’s. We are praying and waiting for answers. (I’m choosing to post his precious school picture than what he currently looks like.)


Let’s love on some mothers today! My friend, @lindsaymartin205 is partnering with Helping Mamas, an incredible non-profit that helps mothers in need. Either throw in a bottle of baby shampoo in your cart as you roam the aisles of Target or (if you are on house restriction with sick kids like me) both my profile and Lindsay’s profile have an Amazon Prime link! How easy is that? Show a little love today 💗.
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Someone remembered he had KinderGym today ⛹️ #accessorize #peepsandsqueaks


:: o n e :: 10.06.17 #maestanley #happybirthday


It’s someone’s birthday week, and she just took her first steps. #justasherlegswerefinallybeefingup #maestanley


First MOPS meeting of the year❤️ Thank you @mazirobinson for your beautiful message.

Peachtree Presbyterian Church

We can’t eat at a restaurant without Gaines pocketing all the free crackers and mints possible. I know he will handle college just fine😉 #gainesalton .
In other news, my sister’s MIL made his banded shorts. She can do banded or bubble shorts as well as pants for you! (Which is really nice since my girl on Etsy now has a 5-6 week turn around 🤦‍♀️) Message me for her info!


Thank you greatly for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words for my dad. Surgery went very well, and he is getting stronger by the minute. I'm back in Atlanta, but my heart is definitely still with him.


Waiting in Montgomery// Please say a special prayer for my dad. He is having surgery on the sweetest heart in the world. Thankful to be waiting with my momma, brother, sister, uncle, and an amazing community of people who love my father dearly. ❤️

Jackson Hospital

We taught Gaines's Sunday School this morning. My day of rest is going swimmingly. #cheekspeepsandsqueaks


That alarm hit him hard this morning 😴 First Day of K-3! #gainesalton #downtoonekid


Momma got skillz 💁 ✌️out summer 🌞

St. George Island State Park