Columbia Station, Ohio

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I will always keep it real with you. 🙌⠀

I just cleaned up cooking pans - from Sunday night. 👀⠀

In the past, this would’ve sent me into internal dialogue about being a failure as a - Gosh, I guess insert every kind of failure here. ⠀

This is life though. There are things that we are doing biz wise and school wise (hello college prep!) that has taken my full attention away - so those pans - they had to sit. ⠀

And it’s getting done (as it always does) in a manner that helps me keep my sanity. ⠀

Because quite honestly, a sane and calm Tracy is the best kind that there is. ⠀

My point: let yourself off if the hook of perfection. It’s really freeing when you do. ⠀

(Don’t worry, I soaked them so it was easy breezy cleaning today, haha!)


Simple yet packed with protein and healthy fats. ⠀

I began eating low carb around 18 months ago. 27lbs down and you want to know what’s even better than that? The amount of energy that I have. ⠀

I didn’t realize that a diet full of carbs (even if they were healthy ones) was not working for me. ⠀

I’m not full on keto, however - I lean more towards keto than anything else. ⠀

Do you favor an eating style? Which one?


The #vfw in Columbia Station, #ohio has this wonderful piece of military history on display. I stopped by and snagged a quick shot on my way home today. Seems appropriate for this #veteransday. To everyone who has or is in service to this country.. Thank you!


We would like to extend a huge thanks to all service men and women who have scarified so much for the rest of us. We have a very special crew of retired and active service men here at Power and Performance. We tip our hats to each one of these brave gentlemen for putting the greater good of our nation as top priority! THANK YOU ALL VETS as well as all active service men and women!

#happyveteransday #veteransday #vetrans #hireaveteran #hireavet #thankavet #thankaveteran #hugavet


Tables turn bridges burn you live and learn🦋


The rawness of the leather and the marks of a hammer are what shape the material into such a great piece. #luxuriesoftheworld #leathercrafting #jbmckinley #copper #leather #craftedbyhand #bison #madeintheusa #passion #productdesign #quality #raw


🦋 Your growth is not linear 🦋 ⠀

There will be times where you feel like your trudging through muck and making ZERO progress. ⠀

Don’t give up. Honor the process of your growth. ⠀

Truth be told, our ego wants the BIG WIN, not the 3 yard a day movement. ⠀

Keep your ego in check by these simple strategies:⠀

💃 Move out of frustration by accessing your WHY, the greater purpose behind your goal. ⠀

You are moving exactly as you are meant to. ⠀

💃 Find yourself a mentor whose where your going to give you some tough love and help you reframe your frustrations. ⠀

💃 Breath. Honor how far you’ve come. Celebrate what’s working and let go of what’s not. ⠀

How will you celebrate your wins?


This man is my person. 💖 We work daily to understand and communicate effectively from a space of wholeness and self growth. ⠀

It’s taken time. Because it’s easy to fall into old pain patterns. I come from a household where addiction and infidelity reigned. He comes from a family of screamers that are emotionally unavailable. ⠀

So, it’s easy to repeat what you’ve been raised with. ⠀

And when we communicate from our pain patterns - we are coming from a space of co-dependency. ⠀

And it’s simply unhealthy. For us individually, as well as our children. ⠀

Making a decision to move beyond that has been effort, yes - however, it’s also built a deep profound soul filled relationship. ⠀

6 years ago, I wanted sovereignty. I wanted a full and soul profound partnership. Which meant healing all relationship wounds from my past. It has led us on this journey of continual self growth. ⠀

It began with my own healing and then it grew from there. ⠀

We are on our own journey, as well as a partnered journey as well as a soul filled familial journey. ⠀

The ripple begins with you. ⠀

What do you want and how do you want to feel in your life right now? Let that answer begin to lead you on your own self growth journey. 🦋


Attended a Girl Scout pottery class today at the VFW with Alexis! I was the only dad there ... but we seriously threw down on some Christmas ornaments... made out of clay!



