Hotel Seri Warisan

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Alhamdulillah a'la kullihal. Iftar sempena hari lahir ayah, tak sangka siap ada budak nasyid menyanyi lagu selamat hari lahir tadi. Nampak la muka ayah terharu tadi. 😇💕😘

Hotel Seri Warisan

My life is blessed with beyond wonderful parents that I will never trade for anything in the whole wide world.
And for some reasons which only the Almighty knows, I was granted the extraordinary chance to call a pair of extremely good couple my new parents when I married the love of my life.

There's nothing more that a daughter would ask for apart from the happiness of her parents in the world and hereafter.
Thank you Pa Ma for raising me up to become the wonderful me that I am today and thank you Babah Mama for accepting me with so so much love into the family.
I love all of you endlessly ❤️

Hotel Seri Warisan

sesi portraiture selepas kenduri kawen

Hotel Seri Warisan