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Thank you to my lovey dovey lulu’s @lululemonsf for making me feel special on Valentines Day & everyday. You sent me the cutest red undies, Love Tee & candle. Someone’s really crossing their fingers for me tonight haha. You give me the warm fuzzies ❤️ #thesweatlife #mysweatypursuits #ambassadorlove #redunderwearismyfavorite

lululemon Corte Madera

Cuando vas a #lululemon por una cosa y terminas con 2! 🤩🤩 #iwin🔥 🥂🥂 #cheers #feelinglucky #myfavbrand #2x1 #likeahappyhour

lululemon Corte Madera

3.5 years a lemon 🍋
Thank you @lululemon for teaching me that my authentic self is when I am leading, coaching and developing others.
Thank you @lululemon for teaching me how to be an entrepreneur and make my own decisions.
Thank you @lululemon for letting me travel with you, sharing your law of attraction and meeting some of my best friends along the way.
Thank you @lululemon for letting me be an integral part of #thesweatlife collective.
Thank you to all of the mentors I’ve had along the way, you know who you are.
Thank you for developing me so I can continue to develop others. @runittaygo @rachelmmaiers @ryanhansonswaner @mandlynpike @laurrrenn
#endofanera #lululemon #blackfriday #thankyou
#leadinluon @lululemonhnl @lululemonsf

lululemon Corte Madera