Why does it stop some people in their tracks and not others? ⠀

Those that overcome self doubt do so because they understand and are confident in their resourcefulness to learn what they need to learn in order to accomplish their goals. ⠀

You are resourceful. ⠀

Looking to accomplish a goal and self doubt getting the best of you? ⠀

Make a list of skills that you need to learn in order to master that skill set, find a mentor and then this is a big one ...... make the time daily to work on mastering your new skill. ⠀

What you focus on expands, and you get to choose whether or not self doubt shuts you down or whether it propels you into diving into your ability to be resourceful and pursue your dreams! ⠀

It’s knowledge and skill set that build confidence! ⠀

What new skillset will you begin to master?


Invited to Thanksgiving dinner and don’t know what to bring? #thanksgiving #hostess #dinner #giftideas #dianassewingstudio #etsyshop


Just to think the journey began 2 1/2 years ago. Much more is left but she’s coming together. A lot of sanding and molding is left. Interior needs some attention still. F1 style steering still needs to be developed. I just want to drive this thing.

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Lumilor test panels lit up! Lumicolor yellow and blue! Lumilor starter kits for sale online on our website starting at $474.99!

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Super excited to see this guy in a few short hours ❤️


Father Daughter dance 2018 #oncearaider



Yes, I just used Christmas emojis - getting excited for Christmas! ⠀

I spend a lot of time in my car, I am the mom taxi after all. It’s also awesome that I can run a biz from my phone and a laptop. ⠀

And that I can keep in contact with busy working moms who want to continue to prioritize themselves too! And all virtually. ⠀

Making sure that I counter balance all of that sitting with activity has been MY SAVIOR! ⠀

I just finished my 8th week of my at home workout (well 16th technically because it’s the second round) and all I can say is that I love it! It’s perfect for the busy working mom looking on her self growth journey! ⠀

So much so that I did an IGtv episode on it! ⠀

🎄 Sidenote: Would you like to skip over Thanksgiving right to Christmas? ⠀


I think that it’s admitting that becomes the challenge because it means ending relationships that no longer work. ⠀

Ending thoughts and feelings that no longer work. Which means relationships that do not align with the higher thoughts and feelings fall away. ⠀

And we think “maybe WE did something wrong”. No love, you grew. ⠀

And that’s beautiful. ⠀

It means meeting your inner child to begin healing and beginning to honor that the relationships in your life are a mirror of continual inner healing. And when you heal an aspect of yourself, the relationship that was helping you realize the lesson is no longer needed in your life. ⠀

An opportunity to audit relationships and remove toxicity. ⠀

This is the second act of your life, it means taking off all of the masks and armor that we’ve piled on so that we can really walk in the world as ourSelves connecting in a deep and profound level.


I actually have a story on why I now adore working out in my basement. ⠀

Back in the day, I used to teach fitness classes. I had a great time. ⠀

Also, I was also totally in charge, so no one would touch me unexpectedly. ⠀

As someone that has had boundaries compromised in her childhood, I do not like being touched unexpectedly. If I know that I’m going to be touched (hugged, etc.), I can decide whether that will happen or not. ⠀

So, when I left teaching, I tried many fitness places for a fit. I was also on my own healing journey. And setting boundaries was becoming a HUGE part of my life. ⠀

It was empowering and allowed me to really come to terms with how I wanted to move in the world. And how I wanted to be touched. ⠀

Back to the story, I was in this class, totally sweaty and kind of too close to the next person for my comfort level. We were holding plank and the instructor says “Now swing your right foot out and place your foot onto your neighbors back.” ⠀

Oh. Hell. No. ⠀

I’m pretty sure that I blacked out or completely disassociated from my body - I left that class and did not come back. ⠀

For a while, I totally judged myself for overreacting - then I came to terms with the fact that you know what? I want to be able to enjoy my sweaty workouts with plenty of space and have the freedom to be free from random touching by strangers. Unexpectedly. ⠀

Honestly, I had to grieve that part of me that loved the group aspect and figure out a way to have both - the independence AND the group in a way that felt inspiring, which is how my virtual holistic health groups began. ⠀

And now I get the best of both worlds. And it makes me happy. Really happy to honor the space with AMAZING moms on their journey to wholeness as well!