Royal Basin, Olympic Mts

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On our way to the stupid waterfall πŸ—» #sadpandas πŸ™πŸΌ #goingthewrongway no time to turn around. Wanted to be out of the mountains no later than 5pm. We will trek this again next year. #dooverplease


Our last hike together, with just us. #introverthikers #sundayfunday #myrighthandman


Royal lake ... we want more :)


The velvety moss blankets the woods along the trail to Royal Basin. #olympics #neverstopexploring #findyourpark #nikon #getoutside #feedthesoul #natureisneat #nofilterneeded


I was scavenging my library for Washington pics this week for the @washingtontrails photo contest when I stumbled upon this forgotten sunset from @olympicnationalpark - pretty excited to share it, even if it's a few months late! Also! New blog post up on my autumn road trip on the Umpqua - link in my bio to check it out! πŸŽ‰


Purple haze evening in Upper Basin.


"I could sail across the Indian Ocean, and bathe in the reflection of the moon. I could find the buried treasure of ancient kings, it wouldn’t mean a thing without you."


The army fleece cap is the single greatest piece of gear a soldier is ever issued.. πŸ“· @sarabergs


Last light at Imperial Tarn with @alisonkelleyhowe


Eeeek I've uncovered a new passion! #TRAILRUNNING πŸ™ŒπŸ½ this picture is posed but my joy for this activity is not!
I like it for so many reasons! 1) my mind often is somewhat plagued by unanswerable 'whys', but when I'm #focused on the trail and my run, there's no room for that bullcrap! Positive thoughts emerge! It's like I'm exorcizing (pun intended) all the meaningless chatter while I sweat it out. 2) I think it's good for discipline and goal setting - longer distances keep my eye on the prize, pushing past old limits and setting new ones. 3) I really think it improves my visual-spatial skills (those also used with driving) as I am avidly pre-planning my steps and what angles to place my foot second by second. 4) not to mention it's good cardio.... Except I'm being fed by the clean clean air and padded ground and views surround.... I could go on and on!

I had already dipped my toes in the waters per se on this trip and tried some trail running, but mostly because it was getting dark at the end of a days hike. But the other day was my first time I intentionally ran it throughout - and what do ya know. I did 31 miles in less than 10 hours! I suppose my ambitious goal was to do 5 miles an hour so I have room to grow ☺️ I'm still so new and figuring out how to have good form, but it's so fun to discover how to do it and have FUN with it (did I mention this is fun for me? Shocker of the year!)! Going up and down slope ramps, you'd think I was about I to do a kickflip or something πŸ€—

If any randos✨ (or friendsπŸ’—) see this and have any tips for me, I'd love to glean what you've learned on your running journeys! Here's one lesson I've already learned in my newbie phase: don't assume that brush on the side of the trail is hiding flat and manicured ground like your foot-wide section of trail... Aim to place feet as close to the center of that trail as possible to avoid banging yourself up from slipping down a hidden slope or catching a hidden log and tripping πŸ€”

#sweatsogood #snotrocket #runnershigh #keepherwild #naturedoesitbetter #blistercity #findyourpark #olympicnationalpark #trailrunner #trailruns


Looking for an end-of-season #backpacking trip?
Royal Basin Falls can't be beat. Click the link in profile.
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I spent this weekend at home. Alone. For the first time all summer. I caught up with friends, read a book, hung out in a hammock, ran errands. It feels weird to not be on a trip or have friends visiting from out of town, but I appreciated it more than I thought I would. It's nice to have these slower weekends to realize how incredible the big weekends are. So here's to a productive, relaxing weekend and a great week ahead. Happy Sunday friends! (Also, how beautiful is this lake!? And how COOL are these leggings?! 😍)



πŸ’Ž private paradise πŸ’Ž #birthdayviews #solotrek


Tagged along with big brother and sis in law the other weekend. #royallake


✨22✨ woke up to this dramatic birthday sunrise at 5,700ft ✨couldn't be happier ✨ ran into an old park ranger on my way down and he gave me a fair warning, "beware, there's civilization down there.."


Upper Royal Basin lk. Early june.


it was a very happy birdday with all of my friends πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰πŸ¦πŸŽ‚ pc: @randolphjim


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