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It looks a lot like Christmas is arriving ❤️⠀


How cool was yesterday, church?
#highlights #bestdayoftheweek #welovepeople


Another amazing Sunday ahead and can’t wait to see you at any of our services tomorrow • Don’t forget to check out the Stuff the Bus stand for inspiration on gift ideas - let’s bring the spirit of Christmas to everyone 🎄

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Hey Church 👋🏼!
From this coming Sunday you can start bringing your gifts. You can bring them to the stand in the foyer! 🎁
For Stuff the Bus, we are directly partnering with organisations such as Salvation Army, Stichting Present, Serve the City and HVO.
Join us in making a difference!


This Sunday we had our whole Amsterdam campus under one roof at the same time. That just called for a group photo! #HillsongAmsterdam #RAI


Such a lovely day at church!
Have a blessed week! 👋🏼


28.11.18 #SisterhoodUnited yesterday night was one of the best of 2018 so far (amazing people, conversations, laughs, cupcakes, prosecco, refreshening worship and... an inspiring message by @bobbiehouston )! I will always remember moments like these! God's Word, His promises, His grace, His compassion, His kindness, are no small things and each one of us has a part to play in the greatest story ever... You were never destined to be in the shadows, lost or captive by fear, you are meant to live in His light and freedom, within the heartbeats of your Heavenly Father.
You were never destined to feel out of place, you are destined to belong, to come back home, to find your identity and worth in His unconditional love for you.
And you were never destined to be silenced or not heard, you are destined to use your voice in favor of those who can't. To be a helper to those that need it. You are destined to change the narrative of brokeness... You are destined to let His dawn shine through your cracks of weaknesses and sing this song of salvation everywhere you go!
So blessed to know you my dear chicas☺️ @amayadecastro @joyce_vdh @oikeestiemilia @tsellot & all the lovely people at @hillsongrotterdam church... we all come from different parts of the world but we share the same Spirit ♥️


Today it’s one year since I left my second home which is in the Netherlands, I feel super proud of each person in the teams, and for all the love they give me every day, I love them with all my heart ☺️ and I hope we see each other very soon! 🙏🏼 Today I’m in another country, but one of the things that fill my heart with joy and peace is that I’m still being part of this global and beautiful family @hillsongams @hillsong ... even in different countries we work for the same kingdom, we serve the same king 👑🙌🏼
Thanks to everyone of you, to Pastors @richardvanderkolk @dvanderkolk and Pastor @timoglas for the much love and the guidance, what a privilege to work under your leadership, thanks to every leader and friend as well ... big hug for you all guys 🤗❤️ I love you lots


2nd #Highlights of church day! Love the people that come every Sunday.
#Home ❤️


First #Highlights of yesterday.
Such a beautiful Sunday in the House of God.


From my little girl 👧🏼 5 years young, 2 languages, 1 big heart. “I love you Mama, you’re the sweetest Mama in the world.” #lief 💖


Sunday is the best day of the week!! We love it! #highlight


We love Sundays! #highlights of today at church! —Have a blessed week!


I can’t really remember the last time I smiled as much as I do now


Hey church! Hillsong College Focus Sunday coming up! Join us tomorrow to find out how you can be raised, equipped, empowered and released to lead in every sphere of life. ⠀

Head to https://buff.ly/2QOTprl to apply or for more information. ⠀

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Church is cool and relevant for today! #hillsongams #theateramsterdam #truthwillsetyoufree


Loved church today! Amsterdam (this video), Rotterdam and Brussels are all growing and moving forward and people’s lives are being transformed!! :) #ilovemychurch #youbelonghere #comeasyouare #hillsongnl #hillsongams #hillsongrotterdam #hillsongbrusselsconnect


“Wot’s a pupper?” Des a small doggo


Hosting for the third time in church #churchlove #hillsongams #helpingpeople @hillsongams @hillsong


What a wonderful day it was today! My bestie has decided to follow Jesus forever and I had the privilege to baptize her with my cousin❤️.
God does hear and answer prayers, even if it takes a long time, but Gods time is the best time🙌🏼. So don't ever give up!
Love you 100000 @followyourblissjewelry and your best is yet to come❤️❤️


Seriously what a stellar Sunday it was! ✨Just blown away what happened in one weekend and how many great stories I've heard of people's lives impacted. Thank you @richardvanderkolk @dvanderkolk for creating such an environment for my family and many many other families and individuals to grow in all that God has for them! It's a privilege and honor to serve under your leadership! ❤️ 💒#ilovemychurch #myhillsongfamily #hillsongams #hillsongnl #hillsong #church #familia #amsterdam #thebestisyettocome #livingthedream #sunday #sundayfunday


Dia de culto com a mamãe... “Tava só um pouco frio!” 😅🙌🏻🙏🏻 #hillsongams


Such a great Sunday at church!
Thanks to all our volunteers, we love you! 💒 #YouBelongHere