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Mama promise I’ll bring you to Macdonalds when you’re older ok! 🍔🍟 #LittleKaylaKoh #macdonalds


Mama can now get ready in peace with the @stokkebaby Tripp Trapp highchair. I no longer have to worry if Baby is alright, running back and forth to the cot to check on her. Kayla sits comfortably in it and have even fallen asleep a couple of times. Best of all, this chair grows with your baby, you’ll just need the right accessories and adjust the foot plates accordingly.
Headover to @motherswork from now till April 2nd for their 20th anniversary sale! Both online & in stores, up to 60% discount. #mothersworkSG #stokketripptrapp #stokkebaby #LittleKaylaKoh


It seems like no mamas talks about this, but post natal depression is so real. I never knew it would hit me cause I’ve never been the emotional type. But it’s been a rollercoaster ride ever since my confinement nanny left 2 weeks ago. I was anxious & worried all the time, I have this constant ball of fear stuck in my chest & I had no appetite for meals. I cried everyday, I lost weight, my milk supply dipped so fast, I couldn’t BF even if I wanted to. I was ashamed that I’m going through this because I’ve been looking forward to being a mother for the past 10 months of pregnancy and now I’m depressed? How can I? How dare I? But when I did opened up to my husband and close friends, things started to look better. My husband & mom’s support is something I’m really thankful for. I can’t say I’m fully OK now but I haven’t cried for the last 5 days & my appetite is coming back slowly🎉. I spent the entire day bonding with Kayla today and I loved every minute of it. I decided to share something as personal as this because post natal depression happens to so many first-time moms and I’ve received hundreds of DMs from those who went through it. Don’t keep it to yourself, talk to your husband, family & friends.. you’ll need all the support you can have to get through this dark period. I’m still a work in progress, but I’ll press on 💪🏼 #LittleKaylaKoh


Going out with Kayla has been made easy with our @bugaboostrollers bee 5 which we fully customized ourselves. From the wheels, to the canopy, seat fabric, everything! And if baby no: 2 is a boy, all we got to do is change the canopy to a different color & we’re good to go. I also love how smooth the wheels are and how easy it is to maneuver the stroller at any surface. #mothersworkSG #bugaboo


Am so glad that I had @tianweisignaturesg cater my meals during my 28 days of confinement. I had one less thing to worry about because all the food are prepared with recovering mummies in mind. Using all traditional confinement ingredients that are nutritional for mummy and aids in breastmilk production. I’m also very pleased that after almost 2/3 weeks of having Chinese dishes, there were fusion meals on the menu too, it’s always nice to have more varieties! The food portions are always generous and I like how there’s soup daily.


Can’t ask for a better husband. He has been nothing but supportive and helping out as much as he can throughout this period where I’m at my lowest. This picture was taken on the day he decided to bring me out of the house for some fresh air. With no experience prior, he took the @ergobaby Omni 360 carrier, that we got from @motherswork, out of the box, read the instructions manual by himself & put baby Kayla in it. This is our first time trying out a baby carrier and we really love how convenient it is. Best of all, no infant insert is needed for the Omni 360 and it can be used from newborn to toddler stage. #mothersworksg #ergobaby #littlekaylakoh


Am really grateful to have Auntie Soo cheng from @pemconfinementnanny (#542) helping me throughout my confinement as I’m really clueless on how to take care of a newborn as I’m a first time mother. She is patient, experienced and quick to attend to my baby’s needs. She has taught me a lot throughout this 4 weeks, from bathing to feeding, burping & coaxing a fussy baby. I’ll definitely wish to have her as my nanny again for my 2nd child!


Oh hey ootd, it’s been awhile. Dressing up, making up, in fact, even putting on proper skincare is a luxury these days.


Our baby girl turned 1 month old today! She gained a good 900g (4.3kg) and grew 1cm (53cm)! We’re very happy that you’re growing well & this 1 month flew by so quickly. -
Not sure if it’s because I have the help of my @pemconfinementnanny so things seems to be pretty manageable. @kohsx and I are heading out right now for a dinner date (& baby is at home with the nanny) before the “real-parenting” starts tomorrow when our nanny leaves. Wish us luck! #LittleKaylaKoh


My #LittleKaylaKoh is turning 1 month old in 2 days time & she seems to have grown so much in this short period of time. She’s awake more often these days & is able to play by herself & fall asleep in her cot without much fussing (on a few occasions, hoping she will keep this up, fingers crossed). -
I love how sturdy the cot is & the mattress is really thick & has just the right amount of firmness. Kayla always manages to take pretty long naps in it as compared to putting her in the travel cot in my room. -
Baby cot & mattress from @motherswork by the brand @booricollections. #mothersworksg #boori


What my life’s been about these days: my husband & daughter👨‍👩‍👧. Counting down to the end of my confinement, 4 days to go!
Photography: @picturewithlovephotos #picturewithlovephotos #LittleKaylaKoh


Our first “hello”. -
I started pushing at 8+am, had zero sleep the entire night, was pretty tired but I knew I had to do this right. My right leg was completely “dead” from the epidural, I saw my blood squirt to the end of the bed with each forceful push. I saw my doctor picked up his scissors & then I heard 3 snips. I felt no pain. Kayla’s head wasn’t in the ideal position, she was tilted slightly towards the right instead of downwards, that made things a little harder. I continued pushing with each contraction. Then my doctor announced that she’s crowning already, & she has a head full of hair. He asked @kohsx if he wants to “come & see” and he says “No, I’m good, I’ll stand here” (by my side & supporting my back). Its been almost 45 mins of pushing, I had little strength left in me but I knew I had to keep going on. Then 2 nurses came & started pushing down on my stomach, 1 on my left & another on the right. The entire bed was shaking from the nurses’s push. It kinda freaked me out a little, but I knew we’re close. I took my deepest & largest breath & gave the longest & hardest push. & she was out. I eagerly leaned forward so I could see her. My little Kayla. I’ve been waiting for 39 weeks to meet my baby girl. & there she was, crying with her arms & legs all stretched out. I found myself crying, from happiness & was just overwhelmed by the amount of love I have for her. The first latching moment in the delivery suite was so surreal. She took my boob like a pro & started sucking like it was something she was already familiar with. I looked down at her & said “Hello Kayla, mummy’s here”. #LittleKaylaKoh