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Our hero! Congratulations @brooksharvard on your marathon. (And I got those three to church today on my own, so you know, same.) #cheekspeepsandsqueaks


🍀Little Lady Leprechaun🍀 #maestanley


Apologies. Will be overposting. #gainesalton just a few hours old. He was so alert. My pregnancy was unexpected (found out I was pregnant on Woody’s first birthday.) Then there were some uncertainties about what Gaines’s life would look like. I remember staring at those bright eyes and being so thankful that God’s plans are no my own, but infinitely better. Every single day that baby reminds me of just what a gift from God he truly is. Yesterday I was asking him what music he wanted for his party (and maybe suggested some questionable choices) and he said, “I think we should just dance to Jesus Loves Me.”


After dressing in his favorite green sweater and eating his favorite (and obviously nutritious) breakfast of Lucky Charms, I told him school was cancelled for his birthday (in actuality, because of a major water main break.) Happy birthday to my favorite four year old. My smile is just as big as yours because you are mine. #gainesalton


He has a birthday next week and informed me that when he is four, he will no longer wear his red “tennis” (t-strap) shoes. So after some painful shoe shopping, he settled on his first pair of big boy shoes just in time for his big day. #gainesalton


🎼First Kindergarten Performance🕺This picture is brought to you by Woody’s fan club (who are up past bedtime.) #cheekspeepsandsqueaks


And though morning naps are my sacred time to tackle my endless to-do list, when a busy girl collapses in my arms and falls asleep, it can all wait. She is growing so quickly(and will probably drop this morning nap sooner than later) and what is more urgent than to breathe in her sweet smells and pretend time stands still? (And yes, she is cuddling baby wipes like a doll. I ALWAYS forget to bring wipes with me, so I feel like she is trying to drop me a hint.) #maestanley


In 2015, I asked Jane to paint our foyer. (For those of you who had the pleasure of seeing our “monkey doors” at our townhome know she didn’t disappoint!) She had been giving me weekly art lessons that summer and insisted we design and paint something together. Sadly, that fall Jane was diagnosed and lost her battle with cancer. I left the walls empty, and it was a sad reminder that she was gone. On January 26, her birthday, I got the courage to face these walls on my own. I tried to remember everything she taught me and often talked to her in my head. Last week I finally finished and hope she would be as pleased as me with the completion of our last project. #janestanley #handpaintedwalls #handpaintedwallpaper


❤️Hold our hands, MaeMae ❤️#cheekspeepsandsqueaks


Operation “bunk with Momma and Daddy” didn’t go as expected. Night one: Air mattress deflated and we woke at 4:00 am to cries of, “My bed is eating me!” Night two: Sleeping bags on the floor. My sweet MIL graciously slipped out to an actual hotel as Hotel (3 bedroom) Harvard was failing. Thankful for her understanding and kindness and thankful for no more roommates. #boysbackinthebrotherroom #andtheyslept12hours #loveyoukidsbutgetout