Enchanted Rock, Fredricksburg, Tx

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Letting go.....I was planning to do this yesterday but then the dark set in earlier then expected. 😳So I hiked to the top today. Sat there for a few hours and wrote everything down that was on my mind. I tore it up and let the pieces get carried away by the wind. I'm feeling good now. Everything is as it should be.
This cute little black squirrel kept me company during my stay at the top. We even shared our lunch! The hikes in Enchanted Rock were so beautiful. I almost hiked them all. So it's time to move on tomorrow.
Thanks @messb for being such a beautiful soul. For giving me a 'me-day' today so I'd let go. It's the end of a decade but the start of a new chapter. I love you. ❤️Always, wherever. #farewellbff #TXroadtrip #kulapower #enchantedrock #fredericksburgtx #lettinggo #newchapterinlife #hiking #alwayswherever

Enchanted Rock, Fredricksburg, Tx

Amazing landscapes all around you.

Enchanted Rock, Fredricksburg, Tx