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SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs wants to introduce you to Forest. 8 year old Forest is one of 22 dogs who were taken in from a hoarding/animal cruelty case in the Hudson Valley, NY area last year. After a long legal battle, the dogs have finally been officially awarded freedom and the ability to find adopters. Forest is the oldest of the group, and also the most seemingly distant. But it's simply because this elder boy hasn't had the love of a good home. Undoubtedly, Forest will have the hardest chances of getting adopted and we want to help this handsome fella find his perfect person soon.
@hvhsny wrote, "We seized 22 #huskies back in May. Many of been adopted, but we still have 16 dogs who need a forever home. Forest is not as affectionate as some of the other huskies in the group. He's definitely one of my favorites and he has a lot of potential to become a loving 'best friend' kind of dog. He would be best with somebody who is patient and understanding. He isn't cuddly, but he is not aggressive; it's as if he doesn't quite realize what being pet is. I don't get the impression that he doesn't like it - it's more that he doesn't understand it.
Forest absolutely loves going outside! It’s so cute how excited he gets when he sees a leash. He seems indifferent about the other dogs at the kennel, but if a potential adopter has a dog we would have them meet each other at our facility.
Overall, he is in good health. He also had his dentistry done while he’s been here and was previously neutered." To adopt Forest, please email (include "Forest" in the subject line) to request an application.
@hvhsny is located at 200 Quaker Road, Pomona, NY.


Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) Underground inside G4 ice cave, in Switzerland. Mountain regions respond sensitively to climate change. Taking advantage of Alpine caves, a team of scientists led by Swiss Paleoclimatologist Dr. Marc Luetscher from the Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies (SISKA), is working to understand how permafrost has evolved through time. Ice caves form through a combination of snow intrusion and/or congelation of water infiltrating a karst system. Often up to several centuries old, the climate record of this ice remains largely under-studied. Today we are also able to tell if a cave was an ice cave in the past. This is achieved by looking for cryogenic cave calcites. These form when water enters a cave, and freezes and turns to ice. In this process, the water becomes progressively enriched in ions to the point that it becomes super-saturated and precipitates calcite. @natgeocreative


Super Tree Groove - Singapore ✨💜💜💜✨ Amazing shot by ✨✨@jackmartinphotoart✨✨
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📷: @krystlejwright // The island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia is incredibly picturesque especially as you climb up to view points such as the Belvedere Lookout. When you’re on island time, what better way to see the island then to cycle around it.


Aerial Terrace | Photograph by Evgeny Vasenev (@vasenevphotography)
Rice terraces form intricate patterns in Bali, Indonesia. Using terraces to farm in hilly or uneven areas of land prevent soil erosion and help with irrigation.

Today we are featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs selected for @natgeo “Photo of the Day.” To see more, go to #YourShotPhotographer


Les preguntamos a los #NGXplorers qué recomendación le darían a alguien que quiere ayudar al planeta. ¡Mira el video para conocer sus consejos! 💬 #NatGeoFestCDMX


Photo by @cristinamittermeier: A group of Malagasy fishermen gathers near the village of Ambodihavibe, Madagascar to unload a fishing boat. #fishing #madagascar


Photo by @shp92shp
South Korean speed skater Seunghi Park (@shp92shp) has now competed in the Winter Olympics in not just one sport, but two. This year, the former short track skater — who won two gold medals in the 2014 Winter Olympics — is trying her hand at speed skating, competing in distances up to 1,000 meters. “Changing my sport took a lot of effort because the two are very different,” says Seunghi. “But I love the thrill that comes along with the speed.” Seunghi was born in Seoul and lives and trains in Hwaseong-si, a city in northwest South Korea. “The fact that the Olympics are taking place in my home country makes me feel more responsible and proud,” she says. Watch our story to see Seunghi training on the ice.

The Winter Olympics (@olympics) are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, February 9-25. Tune in as we spotlight competing athletes from around the world. #Pyeongchang2018


Heaven is a place on earth 🏂 // Epic few days at @skiheavenly this week (scroll through for some out of this world mountaintop lake views + a rare birthday selfie 😇🤳🏻) #tahoesouth #skiheavenly

South Lake Tahoe, California

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