On canal in Brugge

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by @nikkihazelhurst

Goodbye Brugge 🇧🇪👫❤️

On canal in Brugge

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Little boat tour round the canals of Brugge #brugge #bruges #belgium

On canal in Brugge

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Brugge, Belgium: After our Bla Bla car journey I described Thursday, we were dropped off st the Brussels train station, and wandered through trying to find the train we looked up online. We couldn’t find a sign with the exact details of that direct Brussels – Bruges train, but saw one that left at the exact same time going to a different city… could that be it? It was leaving in a minute so we ran up, asked the conductors, “Bruges”? They vigorously nodded, hurriedly waving us on. We looked at each other, shrugged, and hopped on the train as the doors were closing. We slowly began to realize that this was definitely not the train we saw online (different logo, making more stops) but it was probably fine, right? The first panic set in as we walked up and down the aisle looking for seats, found none, and resorted to sitting in the entryway. (Is this even allowed in Belgium?) We then pulled up my phone, typed the name of the new train company to find tickets, and saw, they were sold out (for this route, and the ones following.) Warnings flashed through my head of ~200€ fines for riding a train in Europe without a ticket.. was that about to happen? Luckily when the conductor came by, we were able to purchase the tickets directly from him with a credit card without even a scolding, and got a seat halfway when some passengers got off at Ghent. The cherry on top of the cake was the ticket was half the price of the other railways! I couldn’t believe our clueless situation in the train station turned into saving time and money! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #hungerlustbelgium #bruggecanals #trainstories

On canal in Brugge