Saint Irenaeus Church, Oakmont PA

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Ahh, Lincoln decided he wanted to fix his hair the way he likes it instead of participating in the song. You never know what you’re going to get from a three-year-old.


Lincoln’s preschool graduation pictures


Cousins on their last day of three year old preschool


Lincoln walking down the aisle for preschool graduation, he wanted to stop and talk on his way down


This is awesome!! This is what i am working on right now...and let me tell you it is hard! Last week i squatted one day and worked out my mind for two days...and i’m gonna day i was DRAINED after the heavy mental work! I have to do it or i’ll be stuck forever and i don’t think any of us WANTS that...we think we do but that’s just the fear of the unknown talking to us! Quiet that voice and venture out of your comfort zone because that is the ONLY place that change can take place!
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Baby Walker, you are SO loved! Cannot wait to meet you in one month! 👶🏻🐘💚


All of these are difficult to know and understand...but i believe there is a reason that this prayer begins with GOD!


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amen🙏🏻 This is why the hero goes out to find the dragon in his lair to slay him...because hopefully he’ll surprise it and maybe he’ll even find a baby dragon that he can deal with easier. You don’t want to stay at home cowering away, living in fear, waiting on the dragon to show up in the middle of the night to devour you! Go find your monster and be a warrior!


First Holy Communion!


7th and final church.


I Already Turn My Country Joint All The Way Up Tonight and Form Myself into A Square So I Can Turn That into A Dance Of A Hoedown Of Another Amazing A Bartley Hoedown Of 2K16


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