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by @confessionsofaworkinprogress

Peaceful and serene view today. Calm after the ⛈ storm. Another day filled with lots of eating and family! The best part - playing my genius baby niece!! I’ve had so much fun with her but man is it hard to get work done with a little one around?! I’ve been on vaca... but school work is always on the back of my mind! #phdlife ! Plus, my whole blogging schedule is a bit thrown off! Being your own boss is definitely the hardest... how to balance your priorities while on vacation?! What do you do?! I need your pro tips!

Derby Wharf Light

by @kd_janell

Pictured: Me enjoying exploring New England before becoming a Florence refugee

Derby Wharf Light

by @kstan.pov

drag me on an adventure and leave me to capturing the raw moments

Derby Wharf Light

by @wafflenoah

Had to make sure Salem was actually haunted ⛪️ Drink more Water and eat One MultiVitamin 💊🚿

Derby Wharf Light

by @verameat

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Derby Wharf Light