SF General Hopital

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People who work in medicine amaze me. I've spent a fair amount of time at this place the past few months, and seeing their KINDNESS, positivity, thoroughness, attention, determination, knowledge, grit, and CARE (often unnoticed and unthanked) just floors me. #hugamedicalprofessional God is our MIRACLE WORKER and ultimate source of healing, but I am also so grateful for the people here who have cared for me using every means possible....including the man who sits outside building 5 with his coffee and sings in his old Philly street voice, "Jesus loves youuu...." to every patient that walks out of an appointment. Healing is a beautiful place to be.

SF General Hopital

No just cross the street till you get raned over and die

SF General Hopital

So everybody knows:

1. Auntie Winnie and Uncle Gene were at a Dentist appointment at 500 Sutter. Auntie Winnie was seen by the dentist first and then was in the waiting room while Uncle Gene was getting his teeth done.
2. Clocked on the security camera at 12:15PM leaving the building, and walking left out of the building (this last part we didn't find out until late that night)

3. Terry calls mom around 5:00PM saying Auntie Winnie is missing so we drive out to SF to help Uncle Gene look.

4. We run into Uncle Gil, Auntie Mary, and Sandra also out looking. We split, walked through Chinatown, down Sutter, Powell, parks nearby, malls, driving through the Tenderloin.
5. All with the help of U. Gil, A. Mary, Sandra, Lance, Rich (he eventually found out first A. Winnie was at SF General, he was calling all the hospitals in the area every 2/3 hours), Teddy (Rich's friend who was driving U. Gene around) and his wife, Jimmy (Lance's SFPD friend), A. Val and Edgar

6. Lance and Jimmy made fliers. We all had a stack and were about to go put them out in different directions. We then got the phone call from Rich that an older Asian woman, not matching the description (she already had a hospital gown on so the clothing description did not match) but had the same birthday so we all drove and met and the hospital and were brought up to Auntie Winnie's room ๐Ÿ˜Š

7. Auntie Winnie was found at the Embarcado. She had fallen and someone helped her up and called an ambulance in case she had a serious injury. She was brought into the ER around 3:00PM. She was kept overnight last night because the doctors want to keep an eye on her.
Uncle Gene now knows to call everybody right away when something like this happens #thatswhatbigfamiliesarefor

8. Auntie Winnie was able to tell the doctors her name and that her and U. Gene live in San Mateo. They were able to find the home phone number and left a message. The doctors had no other contact information. But eventually Rich called and that is how we found out where she was.
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SF General Hopital