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Photo by @BrianSkerry.
Happy #WorldWhaleDay Everyone!

A female adult sperm whale babysits a calf while the calf’s mother feeds in the deep waters of the eastern Caribbean. Sperm whales are the largest predators on Earth and have been portrayed as monsters throughout human history. Despite these misconceptions, researchers are shattering such beliefs and are revealing instead an amazing animal with sophisticated behaviors and even a sense of ‘family values.' This ancient species was swimming in the sea before humans walked upright, and they possess the largest brains of any animal on the planet. Spending most of their lives in the deep ocean, we rarely see more than brief moments from the lives of these animals, and we’re forced to slowly piece together the puzzle of their lives. In the time ahead, more will be learned about their complex societies and cultures. Coverage from an upcoming @natgeo story.
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Cenote Ik Kil - Mexico ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨✨@matheusbribeiro✨✨
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Cenote Ik Kil

Photo by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night project
Painted by nature, and a fishing boat! Spend some moments to explore the various elements in this unusual time-exposure full-circle fisheye image of northern lights and star trails above the Atlantic Ocean, photographed on the western coast of Iceland. A passing fishing boat created the trail on the ocean. A meteor and a satellite are also captured in the shot. Star trails, created by the Earth rotation during the half-hour exposure, appear around the north celestial pole, marked by the north star Polaris.
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Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Bliss | Photograph by Anton Gorlin (@antongorlin)
“This is one of the shots I waited three days for; this morning in Milford Sound was chilly and windy with torrential rain. But if you want to see the rainbow, which was behind me, you have to wait until the rain finishes, right?” writes #YourShotPhotographer Anton Gorlin. “This place is so awesome. You can just stand here all day and watch what happens with the light, if there is any light! Because Milford Sound is known for its bad weather — it is the rainiest place in the world.”

This photo was submitted to our “The Trip That Changed My Life” assignment — one Your Shot photo will be featured on the cover of the @natgeotravel magazine June/July 2018 “Epic Summer” issue. Go to the link in our profile to participate. Maybe it will be you. Good luck #YourShotPhotographer.


Featured photo of @diavolo_la by @loewe7
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPmoveit
Inspired by the Winter Olympics, this weekend’s goal is to create photos and videos celebrating the power of movement, as in this featured photo by Thai Haong (@loewe7).
You don’t have to be an athlete to capture the everyday action around you, like a spontaneous trampoline session or a daily run through the park. Keep an eye out for repeating shapes or colorful backdrops to elevate your images.
Play with different viewpoints to maximize energy. Make us feel the drama with intense expressions and extreme angles, like an unexpected selfie during an exhilarating cheerleading practice.
Use creative tools like slow-motion or time-lapse to add another layer of depth to your submission. Capture the blur from a crashing wave while surfing or a freeze frame of a mid-air jump in order to transport us into the action.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPmoveit hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

Grand Park

Comenzó la expedición de @natgeopristineseas en la región argentina de Yaganes, que comprende #TierraDelFuego y la #IslaDeLosEstados, en asociación con @Minisambiente, @parquesnacionalesar, el gobierno de Tierra del Fuego y @foro.marpatagonico.
Los principales objetivos son realizar estudios cuantitativos exhaustivos de la salud del entorno marino en gran parte desconocido y producir una película documental para destacar este ecosistema único. 
Liderada por el Director Ejecutivo de Pristine Seas y explorador de National Geographic, @enricsala, la expedición se extenderá hasta el 26 de febrero.


“A good scratch always makes for a happy doggo😊” writes @brandified


Tuileries Garden under the snow

Paris, France

top of the rock

Manhattan, New York

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