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In honor of #GrooveCruise popping up daily 🙅‍♀️💪🛳️ #GCMiami #canwetagalong #allaboard


Festival Season is just around the corner ! ✨
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Gotta love hangin at the dub stage all day...🤘🏼😠
‘Fields of Grey (AU5 Remix) - Infected Mushroom ft. Sasha Grey’
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Live like Carl! This here is Carl everyone. He is in his late 70's, is a veteran Army Ranger, and still loves to get down! I had the pleasure of meeting him at Imagine Music Festival 2017 where I learned about his promise to his late wife who he lost to cancer to keep doing what they loved until it was time for them to meet again. Carl goes around only to help bring smiles, love, and happiness to those around him. We need more people like Carl. #livelikeCarl #LLC


Missing my Imagine fam today 😔💙 #glitsquad #takemeback


Getting excited to start performing again when I get to NYC, I've been missing the rush 💃

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#imaginefestival is almost here and we are super excited to share the stage with these amazing artists.
See ya on Friday!


From @yurifulb “Today I’m thankful for having the best love and rave partner. I’m thankful we’ve gotten to share such amazing memories. I’m thankful I get to dance with you to our favorite music. I’m thankful I get to “wash” my hands from the beautiful fountain that is your mouth. Can’t wait to share and make even more fun memories with you! I love you 💕 #decadence #edclv #undertheelectricsky I love you 💕 @barrageez


I miss long braids & dancing for no reason & sitting on the ground to make new friends




Loooove this man!



Start with straight shots and then pop bottles!


For those bangers of the head and lovers of the bass, I wanted to make a special post to you guys. To the squad who stands on the rail for 10+ hours and saves a little rail space for you and your tiny bladder. For those who wear camel backs 🙏🏻 and share your glitter✨. I want to thank you. You are what make festivals truly magical. If it wasn't for your positive vibes and #Plexus I wouldn't have the ENERGY to get through a full day of head banging, let alone rail riding. I have never been healthier, happier, or more energized in my life than I am right now. So if you're in need of more energy, more positivity, more of something you can't quite put your finger on, hit me up. Talk to me. Come dance it out with me and my Plexus festie crew! I hope that by sharing my health journey, I can not only thank those who've shown me the key to happiness, but also help you on your own journey.


I miss raving and this weekend 😭😭❤️


Ready for the weekend #edcorlando


Cuando te vas de Reven con tus cuates...🎉🎶🍾
#defestivalenfestival #tb


& still get chills from listening to these 👐🙀 #Deorro #DjSnake #OneRepublic #CrazyTown #RedHotChiliPeppers 🐍🏘️🌶️


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